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Marico Limited.

Md. Ashiq Hossain 1010233030

K.M. Abdullah Al Baki Nayan 1010237030
Farzana Faruque Nipu 1020422030
Sabrina Humaun Upoma 1110574030
A.F.M Arafatuzzaman 1030028030

Marico is a leading Indian Group in Consumer Products & Services
in the Global Beauty and Wellness space.

Marico Ltd is a family-owned company which incorporated on
October 1988 as Marico Foods Ltd. The name was changed to
Marico Industries Ltd with effect from October 1989.

In April 1990 the company commenced commercial operations by
taking over the business of the consumer products division of The
Bombay Oil Industries Ltd (BOIL).

Maricos Products and Services in Hair care, Skin Care and
Healthy Foods generated a Turnover of about Rs.13.6 billion.

Marico has also won various other Awards Like- Indias Employer
of Choice for 2007, Award for HR Excellence & Award for Best
Employer in the Consumer Products and Healthcare Sector.

A Flat Structure:

Marico are an organization, which is flat with only five levels of
reporting between the Managing Director and an operator on the shop
They believe that a flat structure helps them in being more
responsive to the environment while providing enriched roles for their
Their structure defines clear roles and supporting relationships.
Marico's structure is dynamic and constantly developing.

Opportunity seeking
Bias for Action
Consumer Centric
openness & transparency
Global outlook
Boundary lessness

Inbound logistics

These are the activities concerned with receiving the materials from
suppliers, storing these externally sourced materials, and handling them
within the firm.
Here goods are received from a company's suppliers.
They are stored until they are needed on the production/assembly line.
Goods are moved around the organization.
MARICO purchase their raw material from all around the world.
In order to maximize their availability of raw material MARICO maintain
good relationship with their suppliers.
MARICO use JIT (Just in Time) approach for handling of raw material.

Outbound Logistics

These are all the activities concerned with distributing the final product
or service to the customers.

The goods are now finished, and they need to be sent along the supply
chain to wholesalers, retailers or the final consumer.

MARICO manage their Distributor and Super Distributor in different rural
and urban area.

MARICO make their product easily assessable.

Maricos overall int. business grew by 59%, while its organic growth over year
2007 was 21%.
In Bangladesh, Parachute coconut oil has been going from strength to
strength. During the 12 months ended February 10, its market share was 67%.

In the Middle East, Parachute Creams focused marketing efforts,
including advertising and in-store promotional activities have yielded good
The brand has now begun closing the gap on the leader in the GCC countries.
Marico entered the fast growing(FMCG) South African ethnic hair care and
health care market ,the market for Ethnic Hair Care and Relevant OTC
Healthcare products in South Africa is estimated to be in the region of about Rs.
600 core.

Its international success is due to the global mindset that the company has
adopted. An Indian company needs to stop thinking of an India-forward mind
set and start playing by the rules of that market.

The emerging economies in Asia and Africa like Bangladesh, the Middle East,
Egypt, and South Africa were chosen because they have low-to-medium
penetrations in some of the FMCG categories.

Marico before entering a new geography always interacted with non-
competing Indian companies that have established themselves in that market
and learnt from their experiences.
Marico listed their wholly owned subsidiary in Bangladesh on the local
stock exchange.

Understanding of consumer behavior in the hair oil segment.
Rural Market search.
Large distribution network all over India, Bangladesh, Middle East etc.

Not strong within the shampoo segment, having hardly any share.
Not having any Anti-dandruff hair oil whose market potential worth 25% of
the total oil market.

Need to concentrate within the various other market potential zones like
hair shampoo, hair colorants etc.

Competition from the diverse players present in the market can cause loss
of market share.
FMCG market has to depend on volume for their profit maximization; they
cannot play the margin game for their growth

Marico's technological advancement gives it leverage over all the
Marico has a vast R&D department overtly concerned with health hazards,
new formulations and brand extension.
Marico ltd. uses the S.A.P. ERP (enterprise resource planning), and they
have recently bought this software. This strategy will give even more
competitive advantage to the firm.
Marico products are 100% pure, which is refined and packaged by
machinery and not touched by humans.

Maricos large investment in brand building, 360 degree approach in
marketing and expansion in distribution too has contributed rapid
The manufactured goods of Marico are exceedingly substitable however
figures of sellers incredibly a smaller amount compares to the number
of buyer that is serious problem for Marico.
Today, Marico Limited has emerged as the fastest growing FMCG
Company. Their approach to the market with uncommon sense has
helped them challenge the norm to push the boundaries of their
existing businesses and set up new ones.