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Nyimas Irina Silvani


Purpose of Writing

Behefit of Writing
Socilization is very important in the formation
of personality. If the socialization process that
teaches the family environment doesnt work,
it would be inimincal in the formation of the
inviduals perconality.
Therefore, in order not to cause things that
arent appropriate, the people should know
the solutions must be done.
1. What the factors that can cause the
eccentric behavior?
2. How does the affect for a teenager?
3. What the solution to overcome the
eccentric behavior?
1. To determine the factors that can
cause the eccentric behavior.
2. To determine its impact for a
3. To find out the solution and what
step to overcome the eccentric
With this writing, every parent is
expected to educate and provide
example of good behavior for the
children themselves dont

Definition of Teenager

Meaning of Eccentric Behavior
Teenager is same as adolecence.
Teenagers are an indivudual who is a
teenager and cant be decribe as
someone who is mature and cant also to
be called children.
Because, adolecence is a period of
transition from the children to be adult.
Eccentric can we translate the actions
that deviate from generally so
considered weird the other, such as
boys wearing earrings and bracelets,
the boy dressed like girl and the girl
dressed boyish, long hair the boys
Factors that May Causes Eccentric

Relationship with Physic Teenager

Solutions to Overcome The Problem of
Eccentric Behavior
1. Lack of inter-personal interaction
skills in tackling the problem
2. Lack of commitment the family
3. A less obviolus role of the family
4. Association

Personality present in every teenagers is
personality that is still temporary. That is, it
can vary. Emotional state and environment is
very influential to the formation of psychic
teens. If the emotional state of an unstable
teenager, they were always at the top of
anger is trigged by various factors that make
the behavior isnt appropriate with the values
and norms prevailing in society.
1. Find place for share
2. Dont get stuck with the
situation and condition
3. Face all with positive attitude
4. Trying a new thing


1. Many factors can lead to eccentric behavior causing
aberrant behavior. One the factor is the absence of
good interaction between the person in each family.
2. Education and example in the family is able to affect
the psyche of a teenager. Because teens are very
vulnerable period with all sorts of changes in the
3. There are several solutions can used to overcome the
problem eccentric behavior. We must build positive
mind so it will form a healthy soul and a sense to be
grateful to live in accordance with nature.
1. In the family should go through life with a sense of
togetherness and educated as well as example of good
against family member, so as to create a good person and
not deviate from social values and norms of life.
2. Psychic a teen was very dependent from the surronding
environment changes, especially the family enviroment.
Thus, dont cause behavior deviates from a teen.
3. Eccentric behavior should be avoided and eliminated from
someone. We must study the behavior doesnt deviate by
thinking positive and we should be grateful life.
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