HRD Audit

MBA II year

What is HRD?  Competence Building  Commitment /Motivation Building  Culture Building .

What is involved in Good HRD?  Top Management Philosophy and Understanding  Competent HR Staff and Department  Line Manager Attitudes  Union and Employee Support  Use of appropriate Systems  Periodic Renewal Exercises  Business relevance of HRD systems and Practices .

 Structures and Competencies  Styles and Culture  And their appropriateness to achieve the short and long term business goals of the organization .What is HRD Audit?  It is a Comprehensive Evaluation of Human Resource Development  Strategies. Systems and Practices.

systems and practices and assess their appropriateness to have the required competencies .Methodology of HRD Audit  Examines long term and short term plans and vision to assess Competency Requirements  Identifies broad Competency requirements for future Business Goals  Examines the existing HRD strategies.

line managers and their attitudes. staff and their competencies. unions and their role in competence building for future  Suggests mechanisms for improving all these in the business context . top management and their support.Methodology of HRD Audit  Examines the adequacies and inadequacies of HRD structure.

Methodology Adopted  Interviews  Individual and group  Top Management  Line Managers  HRD Staff  Workmen and others Questionnaires  Observation  Analysis of records and secondary data  .

Methodology  Workshops could be used  Task forces and internal teams could also be used  External Auditors have a significant role  Benchmarking of questionnaire data may be of use .

for Audit .Preparation for Audit Check list of documents to be made available by the HRD dept.

HRD score Card At the end of the audit the auditors assign letter grades for the following dimensions:  HRD Systems  HRD competencies Maturity  HRD Climate  Business Linkages .

Example HRD Score card of Firm A Systems Maturity HRD comp. Maturity B+ A HRD Culture Maturity C Business Linkages D .

Reasons for HRD Audit For expanding.  For promoting more professionalism and professional management.  Bench-marking for improving HRD practices.  Growth and diversification  Dissatisfaction with any component  Change of leadership  . diversifying and entering into a fast growth phase.

Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements HRD audit is cost effective  It can give many insights into a company's affairs.  Changes in the styles of top management  Role clarity of HRD Department and the role of line managers in HRD  .  It could get the top management to think in terms of strategic and long term business plans.

Improvements in HRD systems  Increased focus on human resources and human competencies  Better recruitment policies and more professional staff  More planning and more cost effective training  Strengthening accountabilities through appraisal systems and other mechanisms  Streamlining of other management practices  TQM Interventions  Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements .

Harihar Fibres etc. L&T.Organisations that Have done HRD Audit  Aditya Birla Group has been doing it for the last 8 years  Rajashree Cement. Crompton Greaves  Gujarat Guardian  Gujarat Gas  Apollo Tyres  Alexandria Carbon Black  . Hindalco. Vikram Cement. Gwalior Grasim. IndoGulf Fertilisers.

Some Organisations using HRD Audit  Godrej  GVFL  BPL Soaps  Tyco International  Gati Cargo Management Services  Wokhardt Hospitals  For detailed list visit: .hrdaudit.

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