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Bahrain Asphalt Quality Management System.

Quality Policy.
Adopted Quality Management System.
Quality Planning.
Quality Planning Objectives
QMS Planning.
Quality Assurance.
QA Definition.
BAE QA System.
Monitoring and measuring.
Control of nonconforming product.
Analysis of data and Improvement.

Bahrain Asphalt Quality Management
The Management and Employees of Bahrain Asphalt Est. firmly commit
themselves to provide their customers with quality civil engineering services
that are consistent and comply with their specified needs.

Thats via continually improve the quality of the services offered to the
customers by effective and efficient implementation of Quality Management
system in the company.

Bahrain Asphalt Est. considers Quality Management as the foundation to
continual and profitable growth
Company Quality Policy

Bahrain Asphalt Quality Management
BAE has adopted ISO 9001-2008 QMS since 2009 thats to achieve the
company Quality Policy/Objectives. BAE. ISO Certificate.jpg

In General ISO 9001:2008 sets out the criteria for a quality management
system and is the only standard in the family of ISO 9001 series that can be
certified to (although this is not a requirement). It can be used by any
organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity. In fact ISO
9001:2008 is implemented by over one million companies and organizations in
over 170 countries.
ISO website (http://www.iso.org/iso/iso_9000) Accessed on

November 2013
Adopted Quality Management System.

Quality Planning.
The BA quality objectives are rolled down to department or section heads who
shall ensure proper planning for execution at subsequent levels of the
All BA Quality Objectives are created under the principle of being Specific,
Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Time-based (S.M.A.R.T) at each
subsequent level where they are submitted to their superior.
The objectives of BA should show suitability for that period and would address
both organization requirements including its customer needs. The Quality
Objectives are documented in Appendix D of this manual. APPENDIXD (D).docx

BAE Quality Planning Objectives.

Quality Planning.
Mr. Maitham AI A'Ali - Deputy General Manager is assigned by the Director to
act as the Management Representative for BA.
He, along with Department Managers, Section Heads and Engineers will be
responsible for the continual improvement of the BA quality system through
one or more of the following:

Creation of quality plans where necessary for certain BA projects.
Updating the quality objectives through the mechanisms of the systems.
Ensuring availability of all the necessary resources that will ensure the delivery and
proper measurements of the quality policy delivery and related information.
Processes of dealings and changes in BA would be employed to ensure integrity and
compatibility of QMS.

Quality management system planning.

Quality Assurance.
Generally QA are defined as all Those Planned & Systematic Actions
Necessary to Provide Adequate Confidence That An Item or a Facility Will
Perform Satisfactorily in Service.

BA has established necessary measurement, analysis and improvement process
to ensure conformity of the products I services.
The methods utilized for improvement techniques would be in the form of
Statistical Techniques, Customer Complaints, Customer feedbacks on
completion of a contract, etc.

QA Definition.
BAE QA System.

Quality Assurance.
Customer satisfaction.
(performance Measurement tool)
Customer feedbacks on completion of a contract.
Customer complaints.
Maintenance Service where agreed upon for specific contracts.
Comments of Customers during Projects.

Internal Audit.
(BA-QP-03) (Performance Measurement tools enable to take timely corrective/preventive Action)

Evaluate BA QMS against ISO 9001: 2008 requirements.
Verify the compliance of current activities with the established BA QMS
Determine the effectiveness of the QMS
Provide an opportunity to improve the QMS.

Monitoring and Measuring.

Quality Assurance.
Monitoring and measurement of processes.
Performance of BA processes will be reviewed during the Management Review
Monitoring and measurement of product
Receiving & in-process inspection and testing.
(BA:PR0-08) & (BA:PR0-10)
Final inspection and testing.

Inspection and test records.

Monitoring and Measuring.

Quality Assurance.
Control of nonconforming product
Any non-conformity within any department or during any activity, is
identified as such and be marked-up or reported in order to prevent
from unintended use.

Non-conforming incoming products, rejected by receiving
inspection, are in general returned to the supplier.
Non-conforming material is identified and controlled using the same
procedure which allows for:
Scrapping detected nonconformities.
Repairing or reworking nonconformities (where possible).
Approving nonconforming material for other use.

Quality Assurance.
Analysis of data
In BA, QMS related data is recorded as indicated in procedure
of Records.
The BA objectives of data analysis are used to determine the suitability,
effectiveness and opportunities for improvement via the following:

To assess customer satisfaction levels.
To gather knowledge on trends associated with BA projects and processes
in order to initiate appropriate preventive action.
To maintain awareness of the performance of supplier /sub-contractor
and request them to take action to correct or improve their performance.
Analysis of data and Improvement.

Quality Assurance.

Continual improvement.
A part of the quality policy.
Reflected in the quality objectives.
A part of the actions taken upon audit results.
Driven by opportunities surfacing from data analysis.

Corrective Action.
Reviewing non-conformities including customer complaints & Feedbacks.
Determination of causes of non-conformities.
Assessing the need for actions to avoid recurrence.
Implementation of determined corrective actions.
Making records of the outcomes from actions taken.
Verifying the effectiveness of corrective actions taken.

Analysis of data and Improvement.

Quality Assurance.

Preventive Action.
Determination of potential non-conformities that might affect BA.
Determination of causes of potential non-conformities.
Determination of preventive actions needed.
Implementation of determined preventive actions
Making records of outcomes from actions taken.
Reviewing preventive actions taken.

Analysis of data and Improvement.
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