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Entreprene ur Sales Secrets Revealed

for the Real Estate Industry

Mark Holland

Our Family Legacy
Bert Holland Cheryl Holland

Mark Holland


What do you see?


Prepare the Mind
• You need to have FUN in your career! • 85% of people in the workforce are not happy with what they do for a living! • Take some risks and find something you LOVE! • Success Leaves Clues

“Constant steps bring Success!”

Your Income Potential is Unlimited
• With little or no experience in – Three – Six – Twelve months you could be earning a very high income.

• Properly Trained, Skilled and in the Right Market • UNLIMITED Amount of Money to be made.

Sales Achieved in Australia Commission Real Estate Industry Earned $1,773 Million
Sales 21,352
– ABS 1999

• Total Number of Sales Agents

• Average Gross Commission $83,000

What Jobs Pay per week in Real Estate for each age group 2003-2004
$1,400 $1,200 $1,000 $800 $600 $400 $200 $0








All Ages


What Salespeople need:
• Combination of planning, innovation, street smarts and dedication • 80% of sales are completed by 20% of Salespeople • Bottom 80% of salespeople only sell 20% • Sales Entrepreneurs need to move into the top 20%


The Foundation
•The top 20% are some of the happiest people in society •The bottom 80% worry about money

The difference between the Top Performer and the Average Performer is only a very small difference.

The Entrepreneurial Edge!

Unlocking your Potential!
• The Foundation of the Entrepreneur Sales Professional: – Working on your Mind! – Developing the correct mindset! • The average person uses no more than 10% of their POTENITAL! • Each one of us have at least 90% or more of untapped potential. • Unlock this 90% of untapped

Sales Performance
• Direct relationship between self talk and your performance. • For you to increase your income level you need to change your Goals and Self Talk • How much you like yourself determines your Success


A Key to Success – Leverage!
There are THREE ways to grow your own business:
• Increase the number of people buying from you • Increase how many times a customer buys from you. • Reduce Waste – Get your customers working for you instead of complaining about you.


• Employees earn money • Business owners make money • Entrepreneurs Collect Money • The Idea is to create income streams.
Income Stream 7 Income Stream 1 Income Stream 6

Income Stream 2


Income Stream 5

Income Stream 3

Income Stream 4


• Set your own Goals

Think like a Sales Entrepreneur

• Find the ways and means to achieve these Goals • Make the majority of your own decisions • Shape your working day • Create your own market materials • Set your own financial goals, which should be independent of the office budget and Goals set by your Principal


Start Dreaming


“Success Leaves Clues”


Levels of Knowledge
Unconsciously Consciously Consciously Unskilled Unskilled Skilled Skilled

Unconsciously -


Getting the Results
• How much do you think your worth?
– – – – Retail Industry Trade Industry Legal Industry Sales gives you access to unlimited income!

– I want to Earn $X per Year? – Average Commission you get Per Sale? – $100,000 divided by $2,500 = 40 sales you

• How much do you want to make?


Decisive Factors to Achieving your Dreams:
1. How badly you want it 2. Whether you are willing to pay the price to get it.


Innovative Ways to Generate Leads to Market and Sell Real Estate than you ever thought possible in Today's Market Place


Your Picture
• You’re the STAR of your Farming Area • Organise Professional Photos • Get someone else to choose your photo. • Public Recognize you • Talk with everyone

“If everyone knows about you and what you are selling, you have greater control of your market”


Brochures with Offers
• Cheap to Organise • Must be Eye Catching • Compel the reader to call you • Builds your profile • Follow Up with a Phone Call within 48 Hours


Invoice Mailings
• Send a colour flyer or newsletter with another business owner’s invoicing • Compel the client to call you • Find clients from a different medium • Tradesperson/ business owner endorses your Service which builds Credibility


Target Expired and Withdrawn Listings
80% of expired listings come back on the Market for Sale!
The Reason most properties do not sell in a 60 day period: •Property is over Priced •Something is wrong with the property •Follow up unhappy sellers •You fix the problem

Discussed so far…
1. Professiona l Photo of You 2. Quality Brochures 3. Invoice Mailing 4. Expired and Withdrawn Listings


• Referral Programs…. The fastest and most effective way to build any business.

Referrals and Repeat Business

• Isn't it true when you experience an incredible service, you want to tell your friends about it? • Builds a strong bond between you and your client • Percentage of referral business created by Entrepreneur Sales Professionals – 60%


• Using Computers with selling can increase your effectiveness by at least 30%

Building an Unstoppable Cash-flow Machine

• You should be using at least three computer software programs to help manage your business.
– Contact Management system – Presentation Program – Accounts program


6 Reasons why Referral Programs are far better than Traditional Advertising
1. Zero Risk Advertising – Pay for RESULTS ONLY 2. Wholesale Advertising 3. Fast, Massive Results 4. Increases Customer Loyalty Dramatically 5. Increase Frequency of Purchase 6. Increase Profit by creating an “Incredible Experience” which drives referrals


Double Your Business Every Year!
• Each Potential client is worth $__X____? • Potential Value Created from Database $__X___?


Take a look at yourself…
• Your Business is the Ultimate reflection of YOU! • How High is HIGH? • Millionaires Invest in Knowledge


Entrepreneurs Sales Guide –
• Chapter One

– 39 Powerful Lead Generators

For Real Estate •

Chapter Six

– Thirteen Character Traits – Seven BIG Time Wasters – Eleven Real Estate Mistakes – Administration Map and CD full of Ideas – Twelve Real Estate Success Tips

• Chapter Two

– Creating an Incredible Three Month Action Plan – The Listing Process – The Sales Process – Asking the tough Questions

• Chapter Seven • Chapter Eight • Chapter Nine • Chapter Ten

• Chapter Three • Chapter Four • Chapter Five

Learning Curve For Any Skill
When sessions are repeated regularly over time, skill level becomes more habitual.
ves ll im pro
Master Skill Level Skill fall-off not As dramatic Skill fall-off is even slower

im pro ves

Skills fall-off quickly

Session repeated

im pr ov es

Sk ill

Most People Lowest Skill Level

Session repeated Some Permanent Skill remains

More Permanent Skill remains

Even more Permanent Skill remains

Training Occurs

Sk ill

Real Estate Selling Skill

*Repetition is the mother of skill. An ideal training program would be designed for repetition …



Learning Curve For Any Skill
When sessions are repeated regularly over time, skill levels become more habitual.
High Skill Level Skill fall-off is even slower

im pro ves

Skills fall-off quickly

ll im pro

Skill fall-off not As dramatic


Session repeated

im pr ov es

Sk ill

Most People Lowest Skill Level

Training Occurs

Some Permanent Skill remains

Session repeated

More Permanent Skill remains

Even more Permanent Skill remains

Sk ill

Real Estate Selling Skills

*Repetition is the mother of skill. An ideal training program would be designed for repetition …



A Workshop you cannot Afford to Miss…
• Creating an Incredible Three Month Action plan for instant cash flow…


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