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Are we doing enough to

eradicate it.?
What is Child Labour?
Statistics in Pakistan
Causes of Child Labour
Effects of Child Labour
Different types of Child Labour
Steps Taken to curtail Child Labour
Are we doing enough..?/Remedies
The term child labor is often defined as:
work that deprives
children of their
childhood, their potential
and their dignity, and that
is harmful to physical and
mental development.
Out of 40 million children of age group 5 to 14
years, 3.8 million working.
Out of these 3.8 million economically active
workers, 2.8 million were from age group 5 to 9
in the agriculture sector. 73% of them were said
to be boys.




UNESCO Institute of
Statistics 2013
Unemployment of Elders
Excess Population

Tradition of making
children learn the
family skills
Drug Addiction

Mental Effects

High lead levels effect
childs mental

Physical Effects

Unsafe, polluted
environments and some
chemicals have messed up
their growth

Carpet Weaving
Physical Affects
Injuries from sharp
instruments and body
Children develop spinal
deformities and strains
to their eyes.
Carpet Weaving
Soccer Balls
Automobile Workshops
Stone/ marble cutting

Mixing Pesticides
Deep fishing
Glass factory
Hotel / Textile factory Work
Street work
And much more
The Employee Children Act, 1991
The Bonded Labour System Abolition Act, 1992
Control of Human Trafficking Ordinance, 2002
Punjab Bounded Labour System Abolition Act, 2012
Punjab Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act,
Waseela-e-Taleem Initiative
International agreement to eliminate child labour from
soccer industry
Save the Child Program

Society to give dignity, love and care to children
Compulsion of free education
Improving and enforcing laws
Controlled population
Raise of family income
Antinarcotics agencies
Government efforts

When the sun falls, and the moon comes bright
The shadow falls all over my life,

They say life is a struggle to strive for the best
For me its a few hours of rest

I dont need your love, I dont need your sympathy
Just give me a penny,
to fill my stomach which is for a day empty.

Dont know what lies in the future cant say what lies ahead
Why I was born, I always regret

My dream of life oh God, bless me with four shoulders
What can take me to ultimate heights

Dont hurt me, dont laugh at me
Im your mere reflection, give me some dignity
Lets Join Hands for
a better tomorrow. . .
Lets join hands
for A
better tomorrow