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Season s of Love
Juan Miguel Pamoceno Sped Teacher Teddy Odrada T. Jenny Paguyo Valen Estrada Speech Therapists Play Group T. Rosemarie Benavides Divi Marc Villon T. Madel Regonas Joshua Mabalay

Students Occupational Patients and Therapy Therapists teachers who appeared in the presentation: T. Cherry MayAguilar Janina Marie Alvis T. Japeth Lumactod Sped Class I Kelly Jasper Callijan T. Vivien Faye Salinas Wendell Tacderan Mariel Lachica Center Administrator Miguel Joaquin Reyes Marc Edrenz Platon T. Rosemarie Benavides Ezra Heavenleigh Calayag Dan Aaron Bombita Former Center Secretary Marco Luis Policarpio Diana Paranada Sped Class II Renren Tadeo Gian Tentoco

The story behind each captured moment…
T. Vien with Josh and “El Presidente” Ron-Ron. He’s call such because he’s been with LEAP for the longest time.

One of the few times that one could catch Miggy smile. T. Madel was quite lucky that day.

Ezra was still beginning to learn writing letter E. The horizontal lines were still extra long.

T. Cherry and Ezra during one of their therapy sessions.

Kelly was having a how-todraw session with T. Jen.

Ezra making a tower. She kept complaining “Teacher ayaw!”, meaning, the blocks

Taken during one of Gian’s first few sessions of therapy. He had a shot before this but his bag was caught in the background so he asked for a second shot but without the bag. Hehe..

Miggy and Wendell waiting for their turn with their therapists. Teddy’s building. This is one big achievement for him since he does not know what to do with the blocks before. Yey!

Miguel proud of his yoyo;)

Janina: “Yey! Pinasali ako ni T. Jen sa class! Pwede daw ako maglaro ng animals!”

Divi: “Tututuran kita kung paano laruin yan” ;) Janina: “Hala! Kinukuha niya toys ko!!!”

Janina: “Dito na nga lang ako sa taas maglalaro ng blocks!”

Divi: “Ganito lang Janina. Line up mo lang. Parang Noah’s ark. Simple lang,

Janina: “Hala.. Inubos na niya..”

Divi fixated on the toy cabinet. He’s trying to attach the broken door.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Standing up while eating, huh? But don’t they just look cute standing side by side like that? 

Lizzie playing house

Ezra trying her best to figure out how to put Froggy back together.

Ms. D calms Miggy down during a tantrum.

They were taught to be independent, responsible, respectful of other individuals’ space.

spac play


socks time

y awa pack e tim

Neat Ren-ren’s attempt to reconstruct the ball. Looking good without the tears, Josh!

Marco solving the puzzle

Divi’s hardwork 
i dw fie tis rk sa ly is wo l Ke h

Keep it up Kelly! 


Creativity is encouraged.

Ezra’s froggy mask- a cutting activity.

Miggy’s happy face. T. Jen simply gave out the shapes for them to paste. He did this without assistance. To her surprise, he took a crayon and drew eye brows and hair and some sort of freckles or moles on the face 

Miguel’s crafts: the camel, rhino, car and robot

Wearing smocks. Cute!! Lizzie borrowed Ezra’s one time.

kin ma ich dw ay! d San


Place mat making day!

Hirap alisin!!!

euffl g Tr in k ma

Which goes with which?

Gian: “T. Jen, bakit ako nagthe-therapy? Para di ako ma-hyper?”

The ball sure does the trick!

Miggy writes his name all by himself!!!! Yey!!! 

Divi: “I know I’m cute, T.

The precious set os smiley faces. Wag ekis ha!

Want to tie your hair, chichi?! 

These are the moments There we’lljust days that are forever treasure… when we feel like

taking pictures only to … Moments by which we keep these fun measure the meaning of moments alive.
Prepared by T. Jen

our lives…

18 December 2007

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