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Shaheen Foundation

Aviation IT Real Estates Trades & Services Educational Services Welfare

Shaheen Foundation

Passengers & Baggage Handling AC Handling Cabin Services Ground Support Equipment Catering Services Common User Terminal Equipment Security Services Flight Services


Head Office Islamabad MD Air Marshal





GM Air Cdre

GM Air Cdre

GM Gp Capt

GM Gp Capt

Head Office & Branches

MD Air Marshal

Secertary Air Cdre Dir Proj 4 Dir Admin Dir Fin Dir Proj 1 Dir Proj 2 Dir Proj 3

Audit & Recovery

South Auditor CA

North Auditor CA

Foundations Hierarchy

Snr Director

Snr Deputy Director

Asst Director Rehab

Asst Director Welfare

Asst Director HR

Asst Director Medical/Welfare

HR Department Hierarchy



MD Head of BOD

8 x PSOs

Dir Admin

Dir Fin

ED South

Committee of Admin

PAF maintains a waiting list of Retired Officers Respective branch gives requirement to Head Office Foundation gives requirement to VCOAS Recruitment is done by a panel made by PAF Selection is done by concerned MD/PD/GM Final Approval is done by the same panel which has done the recruitment

Employment of Officers

Record Office gives CV of Airmen to Foundation Foundation makes the waiting list Requirement comes from field Foundation makes the panel of JCOs & NCOs Panel does the selection DD Admin gives it to MD who is the final authority

Employment of Airmen (lower staff)

Local people are recruited Field Office sends CV of the selected personnel MD gives final approval

Employment in Remote Areas

Bonus Employees Old Age Benefit Grants (Financial & Medical) Health Insurance Scholarship Death Compensation

Benefits & Compensation

Yearly Basic Pay + Certain % of Profit of Foundation


Eligibilty 15 years service & Below 60 years of Age Regular Cutting - Rs. 80 pm by employee & Rs.340 pm by Foundation Retired at the age of 60 years and gets monthly pension of Rs.8,000 pm

Employee Old Age Benefit Institution

For those with service of less than 15 years Gratuity=No. of yrs x Monthly Pension Paid in lumsum


Depends on availability of funds Medical grants amount is determined by the doctors at Armed Forces Institutes and Hospitals

Grants (Fin & Med)

Fee of the students of Retired PAF employees First the amount to be given is determined Then the no. of students Then the grade criterion is made accordingly


Transportation Funeral & Burial

Death Compensation

Training & Development

Flight Operations Officer Cockpit Training AC Crew

AC Training at Aviation College Karachi

Need for Training is judged by Job Description and KPI of the individual Appraisals are done when necessary Groups are made for training and development i.e On the job training

Health & Safety

Proper Training is provided Ensured that all machinery & equipment is in working condition SOPs are made & implemented to ensure employee H&S


Research & Development in Human Resource department A system for addressing the grievances of employees Telecommuting