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Gianina Camille S.

Gamboa, DMD

What dental law is called the Act to Regulate the Practice of Dentistry in the Philippines?
B. C. D.

R.A. 593 R.A. 417 R.A. 4419 R.A. 9484

Dental Laws

593 R.A. 2462 R.A. 2711 R.A. 417 R.A. 4419 R.A. 9484

R.A. 4419
June 19, 1965 Penalties for illegal practice Examiners Board of Dentistry

Appointed by the President of the

Philippines Recommended by the PRC Nominated by the PDA 5 years, 5 members

R.A. 4419

RPD Exercise (Res. No. 111, 1987)
Class II & FPD (Res. No. 34, 1989)

Council on Dental Education Council on Advancement of Dental Research

The Philippine Dental Act of 2007 is basically a combination of the republic act cover dentists and dental tachnicians.
A. B.

True False

R.A. 9484
Philippine Dental Act of 2007 Act to Regulate the Practice of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology
Repealed RA 4419 and RA 768 Objectives: regulate practice of dentists, hygienists, dental technologists licensure exams accreditation of specialties CDE and research stipulation of penalties enforcement of Code of Ethics, Code of Dental practice in the Philippines

Board of Dentistry 5 members appointed by president recommended by PRC nominated by PDA 3 years, 1 reappointment, max of 6 years chairman appointed by the President

Every dentist shall complete a minimum number of continuing dental education units prior to renewal of his professional certificate of registration
100 in 2 years b. 300 units in 2 years c. 60 credit units every 3 years d. 300 units in 3 years

It is the dentists duty to participate in volunteer programs for the delivery of dental health services in underserved and unserved areas
True b. False

_______ is the legal standard a. Dental ethics b. Legal rights c. Ethics d. Morals e. Law

______ is the moral standard a. Dental ethics b. Legal rights c. Ethics d. Morals e. Law

RA 8504 repeals the right of a dentist to choose his patients

True b. False

R.A. 8504 Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998

refusal to admit a person to a hospital or health care facility and refusal to provide health care or perform health service to a person in a hospital or health care facility on the basis of perceived, suspected or actual HIV status are PROHIBITED ACTS

A person who did not partake in the commission of the crime but conceals or destroys the body of the crime to prevent discovery is a/an:

Accomplice b. Accessory c. Principal d. AOTA



part in the execution of the criminal act; directly force or induce others to commit the felony


person who assists in the commission of a crime, but is generally not present at the actual crime


a person who actively participates in the commission of a crime, even though they take no part in the actual criminal offense

Self-defense is an example of

Mitigating circumstance b. Aggravating circumstance c. Justifying circumstance d. Exempting circumstance


Mitigating Circumstance
any circumstance attending the commission of a crime or tort which DECREASES its guilt or enormity or lessens its injurious consequences, but which is above and beyond the essential constituents of the crime or tort itself

Aggravating Circumstance
INCREASES guilt or enormity or adds to its injurious consequences

Justifying Circumstance
the accused is deemed to have acted in accordance with the law and therefore the act is lawful no criminal liability, no civil liability

Exempting Circumstance
the accused committed a crime but is not criminally liable there is a crime and civil liability but no criminal liability

The most important question in malpractice suit is whether the dentist

Was experienced b. Had an assistant c. Exercised due care d. Has advanced training

A duly licensed Dentist must pay his/her

Professional tax b. Registration fee c. Both d. NOTA

Source of obligation of a dentist if he accidentally hurt his patient at the course of treatment
culpa contractual b. negotiorum gestio c. culpa aquilina d. solutio indebti

Culpa aquilina
source of obligation when there is

no pre-existing contractual relationship between parties

Ex. A driver accidentally hits a person

Intentional oral defamation is known as:

fraud b. libel c. assault d. slander


The principle that states that a case, once tried, CANNOT be retried for the same offense
Res gestae b. Res judicata c. Res ipsa loquitor d. Stare decisis

Res gestae
refers to the start-to-end period of a felony things done

Res ipsa loquitor

The thing speaks for itself

Stare decisis
judges are obliged to respect the precedent as

established by prior decisions courts should generally abide by precedents and not disturb settled matters

In res ipsa loquitor

a. b. c.


An ordinary layman can prove negligence An expert witness must prove negligence Substandard care is always present A and C B and C

PD 1575 requires dentists to keep patients records

To compel dentists to employ clerks b. For proper record keeping c. For forensic reasons d. For added administrative work

Writ issued from the higher court to the lower to send records of a particular case for review
Mandamus b. Prohibition c. Quo warranto d. Certoriari

a writ which orders a public agency or government

body to perform an act required by law when it has neglected or refused to do so

A preventive remedy, to refrain the doing of some

act about to be done and not intended to provide a remedy for acts already accomplished

Quo warranto
writ by which the govt begins its action to recover

an office or franchise from a person/corporation in possession of it

Act of dishonesty appropriating, usually financial in nature

Adultery b. Concubinage c. Embezzlement d. Culpa


Nobody shall enrich himself at the expense of others

Salus populi suprema lex est b. Ignorantia non excusat c. Res ipsa loquitor d. Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas

The welfare of the people is considered in making laws

Salus populi suprema lex est b. Ignorantia non excusat c. Res ipsa loquitor d. Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas

R.A. 480 provided that dentists who join the AFP shall have a rank of
Lieutenant colonel b. Second lieutenant c. First lieutenant d. SPO1

Damages which include physical suffering, mental anguish, fright, serious anxiety, social humiliation, etc.
Actual damages b. Moral damages c. Liquidated damages d. Nominal damages

Actual Damages damages wherein only pecuniary loss which have been duly proved are compensated Liquidated Damages Agreed upon by the parties of a contract to be paid in case of breach

A GP referred a patient to a periodontist for periodontal surgery. Upon examination, the periodontist opted for NSRP which is more conservative. The periodontist is expected to adjust the service fees according to :
Doctrine of Quantum merit b. Doctrine of respondeat superior c. Doctrine of contributory negligence

Doctrine of Quantum Merit


of fee depends on the time and cost of materials consumed

Difficulty Skill, effort, expertise of dentist Number of meds etc.

Doctrine of Respondeat Superior


dentist is answerable for the acts of his/her employees

The patient is also the cause of his/her worsened condition

Doctrine of Contributory Negligence

The right to practice dentistry is an example of

a. Judicial rights

b. Rights in personam
c. Constitutional rights d. Rights in Rem

Right in rem
a right competent or available,

against all persons

Right in personam
a right, action, judgment or

entitlement that is attached to a specific person

The patient owes the dentist payment for removing his impacted third molar. This is:
Right in rem b. Right in personam c. Statutory right d. Obligation

A notice was issued by the court to the city mayor to answer the complaint filed against him. This is called: a. Subpoena b. Order c. Provision d. Summons

The cost of operating a business like a dental clinic

Fixed overhead b. Capital expense c. Overhead

To prevent cross-contamination to patients from dental operatory units, a dentist should use handpiece and water supply hoses that are fitted with which type of valves?
retraction b. pressure c. anti-retraction d. depressurization

This is the amount of time a product is guaranteed fresh

rotating stock b. rate of use c. reorder point d. shelf life

Operating or overhead expenses constitute ___ of the total gross collection of a dental office
50% b. 70% c. 80% d. 20%

~ Art Williams