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Feedback Italia S.p.A.

Software house
which plans and develops

Softwares for Interactive

Video communication over

IP protocol

Feedback Italia S.p.A.
Video Contact Center
Is the web release of easymeeting that allows - through the web browser - the
communication in audio and video between two users

The goal is to obtain a video contact center for remote users

A new way to communicate with your customers that is simple, fast and independent
from the physical location in which your partners are.

Use case list:

Pre-sales contact
After sales support
Customer care
Customer loyalty program
Specialist support
Video Contact Center
desktop conception
In its desktop conception, the service refers to the top customers of
insurance and bank branches

By using a simple PC equipped with webcam and microphone, users
can enjoy the service directly from their desk.

They connect in a dedicated session One-to-One with a company
expert, available for specialist advice, for further details or real time

..And all from your own PC with the security that comes from the use
of the most modern encryption algorithms.

Video Contact Center
totem modality
The application offers the possibility to set
info points in different places as like as hall,
agencies, stores, to use the video contact
center interactively through standard
hardware desks or external totem.

In this case the consultation service will be
related to the general public to show new
products and get further information
without going in one of the companys office.

Video Contact Center
how it works
Videocontactcenter sessions are
easymeeting calls in One-to-
One mode between an user and
a dedicated operator.
The session is managed by a
server and an Access Call
Distribution mechanism.

A service center receives the call
from the remote users PC and
gives it to the queue to be
processed by operators.
Totem 2
Totem 1
Totem 3
PC 1
PC 2
PC 3
Service Center
Operator 1
Operator 2
Operator 4
Operator 3
Call waiting 1
Call waiting 2
Call waiting i
Call waiting n
Video Contact Center
how it works
The operator sends customized document,
see the database and extract data, perform
the data-flow analysis and have a complete
control of digital data as well as assists the
user during the web browsing

The user gets a full assistance and a clear and direct
relation with the company or the institution. This is a way to
implement loyalty strategies for users and to help their
needs to be informed as well as to assist totally both the
top client and the most fussy one.

Video Contact Center
The user calls a video
contact center of a products
companys directly from
his own desk.
The automatic mechanism
that manages the queue
forwards the call to the first
available operator who is in
charge to provide assistance
to the user, according to his

Video Contact Center
At any time the operator can send
graphics, presentations or extrapolate
data on which to base his own analysis
for a consulting that is completely
dedicated , confidential and oriented
to the customers loyalty.

After the interaction, the operator inserts
the notes related to the conversation
just carried out. These information flow in
the central database from which you
can get all kind of statistics and data
about the use of the instrument.
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of the product.
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