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EDU 3104 Classroom Management

Tutorial 2

Lets brainstorm
In groups of four, read the article given and highlight the characteristics of Anthony Cody that made him to be an efficient teacher.

Characteristics of an award winning middle school science teacher, Anthony Cody

Take help from wherever possible or friends Post a short list of clear, unambiguous rules Enforce the rules consistently Phone parents early in the year with positive news Balance negative calls with positive ones Keep a record of students behavior Give a warning or consequence clearly Allow discussions only after class Develop a caring communication Show interest in the students as individuals Give them more than a way to demonstrate their knowledge through creative projects Make sure the students are fully engaged in the learning process

Characteristics of Effective Teacher

Creates safe, healthy and supportive learning environment Engage students actively in learning activities motivates students and nurtures their desire to learn cultivates cross cultural understandings and the value of diversity encourages students to accept responsibility for their own learning displays effective and efficient classroom management

effectively allocates time for students to engage in hands-on experiences, discuss and process content and make meaningful connections creates an environment where student work is valued, appreciated and used as a learning tool Good communicator Street smart Willing to go the extra mile Lifelong learner

Roles of effective teachers in achieving the objectives of primary school learning

What are Learning Objectives? Statements that describe what a learner will be able to do as a result of teaching and learning. They are sometimes called learning outcomes. A sort of contract that teachers make with learners that describes what they will be able to do after learning that they could not do before, the 'added value' of teaching.

Roles of Effective Teachers

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Teacher Evaluation Assessing Pupil Progress Instructional Strategies Planning the Lesson Preparing the Lesson Presenting the Lesson Monitoring Student Progress

Willing to work together with other teachers Resourceful (is able to get teaching materials from different sources) Efficient lesson planning that triggers the students to think a step further (i+1) Up to date with information about the changes that occur in the syllabus Is willing to go through several phases of courses to obtain higher qualifications in teaching young learners Is able to teach more than one subject