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This presentation helps you in

Understanding your field !!
Exploring the scope of your field in future . Knowing our responsibilities as a fresher .

Preparing yourselves for industry !!

(i) why bother to prepare?? (ii) how academics differ from industry ?? why are we lagging behind ?? Steps to be taken to go forth !!

E :- Electronics and C :- Communication E :- Engineering

What does E.C.E deals with..?

It deals with : Design and analysis of different analog and digital circuits, wireless communications, satellite and optical communication technologies, computer communication and networking, Design and development of microelectronic circuits, I.Cs, microwaves. study of hardware and interfacing of computer systems

Future in E.C.E :Sky is the limit in telecommunication and it is the fastest growing industries in India . The scope of this engineering will last forever in an economy like India .
Interesting fact :having 920 million, We add 12 million subscribers in a month that is as many subscribers in a month as the entire subscribers base in some of countries in the world!!!

A sustainable career option :

Demand of man power

is growing exponentially in telecommunication.

According to REEMA MALHOTRA with new access technologies and the huge growth in the number of subscribers, the next decade will see unprecedented growth in mobiles telephony .

Career opportunities in India :

In recent years ,traffic levels have

grown manifolds. bringing opportunities and changing the face of communications as we know it. This growth is expected to provide a sky of career opportunities to telecommunications engineers.

Though india has 76% teledensity the countrys infrastructure still needs major improvement . Thus in a market that still requires growth impetus, the demand for the engineers is resilient.


The engineers in telecom sector get packages depending upon the nature of job, type of organization, and industry environment. For a fresher the package may vary dramatically from as low as Rs 1 lakh p.a to 5 to 6 lakhs p.a There is enough competition bt there is no limit of financial growth for the RIGHT KIND of people.

Where are the jobs ?

There are immense options for you as a fresher . You can work for : Telecom operators Telecom equipment manufacturers Passive infrastructure providers V.A.S provider companies System integrators like IBM Network operation and management companies .

What do they expect from us ?

ITS NOT JUST ABOUT THE TALENT BUT THE KIND OF TALENT As a fresher, they expect not just theory but practical knowledge of applications . The industry expects the student to have a thorough knowledge of present technology and clear vision of futuristic technology. The industry needs man power which has practical exposure to telecom systems .

Preparing ourselves !!
I would guess most graduate students would certainly like to have the option of either rejecting or accepting a job in industry. It's a lot harder to prepare to get to that position. So the question is , why one should bother to prepare for a job in industry???

Why bother to prepare?

Tough job market .
The number of engineers coming out of the colleges

and the number of vacant positions doesnt even out . The educational institutions in india are focussed on theoritical education . Apart from talent, the required skill set is also important and thats the biggest challenge we face today .

But we got a nice academic profile then why do we still worry abt preparing for the industry ??

Academics vs Industry
Produce Theorems and Publish

USEFUL Solve Problems Faster Cheaper More Accurately

A comparision :
Academic Alone Academic Environment Environment Proofs Complete Generality Interact with Mathematicians Select Problem Smart Research Industry Groups Business Solutions Specific Problem Interact with all Kinds Assigned Problems Useful Applications

Why are we lagging behind :

The education we are receiving

now in colleges and schools is only making us a race of dyspeptics. The curriculum we follow now doesnt include much of industry oriented education and training. Application missing education.

To be contd

Not just the educational system there are many factors from the students side that brings them down the ladder

The immense stage fear . Lack of creativity and innovation in students. Lack of communication skills. Not getting up-to-date with latest technologies.

A graph showing the effect of stage fear :

Steps to go ahead :
The way for a perfect career plan is clearly shown In the pic below :
1. Know yourself 2. Explore your options 3. Make wise decisions 4. And move on

Thank you