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Formation of quality circle is becoming
imperative in todays world where the
customer's expectations keep changing
and it become tougher day by day to get
to the level of delighting the customer.
Quality circles ensure that they work on a regular basis
in the day to day challenges faced by the organization
in and around the work area, thus ensuring a better
process & reliable produce

What is Quality circle?

"Quality Circle is a small group of employees who
work-in same work area or doing a similar type of

who voluntarily meet regularly for about an hour
every week to identify, analyze and resolve work
related problems, leading to improvement, In their
total performance and enrichment of their work

Kaizen definition for
quality circle

The Principles of Quality Circles At first glance
Quality Circles look very simple, but the approach
depends upon a number of principles which one must
consider in detail to understand the concept fully


Based upon recognition of the value
of the worker as human being,
as someone who willingly activities on his job,
intelligence, experience, attitude & feelings
Quality Circle is a form of participation management .
Quality Circle is a problem solving technique.

3 major quality concepts

Quality circle is a form of participant
Quality circle is a human resource
devolvement technique.
Quality circle is a problem solving technique.

Change in attitude
Self development
Development of team spirit
Improved organizational culture
Help in improving the productivity
Promote individuals self-development
Enhanced interest in jobs.

Benefits of quality Circles

Increased in quality consciousness
of employees development
Promote individuals self-development
Promote team work and fellowship
Improve over all company performance and corporate


Brief orientation programs for
top management.
Programs for middle level executives
Training of facilitators
Training for Circle leaders and members

Functions of quality circle

Encourage a team culture and team environment;
Encourage the flow of new ideas;
Improve customer relations and service delivery;
Improve levels of communication;
Improve operational efficiency; and
Create problem prevention attitudes.

Organization structure

Appropriate Organization
structure has effective
& Efficient Performance

Non Qc - Members
Element of quality circle

A steering committee
Circle leader
Circle members

Launching quality circle
Expose middle level executives to the concept.
Explain the concept to the employees & invite them to
volunteer as members of quality circle.
Nominate senior officers as facilitators.
From a steering committee.
Arrange the necessary facilities

Process of operation
Problem selection
Problem identification
Problem Analysis
Generate alternative solutions
Prepare plan of action
Implementation of solution
Select the most appropriate solution

Problem analysis

Select most appropriate solution
Generate alternative solutions
Implementation of solution
Prepare plan for action

Basic quality problem Solving

Basic quality problem solving
Brain storming
Pareto Diagrams
Cause & Effect Analysis
Data Collection

Tools are used for data analysis

Bar Charts
Circle graphs
Scatter grams
Control Charts


Quality circle is implemented
to all organizations where there
is scope for group based solution
of work related problems