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By: Atty. Debbie G.

Dulay-Del Val

The State shall promote
a just and dynamic social order
that will ensure the prosperity and
independence of the nation and free the
people from poverty
through policies that provide adequate
social services, promote full employment, a
rising standard of living, and an improved
quality of life for all.
A legitimate function of modern industrial
society in helping people fulfill themselves.
Refers to programs, services & other activities
provided under various auspices, to concretely
answer the needs and problems of the members
of society.
Services to:
Individuals & families
People with special problems
Community services
It includes those laws, policies, programs and
services concerned with the various aspects
of peoples lives and therefore essential to
their well-being.

P.D. 603 The Child and Youth Welfare Code
R.A. 6972 Barangay-Level Total Development and
Protection of Children Act
An act establishing a Day Care Center in every barangay
R.A. 8044 An Act creating the National Youth
Commission, establishing a national comprehensive
and coordinated program on youth development
E.O. 340 Executive Order directing national
government agencies and government-owned and
controlled corporations to provide day care services
for their employees children under 5 years of age
R.A. 7610 Special Protection of Children
Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and
Discrimination Act
R.A. 7658 An Act prohibiting the employment
of children below 15 years of age in public and
private undertakings
R.A. 9231 An Act providing for the elimination
of the worst forms of child labor and affording
stronger protection for the working children

R.A. 8043 Inter-Country Adoption Act of
R.A. 8552 Domestic Adoption Act of 1998
R. A. No. 9523 An Act Requiring
Certification of the DSWD to Declare A "Child
Legally Available For Adoption" as a
Prerequisite for Adoption
Proceedings (2009)
R.A. 9255 An Act allowing illegitimate
children to use the surname of their father
R.A. 9858 Legitimization of Children Born
to Minor Parents
R.A. 9344, as amended by R.A. 10630
Juvenile Justice Welfare Act
R.A. 6525 An Act strengthening the
prohibition on discrimination against women
with respect to terms and conditions of
R.A. 6955 An Act to declare unlawful the
practice of matching Filipino women for
marriage to foreign nationals on a mail-order
basis and other similar practices
R.A. 7192 Women in Nation-Building Act of
An Act promoting the integration of women as full
and equal partners of men in development and
R.A. 7877 Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of
An Act declaring sexual harassment unlawful in
the employment, education, or training
R.A. 8353 Anti-Rape Law of 1997
R.A. 8505 Rape Victims Assistance Act of
R.A. 9208 Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of
R.A. 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women
and their Children Act of 2004
R.A. 344 Accessibility Law
R.A. 7277 Magna Carta of Disabled Persons
R.A. 7432 Senior Citizens Acts of 1992
R.A. 7876 An Act establishing Senior
Citizens Center in all cities and municipalities
of the Philippines
R.A. 9257 Expanded Senior Citizens Act of
E.O. 209 Family Code of the Philippines
R.A. 8187 Paternity Leave Benefits
An Act granting paternity leave of seven (7) days
with full pay to all married male employees in the
private and public sectors for the first four (4)
deliveries of the legitimate spouse with whom he
is cohabiting
R.A. 8369 Family Courts Act of 1997
Exclusive jurisdiction over child and family cases
R.A. 8972 Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000
An Act providing for benefits and privileges to
solo parents and their children
R.A. 7875 An Act instituting a National
Health Insurance Program for all Filipinos and
establishing the Philippine Health Insurance
Corporation for the purpose
R.A. 10606 An Act amending R.A. 7875
R.A. 7883 An Act granting benefits and
incentives to accredited barangay health
R.A. 8344 An Act penalizing the refusal of
hospitals and medical clinics to administer
appropriate initial medical treatment and
support in emergency or serious cases,
amending B.P. 702 or An Act Prohibiting the
Demand of Deposits or Advance Payments for
the Confinement of Patients in Hospitals and
Medical Clinics
P.D. 442 Labor Code of the Philippines
R.A. 7655 An Act increasing the
minimum wage of househelpers
R.A. 10361 Domestic Workers Act or
Batas Kasambahay
R.A. 7877 Anti-Sexual Harassment
R.A. 8042 Migrant Workers Benefits and
Incentives Act of 1995
R.A. 10022 Amendment of Migrant
Workers Act
R.A. 8282 An Act Strengthening the Social
Security System (SSS)
R.A. 8291 An Act increasing and expanding
the coverage and benefits of the Government
Service insurance System
R.A. 7160 Local Government Code of 1991
Devolution of social welfare services to LGUs
R.A. 8371 Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of
R.A. 8425 Social Reform and Poverty
Alleviation Act of 1997
Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)
A social development and poverty reduction strategy
of DSWD that provides conditional cash grants to
poor households