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Hygienic Enlightenment And Lifestyle

Tiruchanur Grama Panchayat

This presentation is mainly concentrated on our present problems and terms to be taken into consideration which we are facing now

Functionality Pilgrimage Hygienic Lifestyle

Water supply Communication Mee Seva Women and child development Education Transparency of Govt. Schemes (RTI) Library

Vegetable Markets
Improving groundwater

Mee Seva
An effective Mee Seva counter is very important in this Lifestyle. Our region people are using other regions counters for transactions (Maximum) Online transactions in our region shouldnt move off our boundary

Vegetable Markets
It is being an inconvenient path near SuryaNarayanaSwamy Temple due to fixing of places for vegetable marketing. It would be better if we have a particular place for vegetable marketing where even a small seller can sell his goods.

Library is treated as generation of innovative ideas But it is sad to state about an under developed and unimproved one in our region. Certain measures are taken to keep our library in the list of one of the valuable assets of our region.

Improving groundwater
By the gods grace and rains, our ground water is sufficient till now. We cant predict our future by considering our past. Rainwater must be harvested using particular measures.

Transparency of Govt. Schemes (RTI)

In this busy Lifestyle, people are just aware about the schemes launched by the govt. through the media. But a very few knows about the schemes being followed and nearer to our needs. Transparency of schemes after the joining of new ones in our region is very important to make it fruitful

Parking facility Reduction of non-veg Route boards

Parking facility
Now a days person to vehicle ratio is increasing day by day. So effective parking facility must be arranged beyond the premises of the Holy Temple. But we are facing many problems in this parking view disturbing our village Lifestyle.

Reduction of non-veg
Temples are regarded as peace finders But in our region, in the very entrance of our village especially in Sundays partial sellers are selling meat foods which disturbs the Moto of a pilgrim while entering to the region. Separate place should be allotted for meat selling same as the vegetable marketing.

Route Boards
Our village has a national look due to the Holy Temple. Daily many people from different regions are worshipping the Goddess. It is a bad condition for a pilgrim to find along the route for worshipping. So route boards must be kept in most pilgrimaging centers for easy observation.

Sanitation Public Health Social Forestry

Social & Agro Forestry

The natural beauty of a region depends up on the higienicity and green fronting with various types of attractive trees and bushes. Trees can give a natural look and increases the content of oxygen which is proves experimentally. So social forestry is encouraged as possible. It would be better if it was issued as a rule that every house must and should maintain a tree or bushes.

Public Health
Govt. Hospitals must be cross checked even once in a month to have a over view on the functionality of it. Facilities in that hospital should be improved so that emergency cases too can be submitted instead of floating to the multispecialty hospitals.

Sanitary properties plays an important role in the development of a region. Drainage facilities must be improved. Even now a days some of the drains are over whelming to the roads. Stagnation of water should be prevented using some particular measures. Mosquito repellent tasks must be taken to get rid of some dreadful diseases.

Cultural activities Sport Clubs

Cultural activities
Cultural activities is one of the best sources for regional integrity. Organizing some activities on the account of some national and regional festivals or events increases the on stage interest of many young guys. Encouraging some interested learners towards these cultural activities can improve our diversity in different culture.

Sport clubs
These type of clubs plays a major role in the development of unity in youngsters. Valuable sportsman are necessary for our nation to increase our national pride. Our region should be one of such regions giving a valuable sports seed for our beloved nation. Health and fitness of our people can be maintained constant by these type of clubs

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