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Appraisal 101

Augusto B. Agosto
Real Estate Appraiser & Broker
Sales Partners General Assembly
Goldmine Residences
Soong, Lapulapu City
September 5, 2014
Topic Outline
1. Importance of Appraisal
2. How appraisal helps Brokers/Agents
- Comparable Market Analysis
3. Conclusion

What is Appraisal?
Real estate appraisal or property
valuation is the process of
developing an estimate of the value of
a real property . It includes all of the
research, data, reasoning, analysis,
and conclusions necessary to arrive
at a value estimate.
It is a detailed process and guided by the
standards set by International Valuation
Standard (IVS), Philippine Valuation
Standard and Generally Accepted
Valuation Principles (GAVP)

On Value
Zonal Value - is a value placed on real estate
based on where it is located by the BIR
Assessment value - the financial worth placed on
a property by the town or citys assessors office for the
purpose of determining the tax due said property
Market Value - estimated amount for which a property
should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer
and a willing seller in an arms length transaction
1.Market Data
Comparative Market Analysis
Choose comparable and
make adjustments-
superior and inferior. If a
comps is superior to the
subject property a
downward adjustment is
made to the sale, and if a
comps is inferior to the
subject property an
upward adjustment is
COMPS House 1 House 2 House 3
Size +10 % - 10 % -20 %
Location + 20 % + 10 % +10 %
Frontage - 10% - 10 % -10%
Features + 10 +20% -15%
Total Adjustments +-
Comparative Market Analysis
Size +10 % - 10 % -20 %
Location + 20 % + 10 % +10 %
Number of Units - 10% - 10 % -10%
Amenities + 10 +20% -15%
Total Adjustments +-
Map of Lapulapu
Economic Principles
that affects Value
Principle of Anticipation- The principle of anticipation holds
that value is simply a function of the present worth of future benefits, that is, people
are paying current dollars for future benefits.
Principle of Balance- relates both to the property as
well as the environment in which the property is located.
Principle of Progression- holds that the worth of a
residence of less expensive will tend to be increased by being in association
with residences of higher one in the same area. The opposite of the
Principle Of Regression.
There are no "guesstimates" when it
comes to appraisal.

In our real estate profession where
TRUST is the most important aspect, a
real estate professional-broker and
agents, should recommend in acquiring
the services of a licensed appraiser.
Contact an Appraiser
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