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2 ND Group
( 2009 )
3 RD Sem
M . D . A . Reliance Group
NO :
Shriniwas Pandey 31
Suvidny Patil 35
Sachin Singh 17
Ravindra Yadav 18
Motilal Maurya 20
Bing Benjamin 21
YasinSheikh 22

Sub: Strategic Management.

Submitted To :
Prof . Geeta Gangwani.
Reliance Industries
Type Public (NSE: RELIANCE)
Founded 1966 As Reliance Commercial
Headquarters Navi Mumbai , India
Key people Mukesh Ambani, Chairman &
Managing Director
Industry Oil Conglomerates
Petroleum and Petroleum Products
Retail Stores
Revenue Rs . 150 , 771 Crore $29 . 7 billion ( FY09 )
▲ 8 . 3 % from FY08

Operating income Rs . 23 , 395 Crore US$ 4 . 6 billion ( FY09 )

Net income Rs . 15 , 607 Crore US$ 3 . 1 billion

( FY09 ) ▲ 2 . 3 % from FY08

Total assets US$ 43 . 61 billion ( 2007 )

Total equity US$ 21 . 31 billion ( 2007 )

Employees ~ 48 , 000 ( 2008 )

About Us …
The Reliance Group , founded by Dhirubhai H .
Ambani ( 1932 - 2002 ), is India's largest private
sector enterprise , with businesses in the energy
and materials value chain .
Group's annual revenues are in excess of US$
30 billion . Dhi
Founde rubhai H. A
The flagship company , Reliance Industries Decemb
r Chai
rman Rbani
er 28, oup e
Limited , is a Fortune Global 500 company and is 1932 -
July 6
the largest private sector company in India . ,

Major Subsidiaries & Associates

Reliance Petroleum
Reliance Retail ( R R L )
Reliance Global Management Services ( P )
Reliance Biopharmaceuticals
Ranger Farms Ltd
Reliance Engineering Associates ( P ) Ltd
Reliance Oil & Gas Find
Petrochemicals Business
Jamnagar Refinery

The Jamnagar Refinery is a private sector crude oil

refinery owned by Reliance Industries Limited in Jamnagar,

The refinery was commissioned on 14 July 1999 with an

installed capacity of 661 , 000 barrels per day ( 105 , 100 m³ / d ).
It is the largest greenfield refinery in the world .

With the completion of the RPL refinery , Jamnagar has

as the ‘ Refining Hub of the World ’ with the largest
refining complex
with an aggregate refining capacity of 1 . 24 million
barrels of oil
per day in any single location in the world .
Reliance Petroleum
Reliance Petroleum Limited was set up by
Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL ), one of India's largest
private sector companies . Currently , RPL is subsidiary of RIL .
RPL also benefits from a strategic alliance with Chevron India
Holdings Pte Limited , Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of
Chevron Corporation USA ( Chevron ), which currently holds a 5 %
equity stake in the Company .
Refining activities of Reliance Industries Limited are carried
out at the Jamnagar refinery complex with refining capacity of
27 million tonnes per annum ( 540 , 000 barrels per day ).
The refinery is able to process a wide variety of crudes- from
very light to very heavy ( from 18 to 45 degree API) and from
sweet to very heavy ( with sulphur content from 0 to 4 . 5 %).
With an annual crude processing capacity of 580 , 000 barrels
( 92 , 000 m 3 )
per stream day ( BPSD ), RPL will be the sixth largest refinery in
the world .
The polypropylene plant will have a capacity to produce 0 . 9
metric tonnes per annum .
Reliance Retail ( RRL )
Reliance Retail is the retail business wing of the Reliance
business .
Many brands like Reliance Fresh , Reliance Footprint , Reliance
Time Out , Reliance Digital , Reliance Wellness , Reliance Trendz ,
Reliance Autozone , Reliance Super , Reliance Mart , Reliance i -
Store , Reliance Home Kitchens , and Reliance Jewel come under the
Reliance Retail brand .
Reliance Retail continues to consolidate its presence and
operations with more than 900 stores in over80 cities where it
is operational today .
E - Office Planet Private Limited , Reliance ’ s joint venture with
Office Depot has expanded its footprint across India for
serving its customers .
Reliance Global Management Services ( P )
Reliance Global Services Pvt Ltd is one of the fast growing IT
solutions and services provider with offices in USA , Hyderabad -
India , delivering best - in - class services to help clients reduce
costs , enhance organizational flexibility , and improve business
and IT performance .
We have proven capabilities across various industry verticals .
Our wide spectrum of solutions and services encompass ERP
specialized in SAP Custom application development , Application
maintenance and support , Management - consulting services through
Contract staffing enabled with in - house competency development .
Reliance Global management team comprises of ace professionals ,
each with years of managerial experience , rich industry
knowledge and multidimensional skills .
They form a formidable think tank with their industry
knowledge ,
understanding of client requirements , processes and key client

Reliance Biopharmaceuticals
Reliance Life Sciences ( Rabale , India ), a Reliance Industries
subsidiary , says it is building a protein manufacturing
facility at the Dhirubhai Ambani Life Sciences Center at
Rabale , near Mumbai .
The company will invest more than Rs9 billion ( $200 million ) to
build the complex , which will be Reliance's first such facility .
It will use mammalian cell and microbial fermentation
technology to produce proteins .
Completion is due at year - end , and FDA validation is expected
to follow eight months later .
The protein plant will have initial capacity for 10 , 000 liters
mammalian cell culture and 1 , 000 liters of microbial cell
culture .
Ranger Farms Limited
Ranger Farm : Reliance Fresh to become a separate entity
Reliance Industries is likely to turn their consumer retail
project Reliance Fresh into a separate entity .
It could be added to the Ranger Farm brand name . This
particular division of the company deals in food , fruits and
vegetables and consumer products .
Economic Times quoted a market source : “ Thing are changing
every minute in Reliance Retail .
Though Ranger Farm has been created , we can ’ t say for sure if
the same
would happen with the other verticals . But the logical thing
would be to
hive them off as well .”
Reliance Engineering Associates ( P )
Limited .
Reliance Engineering Associates Private Limited ( REAL ) is a
Reliance Group Company dedicated to Engineering procurement and
construction of various projects in both reliance group
companies and other industries .
Our services include part design for molding , mold design ,
prototype and production tooling , pre - production prototyping ,
and full - scale manufacturing of precision thermosplastic and
thermoset plastic parts .
These parts are used in a wide range of demanding and critical
end - use applications .
Building on this core expertise , Reliance Engineering provides
manufacturing services for original equipment manufacturers .
This service includes procurement to rigid specifications and
build - to - printassembly of low to moderate volume products .
Reliance's Oil & Gas Find
In 2002 , Reliance found natural gas in the
Krishna Godavari basin off the coast of Andhra Pradesh near
It was the largest discovery of natural gas in world in
financial year 2002 - 2003 . On 01 April 2009 , Reliance Industries
( RIL ) commenced natural gas production from its D - 6 block in the
Krishna - Godavari ( KG ) basin .
The gas reserve is 7 trillion cubic feet in size . Equivalent to
1 . 2 billion barrels ( 165 million tonnes ) of crude oil, but only
5 trillion cubic feet are extractable .
On 2008 Oct 8 , Anil Ambani 's Reliance Natural Resources took
Reliance Industries to the Bombay High Court to uphold a
memorandum of understanding that said RIL will supply the
natural gas at $2 . 34 per million british thermal units to Anil
Ambani .
etrochemicals Business

Polymer ( PP , PE and PVC ) production volumes decreased by 9 %

to 3 , 076 KT . Production was lower primarily on account of
planned shutdown of Polypropylene ( PP ) plant at Jamnagar in
October 2008 to improve product swing capability and yield .
RIL produced 1 , 755 KT of ethylene and 696 KT of propylene , a
decrease of 7 % each over the previous year primarily due to
lower Propane cracking .
Polyester ( PFY , PSF and PET ) production volume decreased by 2 %
to 1 , 534 KT . RIL has maintained its focus on specialty products
which account for 55 % of PSF and 38 % of PFY production . RIL ’ s
fibre intermediates ( PX , PTA and MEG ) production decreased by 3 %
to 4 , 583 KT during the year .
Revenue for the petrochemicals segment
for the year decreased marginally from
Rs 53 , 000 crore toRs . 52 , 767 crore ( US$
10 . 4 billion ).
BCG Matrix :
Placing products in the BCG matrix results
in 4 categories in a portfolio of a
company :
Stars (= high growth , high market share )
- use large amounts of cash and are leaders in the
business so they should also generate large amounts of
cash .

- Frequently roughly in balance on net cash flow . However

if needed any attempt should be made to hold share ,
because the rewards will be a cash cow if market share
is kept .
Cash Cows (= low growth , high market share )
- Profits and cash generation should be high , and because
of the
low growth , investments needed should be low . Keep
profits high
- Foundation of a company
BCG Matrix :
Dogs (= low growth , low market share )
- avoid and minimize the number of dogs in a company .
- beware of expensive ‘ turn around plans ’.
- deliver cash , otherwise liquidate
  Question Marks (= high growth , low market share )
-have the worst cash characteristics of all , because high demands
and low returns due to low market share
-If nothing is done to change the market share , question marks
simply absorb great amounts of cash and later , as the growth
stops ,
a dog .
-Either invests heavily or sell off or invest nothing and
whatever cash it can . Increase market share or deliver cash
Positioning Of The Company ’ s In The
BCG Matrix :

Jamnagar Refinery :

Reliance Global Management Services :

Positioning Of The Company ’ s In The
BCG Matrix :

Reliance Engineering Associates ( P ) Ltd :

Reliance Retail :
Positioning Of The Company ’ s In The
BCG Matrix :

Reliance MARK)
Petroleum :
Positioning Of The Company ’ s In The
BCG Matrix :

Reliance Oils & Gas :


Ranger Farms Ltd :

Positioning Of The Company ’ s In The
BCG Matrix :

Petrochemicals :

Justification :
( STAR ):

The rating on Reliance Industries Ltd . reflects the company's

global scale of integrated operations with a strong competitive
position in its core petrochemical and oil refining business and
intermediate financial risk profile .


In The Scenario Of Reliance Global Management Services
Has Achieved A Considerable Position In The World
Market . Besides All These Factors A High Investment And
Growth Rate Is Being Procured .
Justification :
Reliance engineering associates ( p ) ltd has not been in form of
providing lot of amount as per current base; hence it needs lot of
amount to stand the business.

Reliance Retail is the retail business wing of the
Reliance business having high growth rate and high market
share .

They are not for long term investment but they

generated cash for the organization
Justification :
In the current reliance market condition , this is something
equalizing to high growth rate and low or optimum investment .

Ranger Farm deals in food , fruits and vegetables and
consumer products hasn't acheived a dominant market
position , that's what
don't generate much cash .
We need much cash because things are changing every
minute in Reliance Retail of the market conditions to
stand the firm rigidly .
low growth and high investment is primarily observed .
Justification :
Reliance Biopharmaceuticals is providing world-class therapies and recombinant
biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases in European
market. This requires focused efforts at keeping large amount of cash to grow their
market share.
Krishna - Godavari ( KG ) D - 6 block is amongst the five
largest deepwater gas projects globally .
It was the largest discovery of natural gas in world
in financial
year 2002 - 2003 .
Gas production is expected to transform India ’ s
energy landscape having
low growth rate and is expected to double market
share the current
level of indigenous gas production .
Justification :
( DOGS )

Revenue for the petrochemicals segment for the year

decreased marginally from Rs 53 , 000 crore to Rs . 52 , 767 crore
( US$ 10 . 4 billion ).
According to recession period their low market share in
a highly low growth market .
Analysis :

Born April 19, 1957 (1957-04-19) (age 52)
Colony of Aden, Aden Protectorate (now

Residence Bombay, India

Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Gujarati
Occupation Chairman, Managing Director of
Reliance Industries
Net worth ▼ US$19.5 billion (2009)

Religious Hindu
Spouse Nita Ambani
Children Isha, Anant and Akash
Mukesh Ambani ( born on April 19 , 1957 in Aden , Yemen)
is a Indian engineer and businessman. He is the
chairman, managing director and the largest
shareholder of Reliance Industries, India 's largest
private sector enterprise and a Fortune 500 company
. His personal stake in Reliance Industries is 48 % .
His wealth is valued at Rs . 196000 crores ( INR )
( according to Forbes ), making him the wealthiest
Indian in the world , the wealthiest man in Asia and
the world's 7th wealthiest person .
Mukesh and his younger brother Anil are sons of the
late founder of Reliance Industries , Dhirubhai
Ambani . Mukesh also owns the Indian Premier League
team Mumbai Indians .
Mukesh holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
degree from the University of Mumbai , Department
of Chemical Technology ( UDCT , now ICT ). He began
the MBA program at Stanford Business School .
Mukesh Ambani joined Reliance in 1981 and initiated
Reliance's backward integration from textiles into polyester
fibres and further into petrochemicals .
He directed and led the creation of the world's largest
grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar, Gujarat, India,
with a present capacity of 660 , 000 barrels per day
( 105 , 000 m³ / d ) ( 33 milliontonnes per year ) integrated with
petrochemicals , power generation , port and related
infrastructure , at an investment of Rs 100000 crore ( nearly
$26 billion USD ).
He is about to inaugurate his second refinery in
Motikhavdi ,
Jamnagar soon .
Ambani ( Right ) With Ratan Naval Tata And
U . S . Secretary Of State
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Chosen the businessman of the year 2007 by a
public poll in India conducted by NDTV
Conferred the United States - India Business
Council ( USIBC ) leadership award for " Global
Vision " 2007 in Washington .
Ranked 42nd among the World's Most Respected
Business Leaders and second among the four
Indian CEOs featured in a survey conducted by
Pricewaterhouse Coopers and published in
Financial Times, London , November 2004 .
Conferred the World Communication Award for
the Most Influential Person in
Telecommunications in 2004 by Total Telecom,
October , 2004 .
Personal Life

Mukesh likes to visit Kruger National Park in

South Africa. The latest item in his portfolio is
cricket . He owns the Mumbai Indians team . His bid
of $111 . 9 million dollars pipped Vijay Mallya 's
chances of owning the team . Vijay Mallya 's bid was
of 111 . 6 million dollars . He is married to Nita
Ambani .
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