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Final Year Project


Supervisor Induction

Senior Lecturer & Project Manager (FYP IT)

Location: G2,Incubator 2,TPM Email: dhason@apu.edu.my Mobile: 012-2711802

Supervisor Induction

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Learning Outcomes
Supervisor Induction

1. At the end of this session, you will be able understand the processes involved in the FYP

Supervisor Induction

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List of Terms (Forms)

Supervisor Induction

Draft Project Proposal Form(DPFF) Project Specifications Form (PSF) Ethics Form

Initial document submitted by student in which the Research Proposal is written. University uses it to assign the Supervisor/Advisor[2nd Marker]. Document submitted online by student (via PAGOL-Project Assessment Guideline Online) specifying details of the Research Project. SUPERVISOR will approve it and ADVISOR[2nd Marker] will grade it. Form submitted by student to indicate level of ethical risks involved in the Research. SUPERVISOR must sign as approval of Research Methods. Form used to provide feedback to student in regards to the Investigation Report(IR). Must be signed by Supervisor, Advisor[2nd Marker] and Student. Student copy of form to be returned to student by Supervisor. Must be filled at the end of the FINAL presentation, and signed by Supervisor, Advisor[2nd Marker] and Student. Student to submit completed form to Admin. Form used to award marks to student. Will be given together with any project document for marking. Must be marked by Supervisor and Advisor[2nd Marker]. It must be returned with Project document within 2 weeks.

Investigations Feedback & Learning Contract Form Presentation Completion Form

Project Assessment Marking Scheme (PAMS)

Supervisor Induction

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List of Terms (Milestones/Events)

Supervisor Induction Event
Supervisory Clinic

First contact between Student & Supervisor. Scheduled by Admin Supervisor MUST attend (with copy of DPPF) Discuss the Research proposal in detail Document submitted by student at the end of the 1st Semester. Contains 6 Chapters: i) Introduction, ii) Literature Review, iii) Research Methods iv) Analysis v) Design vi) Conclusion Supervisor & Advisor[2nd Marker] to mark together Meeting between Supervisor & Student to discuss the grade for the Investigation Report. Scheduled by Admin Supervisor MUST attend. Student is ONLY shown the Learning Contract (feedback) form and NOT the Marking Scheme (PAMS) or the submitted work. Session with student to present the entire Research Project. Attended by Supervisor, Advisor & Student. Supervisor MUST ensure session is recorded. CD for recording is available from the Admin person in charge.

Investigation Report[IR]

Signing of Learning Contract

Final Presentation

Supervisor Induction

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Supervisor Induction
Commencement of Level 3 Supervisors Appointed Supervisor Clinic Submit PSF[Project Specification Form] (Online) Approve/Grade (Online by Supervisor ; Marked by 2nd Marker) Submit Investigation Report[IR] Offline

SUBMIT DRAFT PPF[Project Proposal Form] (Offline)

Receive the DPPF

Meet Student Discuss Draft Suggest Change

Grade (Supervisor and 2nd Marker)

Supervisor and 2nd Marker Complete PAMS FYP Presentation Project Submission (Hardbound)

Mark PAMS (Supervisor and 2nd Marker) Project Submission (Soft bound & Soft copy)

Meet Student Signing of Learning Contract (Supervisor)

Supervisor Induction

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2. Supervisor Clinic
Supervisor Induction

Session scheduled to enable supervisors to meet their supervisee(s) Platform where a supervisee engages with rich interaction with his or her supervisor

This session is organised to assist supervisee to prepare his or her PSF. Therefore the supervisee should bring along the draft PPF when meeting his/her supervisor.

Supervisor Induction

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3. Mandatory Supervisory Session

Supervisor Induction

Supervisee MUST meet his / her Supervisor a minimum SIX (6) times in each semester. These meeting schedules are suggested in the project timelines but can be arranged at your convenience. Supervisee MUST bring along a Project Log Sheet for each supervisory meeting

Supervisor Induction

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4. The role of the supervisor

Supervisor Induction

The supervisor WILL: Advise on the scope of the research project Outline your expectations Discuss and negotiate the type and level of support Give guidance through discussions Give support on development of thoughts Discuss conventions of research writing Give advice on literature relevance Caution if research is below standard Advice on Research Methods & sign Ethics Form

Supervisor Induction

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Supervisor Induction

The supervisor WILL NOT:

Tell student what to do

Chase after student to meet deadline

Correct students dissertation before submission

Provide detailed feedback on drafts of each chapter

Arrange meetings

Supervisor Induction

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Dos & Donts

Supervisor Induction
Do Advise on the scope of the Project Outline your expectations Discuss and negotiate the type and level of support you can/will provide Give guidance through discussions Give support on development of thoughts
student comes up with ideas, we help develop it

Dont Do ANY of their work FOR them Tell them what to do give detailed instructions Chase after them to meet deadlines Correct the project before submission Arrange meetings FORCE them to our way of thinking (that
theres only one method of research, analysis, etc)

Give advice on literature relevance Caution if you think project is below standard

EVER belittle another academic (supervisor or


Keep appointments

Supervisor Induction

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7. Briefings
Supervisor Induction

A project student will typically attend a total of 10 project briefings throughout the two semesters of the FYP 1. Project Commencement 2. Idea Generation 3. Research & Ethics 4. Plagiarism Avoidance 5. Specification Writing 6. Investigation Submission 7. Data Gathering Methods 8. Data Analysis 9. Documentation Preparation 10. How to do your FYP Presentation
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8(a). People in Project

Supervisor Induction

A friend makes sure supervisee does not deviate to the wrong track. May at time provide suggestions or recommendations. Always interested in making sure why something was decided and done. Advise students on management issues, does not debug code or proof read the report. Not expected to know about everything regarding the students chosen research area.

Supervisor Induction

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8(b). People in Project

Supervisor Induction

Project Advisor[2nd Marker]

Marks PSF Becomes a point of contact in the event that the Supervisor is not around

Supervisor Induction

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8(c). People in Project (V)

Supervisor Induction

Responsible for scheduling of Learning Contract and Final Presentations sending out letters Distributing and collecting documents for / from marking Processing extension letters. For administrative matters, please speak to: Miss.Yee Mei / Miss.Aziza at TPM Miss.Punitha at Mines

Supervisor Induction

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