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Safe Deposit Locker Service In KCBL

Presented By:Group 10, COSA 2

1. About Us

2. Business Needs
3. Objective 4. Approach

5. Solution Approach Alternatives

6. Commercial Terms

Blue Mangoes Consulting

Started in 2009 by 6 MBAs from TAPMI, Manipal

Provides consulting to clients across private and public

sectors Successful projects in sectors like FMCG, Banking, IT/ITeS, Real Estate, Steel etc..

Business Needs

Ability to improve on aspects where it is lacking Customer rating of KCBL is lower as compared to from the customers perspective its competitors on most aspects

Customers prefer the competitors services even though KCBL has higher safety standards and service time due to longer working hours

Ability to convey to existing and potential customers the safety standards and service quality it offers

Inspite of student population being very high in Manipal, they were not encouraged for this system

Ability to attract student customers in addition to household customers without incurring any losses on account of this

External Environment
Locker facility available in 3 branches of PSBs in

17 bank branches in Udupi town offering 600 lockers Occupancy high in other banks Lockers in nationalized banks more in demand

To analyse the functioning of the locker
facility and suggesting ways to increase

the occupancy rate

Scope Of Work
The study will evaluate reasons for lower revenue

generation in Safe Deposit Locker Service in KCBL

The study will explore the desired capabilities needed for increased Locker occupancy The study will look at alternatives to increase the income generated at KCBL

The study will be carried out in Manipal and Udupi

Our Approach
Business needs Current State


Need to Solution Cycle

Measureable gap

Desired Capabilities

Financial Analysis

Nos Occupancy Charges

375 220 240 30 20 140 105 80 19 10

Current revenue 28,000 26,250 24,000 11,400 7,000

Net loss

Particulars Rent Electricity cost Promotional cost Salary of OSD Depreciation on locker facility Total cost Total revenue (40% occupancy) Net loss

Amount 46,875 14,400 45,000 240,000 55,000 401,275 96,650 (304,625)

200 250 300 600 700



50% 60% 70% 80%

117,000 140,400 163,800 187,200

401,275 401,275 401,275 401,275

(284,275) (260,875) (237,475) (214,075)





Solution Approach Alternatives

Simplify procedures for customers Networking and Relationship management Advertising about improved services Promotional offers for new customers Tie-ups with educational institutions Explore other revenue generation opportunities

Time Frame & Deliverables

Market survey Problem diagnosis Competitor analysis Interim project status report Solutions & Recommendations Final report

15 days

30 days

30 days

45 days

Commercial Terms
Total cost Rs.3 lakhs
50% to be paid after acceptance of proposal 25% to be paid after submission of interim report 25% to be paid after submission of final report