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Community Development

Social Responsibilities of Business

OBJECTIVE This course develops the student to observe group relation and its importance in organizational setup with the distinction between functional and dysfunctional aspects. Sociology helps to learn and perform to meet the objectives and norms of an organization, and to interact purposefully with the groups for the success of business. This course will help the students of management to learn the recent trends in sociology.

Defining Community
A group of people who lives together in a common area or place, especially one practicing common ownership: "a community of health workers". OR All the people living in a particular area or place: "local communities".

Defining Development A specified state of growth or advancement. OR A significant event, occurrence, or change.



Community Development is more than

Community + Development

Community development should follow given points: There should be change for the better. Change must be from an undesirable situation to a desired condition. It requires interventions for change to happen.

Types of intervention (4 As):

Awareness raising: enhancement or improvement of existing knowledge and skills Advocacy: the need to engage individuals, groups and institutions (the market, state, civil society) outside of the community Allocation of resources: greater access to, ownership of, and control over resources Association: the need to organize community members and create local institutions

Conventional Community Development: Business development to increase private investment and employment. Participation of residents to provide legitimacy.
Progressive Community Development: Social transformation of the economy to benefit the grassroots. Include the poor as participants in the project definition and developmental process.

Three Characteristics of Community Development

It approaches economic development from a perspective of the community as a whole. It has a mandate to achieve social and economic goals through the development of housing, commercial and industrial development. It is designed to give control of the strategy and the sponsoring organizations to residents of the community.

CORE VALUES OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Racial Equality Access to resources and education Independent and thriving communities Community Voice Political voice and representation Organized effort Local/familiar leadership

CORE VALUES OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Economic opportunity and Justice Economic Theory- recycling money through community (Currently most profits leave neighborhoods) Break cycle with local business and bring in new money Economic stability/security

Questions for community development experts:

What is the basic understanding of community? The ability to more fully understand the complexity and dynamics of issues and situations in a community context is important to be able to develop effective programs.

Questions for community development experts:

What are Community Demographics? The ability to understand demographic profile and trends in a community is essential to identifying issues and sustainable alternatives.

Questions for community development experts:

Community Economics? The ability to understand the economic base of a community and the dynamics between the various economic sectorsincluding the ways in which money turns over in the community, leaves the community, or is investedare important to providing a vibrant economy.

Questions for community development experts:

What is Community Power Structure? The ability to identify who the decision makers are in the community and the resources they affect.

Questions for community development experts:

Natural Resources and Sustainability of Community?

The ability to understand the impact of decisions on the quality of natural resources and the long-term sustainability of the environment is an important component of community development.

Questions for community development experts:

Community Situational Analysis? The ability to analyze a particular issue or situation in a community from a historical, political, cultural and community context.

Questions for community development experts:

What are possibilities of Community Development process?

The ability to know how to organize and mobilize resources for action in effective manner, as well as possible barriers.

Types of CD Project Activity

Housing: affordable housing & construction. Community Finance: Community Development Credit Unions Business Development: Micro-enterprise Development, Small business services Community Organizing & Community Building: cultural revitalization; community education