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Company Profile
A S Betgeri Constructions is founded by Mr. Ashpaque Betgeri. Ashpaque S Betgeri owner of ASB constructions is a socially conscious business man who has been in the real estate business since a decade. Starting up A S Betgeri Constructions in 1998, He is the only class I contractor in north Karnataka region who takes up almost all of the governments projects

To determine the customers perception while buying property. To determine the customers expectations while buying property. To know the degree of importance of various factors which people consider while purchasing a house. To determine the problems faced by the customers while buying a house/property and provide solution to the company in order to improve the services

Need For The Study

It helps me in getting an idea of Real Estate industry. As far as companys benefit is concerned, this project helps company to know market conditions and customer preferences while buying property. Also it helps in creating awareness to consumers regarding property documents and in promotion of their services.

Research Design and Methodology

Sample Area People from Hubli, Dharwad & Belgaum are selected as the sample area for the survey Sample Size and sampling method For the survey of Consumers, 100 are chosen as sample size. Judgemental sampling method was adopted Tools for collection of data Primary sources: Personal interview method with the help of questionnaire Secondary sources: Magazines, newspapers and websites


Most of the people are dissatisfied from the real estate marketing information provided by the real estate companies, but very few people are strongly satisfied Most of the people are dissatisfied from the real estate marketing information provided by the real estate companies, but very few people are strongly satisfied Some of the people check delayed delivery penalty clause while buying a property. Most of the people have chosen PRINT MEDIA & PERSONAL REFERENCE as a source of information while buying or searching for a property as it both the sources are dependable. There is great demand of 2, 3 BHK house in near future in Vidyagiri and Navanagar region.

Company should not always try to attract the new customers only, but should also take feedbacks from existing ones. Builders should show their legal and technical documents to the customers, to make them satisfied because most of the customers want to check it and this also helps in creating a unique identity of the developers. Company should make more contact with contractors and Architects to tap more builders to build according to consumers

Now a days people who go for buying a house have become more aware about what they should look for and the information they should seek, and are more concerned about the selection of the right type of house for them. But majority of the people are still unaware of the documents which they should look for before going to buying a house. Here I have collected the perception and analyzed the expectations of the general public as a whole. The conclusion thus is that people need to be more aware of all the documents, the total legalities, and collect as much as information from the builders, and then only they can do their investment with a free mind.