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RIN Detergent: To Position or

Group 8
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Company Overview
Level Brothers Pakistan Limited a subsidiary of Level Brothers
Marketed a diverse product line in Pakistan consisting of shampoos,
skin and shaving creams, edible oils, toilet soaps, laundry detergents
in powder and solid bar forms
Market share in 1988 had grown by
Laundry soap 5%
NSD detergent 12%
NSD bar markets 29%
RIN introduced in 1984 as a laundry detergent bar
Only NSD bar in the market

Year Total Sales
(in tonnes)
Sales(Component wise
In tonnes
Growth Retail Sales price
1988 263050 247000 Laundry Soap 5 Rs. 10-15 /kg
14500 NSD Powder 12 Rs. 20-48 /kg
1550 NSD Bar 29 Rs. 3.25/125gms
Year Total Sales
(in tonnes)
Sales(Component wise
Breakup) %
Growth Retail Sales price
1988 60,000 Hard Soaps - 80 5 Rs. 20-40 /kg
Bars - 12 3 Rs. 25-40 /kg
160 Liquid dish wash
Early promotional strategies
Advertising and promotional budget estimated at 5.7 million
Media advertising showed RIN being introduced from the heaven
by thunder and lightening
Lightening emphasized the brightness attribute of RIN
A 0.50 price off campaign 1984
Discount of Re.1 on two RIN bars on submitting
newspaper coupons 1985
A Rs.0.70 price off campaign - 1985
Promotional shows were organized
After 1985, no promotional schemes were introduced

Focus shifted to Media advertising and Trade discounts
New media campaign introduced targeted against laundry soaps
Brought in a movie star to endorse RIN as being a superior fabric
washing product
Trade promotion - One free bar for every dozen bars
Distribution of leaflets
This led to successful relaunch of RIN in 1987
Sales touched 1000 tonnes mark
Distributors margin increased to 0.39%

Results of consumer survey conducted by DRB on consumer
perception of RIN:
Used solely for fabric washing 15%
Used for dish washing 65%
Used for both fabric and dish washing 20%

Blue colour of the soap associated with dish washing bars
Retailer did not shelf RIN in the laundry soap section
RIN was positioned under the assumption that Indias and Pakistans
market structures were similar
Option 1:

RIN as a Fabric Washer only

Maintain and reinforce current brand position
Capitalize on RIN is the only NSD bar in the market
Cost Implication
Change packaging
Change soap bar colour
Revamp advertising strategy
Option 2:

RIN as a Dish Washer only

Focus on this segment as it actually generates sales
Repositioning of brand
Cost Implication
Total variable cost reduced by 33%
Expense on packaging and advertisement
Trade promotions
Option 3:

RIN as a Dish Washer and Fabric Washer

Targets both utilities
Reposition and differentiate RIN uniquely from competing
Caters to full customer base
Cost Implication
Least expense involved
Expense only on packaging and advertisement
Option 3

RIN as a Fabric Washer and Dish Washer


Reinforce the brand as a fabric washer


Market the product as a dish washer