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Hierarchy of Religions

By Srinuthename
Hierarchy of Human
Knowledge Conscience
1. Direct experience or Transmission
from directly experienced
2. From a teacher or guide
3. From a Great Man (through his life
as example)
4. From a Miracle performer(and his
5. From God Himself(if there is
Let me give examples for each
of them
Direct experience or
Transmission from directly
• Touching fire will cause you burn.
This we can experience directly or if
somebody tells us
From a teacher or guide
• A mathematics problem or a
philosophy concept or as simple as
mother asking to wash hands before
From a Great Man (through his
life as an example)
• The leaders who influence us with
their thoughts may be writer of a
book or a establisher of a concept
like communism.
From a Miracle performer(and
his teachings)
A miracle performer is someone who
has done something which you think is
impossible. Or a scientist who proved
something or invented something. the
proof exists there so you cant deny it
even though you don’t like the person
The difference between a great man
and miracle performer is the great man
need not prove anything to make you
believe him. A miracle is doing
something which we think is not
possible with our existing knowledge.
From God Himself(if there
• Obviously unquestionable. This
hasn’t happened recently in modern
scientific world. However If we go to
past “Sacred Vedas” given by god to
Commandments to Moses, Gabriel’s
vision to Muhammad and the list
The Order of placement
• I placed them in the following order
because as the number increases the
strength of belief increases…….
(please accept this theory at this
Apply the same rule
• As human knowledge and conscience
follow the depicted hierarchy so do
the religions of human mankind also
follow the same hierarchy. After all
religion is a belief. A path which is
supposed to take us to God
Let us have a look at major
world religious beliefs
Judaism - Given by God(Ten
commandments to Moses). Falls into
category 5.
Vedism(Early Hinduism) – Vedas are known
as “Apaurusheyas” meanings not by Human.
Which in turn says given by God. Falls into
category 5.
Christianity – There is a small coalition here.
It is based on both the Life of a Great
Man(Jesus) and his Miracles. Christianity is
more prominent in miracles than the Jesus
path. And it can be taken as category 2 also
because there is always a guide “church”
Islam – Entirely based on the life of a
Great man(Mohammed(pbuh)) and less
space for miracles. For
Mohammed(pbuh)it is directly from god.
But for Muslims it is through
Mohammed(pbuh). Falls into category 3
Buddhism – Based on the Life of great
man but more prominent in directly
experiencing the God as Buddha himself
rather just following his path. Falls into
category 1 and 3
Jainism – Completely on the life of a
• Sikhism – Life of great man and he is
the guide, prominently Falls into
category 3.
Based on pure beliefs…
• Taken the god exists and interacted
to people directly. The hierarchy of
followability they can be placed as…
• I put Christianity in miracles category
because it is mostly based on miracles
of either Jesus or evangelists or saints.
It is not from god because Christ knew
god but not Christians. There is a
church or something is in between. Ten
commandments are given to Jews not
• Same thing is with Islam,
Mohammed(pbuh) knew god but not
Muslims, they can knew god only
through Mohammed(pbuh) never by
From a Scientific point of
• From a logical and scientific point of
view, the followability is reversed.
Based on the categories… because
god cannot be proved neither the
miracles, only the greart men are
trustable and self experience is the
ultimate lesson. This is when religion
is considered as a path of righteous
If you add Born Hindu’s and
Born Jews
• Because they learn the god
themselves as these so called
religions cannot be converted into,
but just be followed.
• Note: There is no Japtism in Judaism
or Hiptaism in hinduism as like
Baptism in Christianity
If you consider
• Born Muslim, Born Christian ,Born
Sikh…… because they also see god
from their parents and themselves….
They need not want any miracles to
be performed to get the belief…
Moral of the story is
• Stay where you are don’t change you
religion or culture in the steps of
your mind. Stick to your beliefs until
they don’t hurt anybody or anything,
love is the living nature of God.
Peace is the living place of God.