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2nd Year -J. Deepak John CSE, Loyola ICAM College of Engineering Technology [LICET]

Its not how far one can see the future, But the futures whats in front of you, The future is NOW

Whats Project GENESIS ?

O Genesis is a Project dealing with the socio economic

problems of the current generation. O Its strategy is to deal the problem in a more advanced yet user-friendly way. O It establishes a connection between The People The Government The Technology at the same time simultaneously. O It deals with handling the current scenario of auto motorist problems in an effective and compromising way.

What does GENESIS comprise of ?

O Mobile Application

iOS Windows Mobile 7 Android Blackberry Web OS Java

O Future Attributes
O Online website forum O SMS Centre

What Does Project GENESIS Deal with ?



Many have come across the following when it comes to auto motorists : O Harsh Driving O Over Speeding O Over charged Taxi and Auto Rikshaw Drivers O Usage of bad language O Deviating from current route O Tampered Meters O Alcohol, Cigarette's and Narcotics usage O Usage of Mobile O Etc What can the average man do when he comes across such atrocities of the society ? Where can he go to register such complaints against an auto motorist ? How will he get justice ?

Origin of GENESIS
O Project GENESIS is an initiative against these

misdoings of auto motorists. O It starts off with a mobile application - REVA that comprises of 3 tabs :
O General O Directions O Emergency


General Tab

Address Plate O Type O Uses Camera to capture STAR Rating Description [Optional Input] Complaint Check [Optional Input] O Over Speeding O Higher Tariff Charge O Bad Attitude O Off route O Alcoholic, Cigarette's or Drugs Consumption O Tampered Meters Submit, Cancel


Directions Tab
O Source O Destination O Map

O Route with directions

O Kilometers Covered and Time taken O The Allocated Tariff Cost

REVA Emergency Tab

O Contains contact information for quick

access. O Has quick search feature with call and SMS functionality.


Unlock Features
O Hotspots of the city O Change of routes O Current event happenings O Nearest Restaurants, Banks, Atms, etc

O Ad Free App

What happens after SUBMIT is processed ?

O The information is sent to a centralized server of the O O O O

traffic police. The reviews for each complaint will be processed and narrowed. A warning will be sent to the designated driver if his review is bad after 3 months. An extension will be provided to the driver after 3 months . On further continuation of a bad review will lead to termination of the drivers license.

Advantages of GENESIS with the government

O It establishes a means of communication and O O


interaction with the common man. Creates an impact in the tourism industry. A means by which the views and concerns of the public can be heard out. Increases Technological aspect of the state. Less of traffic concerns. A substantial increase in the peoples trust on the government.

The target audience

O Tourists O Commuters O Students

O Office Goers
O City Folks

Reaching out
O Placing QR codes to download the app at the

terminals of the airport, train stations, bus depots, etc. O Using mass media by means of spreading the QR code to download the app. O Social media such as facebook and twitter by means of communication with the general public. O The android market and the istore.

Project GENESIS Future Attribute's

O Online website forum
O People can login and complain on various traffic related

regulations. O App updates and comments can be discussed. O People without the app can complain via online means.
O SMS Centre
O A simple yet intuitive tool. O Sends the address plate and complaint for processing. O Fast and effective.





Project GENESIS -Reach


O Its

a new age of technological advancements, which is the key to tap in. O People can now be dependent and have assurance on justice to be served at the right time by the right people. O Pointless arguments in the streets will soon be a thing of the past.

Thank You
A Deepak John Presentation