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Los Pensamientos (Warm Up)

Homework on desk: parent signature, vocabulary phrase flash cards

Objetivos de hoy/ Today’s Objectives:
•Identify what the class expectations and procedures are, as
well as how they apply them to themselves in class
•Students can define African diaspora, explain who Yanga was, and
explain how Afro Latino culture influences African American culture.
Los Pensamientos: Use pg. 8-9 of syllabus to answer these questions:
What can you do if you don’t have a pen? How about if you need a
El índice del trabajo:
Pg. 11 Video Discussion Questions
Pg. 12 Country Poster Project Description
Pg. 13 Practice Rubric
Pg. 14 Tarea/Homework- Country Fact Sheet
Introduction Video to Afro Latino Unit

• Get out page 11 “Video Discussion

• Read silently by yourself the 4 questions
you will answer after you watch the video
• As you watch the video, think about your
answers to the 4 questions.
Based on the video we just watched,
answer the four questions silently by
CHAMPs for group work
• Move your desks to form a
group with the 2-3 people
that have the same desk
number as you.
• Follow behavior on the
CHAMP board
• Chose a time keeper,
spokesperson, and topic
keeper and write who they
are one YOUR worksheet
Group discussion
• Share your answers and opinions with
your group
• Write your answer on the worksheet as
well as your group’s answers. At least
one answer should be different.
• Jobs:
Time keeper- makes sure you finish on time
Topic keeper- makes sure you answer all
the questions
Spokesperson- shares the main ideas if
your group is called on
Class discussion
• I will call on different groups to answer
different questions
• As a spokesperson shares, add the
answer he/she says to the bottom of “my
group’s answer”
• If it is the same as an answer you already
have, star it

• If you have an opinion/answer to add to

the discussion, add it to “my answer” on
your page
Explanation of Country Poster
• Return your seats back to their original
• Take out page 12 “Country Poster
• Listen to Profesora Mehl as she
explains the rubric.
• Grade the example poster with Ms.
Practice Grading
• Move seats into group work position
• Read the description of the project on the
• On your sample rubric, give a grade for
each section of the project based on what
you read and be ready to explain WHY you
gave it that grade
• Jobs:
Time keeper
Topic keeper
Spokes person
Jose turns in a poster that has 3 sections
completed. There is a map with
Guatemala labeled, but nothing else
around it is labeled. It is hard to read
his writing, but he did include the
amount of Afro Latinos in Guatemala.
Jose wrote 4 facts about Afro Latino
culture in Guatemala. He included
another section about Willie Sims, with
a quote and his birthday. Everything is
organized on a poster so that it’s easy
to read.
El cierre
• Get out your Agenda Española and look at the
box “Pregunta del cierre” (Closing question)
In that box answer these questions:
• When is the project due?
• Where did Afro Latinos’ ancestors come from?
Intervención y examen diagnóstico
Intervention and Diagnostic Exam
• Put all your possessions underneath
your desk
• Wait in silence for your exam, answer
sheet, and pencil
• Do not begin until told to do so