HRD Audit

T V Rao Chairman, TVRLS

What is HRD?  Competence Building  Commitment /Motivation Building  Culture Building .

What is involved in Good HRD?  Top Management Philosophy and Understanding  Competent HR Staff and Department  Line Manager Attitudes  Union and Employee Support  Use of appropriate Systems  Periodic Renewal Exercises  Business relevance of HRD systems and .

Systems and Practices.  Structures and Competencies  Styles and Culture  And their appropriateness to achieve the short and long term business goals of the organization .What is HRD Audit?  It is a Comprehensive Evaluation of Human Resource Development  Strategies.

systems and practices and assess their appropriateness to have the required competencies .Methodology of HRD Audit  Examines long term and short term plans and vision to assess Competency Requirements  Identifies broad Competency requirements for future Business Goals  Examines the existing HRD strategies.

staff and their competencies. top management and their support.Methodology of HRD Audit  Examines the adequacies and inadequacies of HRD structure. line managers and their attitudes. unions and their role in competence building for future  Suggests mechanisms for improving all these in the business context .

Methodology Adopted  Interviews  Individual and group  Top Management  Line Managers  HRD Staff  Workmen and others  Questionnaires  Observation  Analysis of records and secondary data .

Methodology  Workshops could be used  Task forces and internal teams could also be used  External Auditors have a significant role  Benchmarking of questionnaire data may be of use .

 Bench-marking for improving HRD practices.  Growth and diversification  Dissatisfaction with any component  Change of leadership . diversifying and entering into a fast growth phase.  For promoting more professionalism and professional management.Reasons for HRD Audit  For expanding.

 It could get the top management to think in terms of strategic and long term business plans.Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements  HRD audit is cost effective  It can give many insights into a company's affairs.  Changes in the styles of top management  Role clarity of HRD Department and .

Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements  Improvements in HRD systems  Increased focus on human resources and human competencies  Better recruitment policies and more professional staff  More planning and more cost effective training  Strengthening accountabilities through appraisal systems and other .

Hindalco. Gwalior Grasim. Indo-Gulf Fertilisers. Harihar Fibres etc. Vikram Cement.Organisations that Have done HRD Audit  Aditya Birla Group has been doing it for the last 8 years  Rajashree Cement.  L&T. Crompton Greaves  Gujarat Guardian  Gujarat Gas  Apollo Tyres .

hrdaudit.Some Organisations using HRD Audit  Godrej  GVFL  BPL Soaps  Tyco International  Gati Cargo Management Services  Wokhardt Hospitals  For detailed client list visit: .

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