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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism
Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the
Indian Railways that handles the catering,
tourism and online ticketing operations of the
Services provided by them are:
 Catering
 Online Ticketing
 Tourism
• Biggest E-Commerce Website
• Total Number of Registered Users are around 9
• Average Daily Booking of Tickets is more than
• Highest Number of Ticket Booking on a particular
day is 2,26,929
• Revenue generated each month is around 250 crore
which constitutes 20-25% of revenue generated by
Indian Railway
• Transaction done through IRCTC is 25-30% of total
Transaction of Indian Railway
• Three tier architecture
• IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003
• Broadvision 7.1 AB Enterprise Edition on
Windows 2000. Advanced Sever at Application
Servers Layer
• Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition on Linux AS 4.0
Server with Oracle RAC at Database Server Layer
• Protected by Checkpoint Firewalls at PRS
(Connectivity and with Internet)
• Mail Gateway Protection with Trend/Micro
Interscan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS)
• CA and Symantec Antivirus systems for servers
and desktops
• Credit Card Payment Gateway

• Debit Card / Net Banking

• Cash Cards (For users who don’t have

Credit Cards or don’t want to expose
their cards details on the Internet)
Security system in via billdesk payment gateway
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data
accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of
information, BillDesk has put in place appropriate
procedures to safeguard the personal information that
BillDesk collects about one online.

How they do that

 Login IDs and "strong" Passwords
 Strong data encryption
 Safe data storage and Access control
 Prudent risk management practices
User IDs and passwords restrict access to your BillDesk
account exactly the way your personal identification
number (PIN) protects your bank account at ATM machines.
BillDesk requires "strong" passwords that include a mix of
uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and non-alphanumeric
characters. Many web sites do not require strong passwords,
but BillDesk believes that this additional security is
important in safeguarding your personal and financial
Strong Data Encryption
At BillDesk, we use Secure Sockets Layer ('SSL') technology to encrypt information
exchange. Unlike normal Internet communication, information provided to us at
BillDesk is sent in a "secure session" established with SSL.

There are easy ways to tell if your browser is using a secure connection. One way is
to look for a locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window:

Another way is to look for the change from the normal "http:" at the beginning of the
web page address to "https:" :
Your data resides safely in the BillDesk database and is protected by a
firewall. This firewall is configured to receive and process requests
only from authorized personnel. It can also detect any unauthorized
activity around our servers.
Highly critical information such as your password, secret question,
answer, etc are stored in the database
They take regular back-ups of your data

In addition to hardware and software control measures, the internal

processes within BillDesk are designed to identify flaws or breaches.
These are in the form of different management and reporting controls
that are embedded in the processes for customer registration,
customer care, biller integration, etc.
In India online ticketing has been the most successful
force in online E-commerce industry.
This also supplemented by the fact that today online
travel industry constitutes 78% of the total E-
commerce industry in India
IRCTC estimated gross annual sales of Rs.3400 crore
constitutes 1/3rd of the total ecommerce industry
worth Rs.9000 crores in India.
It has been witnessing a healthy annual growth of
100% in no. of tickets sold through online initiatives
which stands at 45million tickets FY08.
It owns one of the largest agent networks for selling
travel products in India by way of their various
initiatives like cyber cafe chains, authorized
Its tickets are also being sold in association with other
travel portals like yatra, cleartrip, etc