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Entrepreneurship (BMBE5003)

Business Plan(Investigator DSLR)

Prepared For :
Pn. Siti Syuhada bt Abdul Rahman

Created by :
Muhammad Farhan Naim bin Aini 12BI01067
Mohamad Yazid Hazim Abdullah Khairani 12BI01079
Abdul Musawwir Mohd Anuar 12BI01115
Mohd Asriff bin Abdul Samatt 12BI01118

Executive Summary
Berjaya Global & Gadget Sdn. Bhd. provides tools of
investigation for military and defences purpose.
Our main objectives are to become the market leader in
the production and distribution of tools of investigation in
Malaysia, and as a source of reference for Bumiputera
A total start up cost of RM500,000.00 with RM33,000.00
to be used as operating funds in the first month

Company Background
Name of the Company : Berjaya Global & Gadget Sdn.
Business address : No 8, Jalan Seri Putra 3/11, Bandar
Seri Putra, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Correspondence Address : No 8, Jalan Seri Putra 3/11,
Bandar Seri Putra, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Telephone Number : 03-61516991

Form of business : Private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.)
Nature of business: Berjaya Global & Gadget Sdn. Bhd.
is a private company that focuses on supplying high
technology devices for spying purpose. We specialize in
providing the latest technology for spying purpose.
Date of commencement : 25
December 2014
Date of registration : 25
May 2014
Registration number : A-300137
Initial (own) capital : RM 500,000.00
Name of bank : RHB Islamic Bank
Bank account number: 1207241045721
Berjaya Global & Gadget Sdn. Bhd. would like to offer
you an Investigator DSLR.
It has 3 extra features which are binocular
function, walkie-talkie and cctv camera.
No Functions Descriptions
1. Camera To take picture
2. Binocular To view long range
3. Walkie-talkie For communication
4. Cctv (mirco chip size) To monitor and record

Focus our target market to the government
agencies only
Suitable if its are being use by enforcement
officer target market with Ministry of Defence and
Ministry of Home Affairs


no single company that had or ever come up
with such idea
Business Model

Our company would like to offer you our
latest invention, Investigator DSLR.
We choose this product because we want
to create something new that never been
done by any local company, and also
contribute something to our country.

Marketing Strategies

Product strategy
Pricing strategy
Promotion strategy