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Ice Breakers

 Create a positive group atmosphere

 Help people to relax
 Break down social barriers
 Energize & motivate
 Help people to "think outside the box"
 Help people to get to know one another

 Fun, interactive get-to-known

activity.  Ask a group to organize
themselves into smaller groups,
based on categories such as
favorite colour.
2)Two truths and a
 People write down two truths about
themselves and a lie.  Then
introduce the three "facts" to the
rest of the group who tries to guess
which one is a lie.
 The goal is to: a) convince others
that your lie is truth (and that one of
your truths is the lie) and b) to
correctly guess other people's lies.
 Read the statements to the group -a
vote for each one.e.g., "I am
Turkish.  Who thinks that is a lie? 
3 .Fear in a Hat

 Group members write personal fears

anonymously on pieces of paper which are
collected.  Then each person randomly
selects and elaborates on someone else's
fear to the group and explains how the
person might feel.  Fosters interpersonal
 Instead of fear we can use likes and dislikes.
4.Animal Sounds
 Participants are blindfolded and assigned an
animal.  The challenge is to use animal noises in
order to meet up with other animals of same
species.  Releases energy. Loud, fun, chaotic,
then gradually order and unity emerge.
 Give name of Animals to a group
 The challenge will be to find all other animals of
one's own kind.  No-one can talk - only animal
sounds can be made.
 Ex:Dog,cat,Snake,Frog,crow,elephant,lion,wolf,
 Monkey,squirrel etc
5.Personal Bingo
 Personal Bingo :

 The host will need to do a little homework before

the meeting to find out a few tidbits about each
participant (favorite hobbies, books, vacation
spots, number of children, favorite foods, etc).
Prepare a bingo card (duplicate the card for all
attendees to have the same one) with one tid-bit
for each square, and instruct the participants to
mingle with the group to identify the person for
each square. As the information is uncovered, they
ask the participant to sign their corresponding
square. Keep moving among the guests until all
squares are filled. Rules: only open-ended
questions may be used. First person who fills card
wins a prize.
6. Famous people/cities

 As each participant arrives, tape a 3 x 5

index card on their back with the name of a
famous person or city. They must circulate in
the room and ask questions that can ONLY be
answered with a YES or NO to identify clues
that will help them find out the name of the
person or city on their index card.
 EXAMPLES: Paris, Madonna, Santa Claus,
John Wayne, Casablanca
 Give a phrase
8.Sensuous Sam
 Ask each participant to choose an adjective
that begins with the first letter of their first
name and one that really matches their
personality. Have them introduce themselves
just as they wrote it on the card and allow
time for others to ask questions.
9. Dream Vacation

 Ask participants to introduce themselves and

describe details of the ideal, perfect dream
10.Favorite animal

 As the guests arrive, and before you write

their names on a name card, ask them to tell
you their favorite animal and three
adjectives to describe the animal. As they
tell you, write the three adjectives on a name
tag BEFORE their name (omit the name of
the animal). Ask them to mingle with the
crowd, sharing why these adjectives best
describe their own personality. EXAMPLES:
Loyal, cuddly, playful Dan
11. Long lost relative

 As a group, 1) ask each person to turn to the person on

their right and greet him/her as if they really didn't
want to be there. Yeah, you know what I mean - you
can't wait to get out of there! Then everyone
(simultaneously to create lots of fun and excitement)
turn to the same person and greet him/her as if (s)he is
a long lost, deeply loved relative who has just returned
home and you're about to see the person for the first
time in years! In fact, you thought you may never see
this person again until this very moment. Okay, now
ask everyone (again simultaneously) to turn to the
same person and greet him/her as if this person just
told you that you won the state lottery for 50 million
dollars and you have the ONLY winning ticket!
Favorite Animal
 Favorite Animal
 The facilitator arranges the group in a small circle
of 6 and asks each person to throw the ball across
the circle, first announcing his or her own name,then
tell the class about their favorite animal and three
adjectives to describe the animal, write the three
adjectives on a chit and animal name on another
chit and announce the name of the person to whom
they are throwing the ball.
 Once every one is introduced ,call the name from the
first come list and they need to explain the crowd,
sharing why these adjectives of their favorite animal
best describe their own personality.
 Examples: Loyal, cuddly, playful Dan.
 Materials Needed:Ball,Paper chits.

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