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The general bank of India was the first joint stock bank to be

established in the year 1786.

In the first half of the 19th Century the East India Company

established three banks; The Bank of Bengal in 1809.

These three banks were amalgamated in 1920 and The Imperial

Bank of India was established on the 27th Jan 1921.

The Reserve Bank which is the Central Bank was created in 1935

by passing of RBI Act 1934.

Indian Banking has been set up with the proposed relaxation in

the norms for Foreign Direct Investment.

Company Name:- State Bank Of India. Date of Establishment:- 2 June 1806. Address Registered:- H.Q. Mumbai. Constitution:- Govt. Company.

Activity:- Banking.

Personal Banking.

Wholesale Banking.



Vision: To be amongst most trusted power utility company of the country by providing environment friendly power on most cost effective basis, ensuring prosperity for its stakeholders and growth with human face. Mission:
To ensure most cost effective power for sustained growth of India.

To provide clean and green power for secured future of

countrymen. To continuously upgrade & update knowledge & skill set of its human resources. To be socially responsible through community development by leveraging resources and knowledge base. To achieve excellence in every activity we undertake.


The Objectives of State Bank of India are as follows:
Accepts deposit. Gives loans and advances. Invests and Borrows. Deals in bill of exchange.

Deals in gold and silver.

Deals in foreign currencies. Form subsidiary. Housing schemes. Acts and agent.

Financial Department. Human Resource Department. Marketing Department. Treasury & Asset Management Department. IT Department.

STRENGTH: Experienced Employees. Right strategy for the right

WEAKNESSES: Management cover insufficient.

Low unemployment levels

products. Superior customer service. Great Brand Image. High degree of customer satisfaction. Huge ATM Network. Large income from Loan interest. Government Support.

and competition for staff. Lake of Young Employee. Physical environment & Ambience. Less knowledgeable employee. Less control on employee. Poor technology.

OPPORTUNITIES: Profit margins will be good. New specialist applications. Even expanding rural, urban

THREAT: Legislation could impact. Great risk involved. Very high competition

& International Market. Fraud and cheating with customer from private banking. Dissatisfy from private banking. Nationalizes banks are more reliable and trustworthy.

prevailing in the industry. High volume/low cost market is intensely competitive. Private bank providing more facilities at lower charges. Youngsters are attracting towards private bank because of speedy and upgrade technology.

SBI is a government company so it has to follow the

rule made by the government. SBI has achieved a big market in all over India. The Interest rate of SBI is very good for customers. Services of SBI in advance product are excellent. A response from customer care is clear & good. SBI On-Line Banking is faster than other bank. SBI is well known and trusted bank since it has a RBI backup. SBI is one of the leading banks in India. SBI has most secured internet banking facility compare to other banks.

SBI should develop more strategic planning as to compete

with its rival banks. New technology should introduce in order to attract more market. SBI should ease the process of opening an account. SBI should keep on adding different banking. SBI should introduce other type of deposit to attract more customers. SBI should increase its working hours. SBI should increase interest rate to attract the customer since SBIs interest is low compare to private bank.

State Bank of India has been trying to operate its business successfully since 1806. The bank has already developed good image and goodwill among its clients by offering excellent services. SBI has to compete as well as other Commercial Banks in India. State Bank of India has grabbed a position in the banking sector. According to the banking performance State Bank of India is No.1 Bank in India. So we can say that State Bank of India is excellent in banking sector of India. I am very much thankful to State Bank of India for providing me the opportunity for doing Internship training programme in the organization. During my internship I came across the various departments and learned how practically departments work in an organization. I found that State Bank of India is the best bank in India.

Thank You