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A Message given by

Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

through his Autobiography
An Autobiography of Abdul Kalam
Wings of Fire
When troubles come try to understand the
relevance of your sufferings, adversity
always present opportunities for
I feel convinced that there exists a divine
power that can lift one up from confusion
misery, melancholy and failure and guide
one to one true place
Desire when it tends from heart & spirit it is pure and
intense posses awesome electro magnetic energy this
energy is released in to the ether each night,as mind
falls sleep state each morning it returns to conscious
state reinforces with cosmic currents that which has
been imaged will surely and certainly be manifested
Swami Shiva Nanda
To succeed in life and achieve results you must
Understand and master 3 mighty forces
Belief &

Any thing can happen if it is desired intensely
& be absolute certain
Those things that hurt, instruct

Benjamin Franklin
One should never worry about ones future
prospects instead, it was more important to lay
sound foundations to have sufficient
enthusiasm & accompanying passion for ones
choosen field of study
Choice should articulate ones inner feelings
and aspirations
For all your days prepared
& meet them ever alike
When youre the anvil there,
When youre the hammer strike
Freedom with responsibility is the only
sound basis for personal happiness
A leader can only be free to lead his team when he
keeps a burst of all happening around him in real time

To be a successful team leader one has to stay back
after the tin and clutter of a working of the day
to merge a better equip and ready to face a new day
To strength personal freedom the main 2
techniques are
By building your own education and skills,
knowledge is a tangible asset quite often most
important tool in your work

The more update knowledge you posses the fear

Knowledge cannot be taken by any one except
through obsolescence
(ii) To develop a passion for personal

The sovereign way to personal freedom is
To help determine the forces that determine
Work for the things you believe in, if you dont
you are surrending your fate to others
The biggest problem Indian youth faced, I felt is
lack of vision ,a lack of direction then I decided
to write about the circumstances and people
who made me what am today

To succeed in your mission,
you must have single minded commitment
Total commitment is the common denominator
among all successful men and women.
The difference between a energetic and
confused person is the way they handle their
Man needs his difficulties so that he can enjoy
his successes
All of us carry some sort of super intelligence
within us Let it be stimulated to examine our
Deepest thoughts, desires and beliefs.
The idea was not merely to pay tribute to
some individuals or highlights certain aspects of
my life
What I want to say is-----

No one how ever poor, underprivileged
need feel dishearten of life

Problems are a part of life, suffering is the
Essence of life

Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter
whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.
As some one say------

God has not promised sky is always blue
Flowers troop path ways all our life through

God has not promised sun with out flame
Joy with out sorrow, peace with out pain
I will not be prism to enough to say my life can
be a role model for any body but sum poor
child living in a obscure place in an under
privilege social setting may find a little solace
in the way my destiny has been shaped
It could help such children liberate themselves
from illusory backwardness & hopelessness
irrespective of where they are right now they
should be aware that
God is with them if he is with them then
who is against them

" Let not thy winged days be spent in vain
When once gone ,no gold can buy them again "-


let us all join our hands and work together...
let there arise many more Kalams
and take India to unprecedented glory.
Agni and Prithvi will always inspire,
Our Ignited minds on courageous Endeavour,
Only a prayer, that may we never tire,
As India, soars higher and higher
On our united Wings of fire.
Madhukar Anand
let the latent fire in the heart of every Indian acquire wings
& the glory of this Great Country light up the sky

I Salute my Flag it makes me Proud
Am an Indian it says out Loud

The ashoka chakra blue on white
wings for Progress lying the hard
Anila Divakaruni