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The Voyage, Daily Life, Native Americans, the First Thanksgiving Feast and Thanksgiving Today
Mr.Cruz ESL ML Fall 2013

Voyage on the Mayflower

On September 16, 1620, a group of people called Pilgrims left England because King James I did not permit religious freedom. He said, Everyone has to belong to the Church of England. The Pilgrims boarded a ship called the Mayflower and set sail for America. They sailed for 66 days over choppy waters and sometimes through stormy weather. On November 21, 1620 (2 months later) the Pilgrims arrived in America. They landed at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth Massachusetts.

The First Winter

There were about 100 Pilgrims. The first winter was very cold and difficult for the Pilgrims. Many of them were sick and did not have enough food to eat. Half of the Pilgrims did not survive the first winter.

Native Americans

The pilgrims met a friendly Native American named Squanto. He helped the Pilgrims and Native Americans to become friends. The Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to live in the wilderness. They gave the Pilgrims seeds for corn and taught them how to plant crops for food. They also taught the Pilgrims how to hunt and fish for food.

Squanto & The Pilgrims

Tisquantum, also known as Squanto, was the Native American who assisted the Pilgrims after their first winter in the New World and was integral to their survival. He was a member of the Patuxet tribe, a tributary of the Wampanoag Confederacy. He spoke English because he served as a slave in England for 8 years

The Thanksgiving Feast

In the fall, the Pilgrims harvested their crops. They were very grateful to the Native Americans for teaching them how to survive off the land. The Pilgrims and the Native Americans had a feast to give thanks for their food and their friendship.

Thanksgiving Today

Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Family and friends gather together to give thanks. They share food, laughter and love.

Traditional Foods

Turkey with Gravy Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potato Green Bean Casserole

Corn Bread Stuffing Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving Traditions

American Football is another important tradition of Thanksgiving. On Day, almost every team plays a game. There are games all day and night, and they are usually important games.

Thanksgiving Traditions

There are 5K or 10K running races on the morning of Thanksgiving, called Turkey Trots These are for fun, usually because people know they are going to eat a lot for dinner. There are fundraisers and sometimes people wear costumes.

Fun Facts

There was no turkey at the first Thanksgiving Day Feast. There was also no milk, cheese, bread, butter or pumpkin pie at the original Thanksgiving Day feast. The average age of the Mayflower passenger was 32. The oldest Mayflower passenger was 64.

Fun Facts - continued

Only male (tom) turkeys gobble. Females make a clicking noise. Turkeys can drown if they look up when it's raining! President Abraham Lincoln established the original date for our National Thanksgiving Day celebration in 1863. According the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten in the United States at Thanksgiving. Americans feast on 535 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving.

Fun Facts Continued

President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the final Thursday of November Thanksgiving did not become a federal holiday until 1941 In 1939 President FDR declared Thanksgiving to be celebrated the 4th Thursday of November Footbal is synonymous with Thanksgiving Turkey ball