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Discovery Learning can be defined as

the learning that takes place when the
student is not presented with subject
matter in the final form, but rather is
required to organize it him self.
The Discovery Learning more emphasis
on the discovery of concepts or principles
that were previously unknown.
(Lefancois Emetembun,

In applying the method of Discovery Learning

teachers act as mentors to provide the
opportunity for students to learn actively, as the
opinion of the teacher should be able to guide
and direct the learning activities of students
based on the objectives. Such conditions would
like to change the teaching and learning
activities are teacher-oriented to studentoriented.

(Sardiman, 2005:145)

In Discovery Learning, should the teacher must

give his chance to be a problem solver, a
scientist, historian, or mathematicians.
Teaching materials are not presented in its final
form, but students are required to undertake
various activities to gather information,
compare, categorize, analyze, integrate,
reorganize the material and make conclusions.

(Budiningsih, 2005:41).

Advantages of Discovery Learning

Help students to improve and enhance the
skills and cognitive processes. Discovery efforts
are key in this process, a person depending on
how learning.
The knowledge obtained through this method is
very personal and powerful because strengthen
understanding, retention and transfer.
Cause of pleasure on students, because the
growing sense of investigating and

(Syaodih, 85:2001).

Advantages of Discovery Learning

Centered on students and teachers alike active
role issuing ideas. Even teacher can act as a
student, and as a researcher in the discussion
Help students eliminate skepticism (doubts)
because it leads to certain truths and the final
or definitive.
Students will understand the basic concepts
and ideas better.
Encourage students to think and work on their
own initiative.
(Syaodih, 85:2001)

Advantages of Discovery Learning

Encourage students to think and formulate
hypotheses own intuition.
The learning process includes aspects fellow
students leading to the formation of the whole
Increasing the level of awards to students;
The possibility of students learning by using a
variety of learning resources.
Can develop their talents and skills of

(Syaodih, 85:2001)

Weaknesses of Discovery Learning

This method raises the assumption that there is
a readiness of mind to learn.
This method is not efficient to teach a lot of
students, because it takes a long time to help
them find a theory or solving other problems.
Expectations contained in this method can be
dispersed dealing with students and teachers
who are familiar with the past ways of learning .

(Dalyono, 1996:41)

Weaknesses of Discovery Learning

Teaching discovery is more suitable to develop
understanding, while developing aspects of
concepts, skills and overall emotional received
less attention.
In some disciplines, such as science lacking
facilities to measure the ideas presented by the
Does not provide opportunities to think that will
be discovered by the student because teacher
had chosen first.

(Dalyono, 1996:41)

The Steps of Operation

Preparation Steps
2. Implementation
a) Stimulation (stimulation / arousal
b) Problem statement (statement / identification
c) Data collection (Collection of Data)
d) Data Processing (Data Processing)
e) Verification (Proof)
f) Generalization (draw conclusions /
3. Assessment System