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Marketing and PR Presentation

Band Profile
Name: Piedmont Television
Age: 23-25
Album: Force of Conviction
Previous releases: 9th Street (2011), South Carolina (2012), Cosmic
Genre: Indie Rock
Style: Chilled, Relaxed,
Contemporaries: Two Door Cinema Club, Bombay Bicycle Club

What are the objectives for this project?
Get the band known across the UK for the release of the first album as this would help them to become
more popular and then will sell more albums.

Who do you want to target?

Target audience is males and females between the ages of 18-25 as this is the kind of audience who
would listen to an indie rock band.

How many records do you want to sell?

6000 album sales in a year. I think this is a good target because the band isnt very well known, but
hopefully when people who listen to TDCC will hear the band, they will like it because it has a similar
genre to them.

What would make this a successful exercise?

For Piedmont Television, a successful target would be to sell the amount of records they targeted for as
this will help the band to know that they are going to be successful as they know people are buying the
records because they like their music. What would also be good is to get known by a wider audience
because this will have some potential to be picked up by the media which would result in more promotion.
As a future target, it would be ideal if they were to either be a support act for a currently famous band, who
has a similar style of music because they would be playing to an audience who likes that genre, or go on
tour themselves, although I think that realistically a support act would be ideal as they wont be
very well known yet.
Playing small gigs around the UK would be good as it would help to start them off in becoming
a bigger success.

Who is the audience for this band?
The target audience for my band is primarily females, with a secondary audience of males who like the
relaxed, chilled music that indie bands provide. I think that these are the type of people who would listen
to the indie rock genre.

What age are they?

16-25 for both sexes. Targeting the younger audience is risky as there are already a lot of bands currently
out there who aim at the same audience.

What do they look like?

They would typically wear black skinny jeans, bright t-shirts and baggy jumpers with lots of arm jewellery.
There would also be another type audience who like the band, they would just be normal people who just
like the band, but dont dress accordingly.

Who else do they like?

Bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand

What media will you use and why? Be specific about the
platforms you will use.
What magazines might they get in to?
NME would be the number one magazine that they would feature in
because its music based and similar bands are often featured in it too, so I
think that this would be a good choice. Its also a popular magazine
because it is read by a lot of music fans, so if they to be seen in there, it
would also get them more publicity. Kerrang would also be another good
choice as it is also a popular magazine read by a lot of fans.

What TV channels would they be on?

The band would be featured on some music channels such as MTV, MTV
Rocks, The Vault and also Viva. These channels are more likely to feature
indie rock bands then channels like Scuzz and Clubland. Hopefully when
they become more successful they would be guests on shows like Sunday
Brunch and play on the show, this would help them with publicity.

Which radio stations would play their music?

Stations such as BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, Capital and XFM are likely to
play the bands music on them as those stations are listened to by my
target audience as well wider audiences. This would help to get them
known a lot more as you would get a larger audience listening to their

Who would they give interviews to?

I think that the band would probably be interviewed by radio stations like
Radio 1 and Capital as these are the stations that are likely to do artist

Which forms of social media would you use and how would you use social media?
I would use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the band name as these sites are used by lots
of artists and will help the fans to follow what the band is doing. These sites are typically used by my target audience, so it
would be ideal to use them to promote the band. On these sites would include information about the band as well as images
and videos which show you their everyday lives as a band, including some backstage viewings. This helps to get the
audience feel connected with the band. YouTube is also another good social media as you are able to watch music videos
by the band and comment on them. Links to these videos would be good on Twitter because it would get seen by anyone
who follows the band, and they are the people who are more likely to watch the videos.
With Twitter, I would probably introduce video or question hours which would include the band receiving questions from the
fans and then they would answer them in a video. By using words such as askpiedmont with a(hashtag), anything wrote
with the words would be sent to the band, and they are able to answer questions from the fans. This will get a lot of people
tuning into the videos, even if they havent asked a question as they
would be able to find out some information about the band, which will
help them feel like they know them personally. Instagram is also a
good media form as it is also used a lot by my target audience. The
band would be able to post images of what they are doing. By
creating a band account, theyll be able to post pictures of the band,
rehearsals and appearances etc. Each member would also have their
own account which would include more personal images such as
selfies and what they had for breakfast, more regular things.
Competitions would also be a good idea as this would get fans
excited about winning. Merchandise would be a good thing to win
and by promoting the competitions on Twitter, itll get people talking
about it. Things such as t-shirts and wristbands are a good thing to
win as they will have the band name on it and this will help to
promote themselves further.

What merchandise would you use to promote this band?
I would like to use merchandise such as T-shirts and posters to promote my band as these are two of the
most popular merchandise that people would buy. By selling T-shirts, other people in the public are likely
to see the band name and may go and search for them. Wristbands are also a good choice because they
are a lot cheaper than T-shirts so would be more affordable and more people would buy them. I would
keep the design very plain as you need to be able to read the band name and I think that simple is better
because you can dress it up then.
Posters will be very popular as they are cheap and affordable. Fans will be able to put them up and they
are quite personal in a way. With the competitions, they would have a chance to win a signed poster or
free T-shirt, with the signed merchandise, it would be very valuable because the band would have been
personally involved in it.

Manage the message

What is the message you want to communicate about this band?
I want to introduce a new band to the public because there isnt as many Indie Rock bands out today as
other genres so I think that it would be good to have something different. There are various pop bands
and artists currently very popular in the charts and I think that people need to hear different kinds of
music. I want people to know that the band is new and exciting as I know that this will get people
interested in them. As the band are young and starting their career, they will be more popular than a band
of older members.

What is the main selling point of the band and the album?
The fact that they are a new band will get people interested and listening to their songs and if they like
them, they will tell someone about them. Word of mouth is a good technique even if its only heard to a
small group of people as the name will get recognised by the public.

Every marketing and PR campaign uses hyperbole. Its role is to make things seem better
than they really are by using exaggeration and emotive words or imagery.
What are the words you will use? What words will help you sell and will appeal to your
Words such as best band indicate that they are going to be very successful as people would have been
praising them and their music. By getting quotes from newspapers and other people, this would help raise
their profile and by choosing the correct words like outstanding and inspirational; it will help them to get
more fans.
Exaggeration is used a lot as it helps to grab the public and gets them interested. I would only want to use
honest opinions as they are the ones that count the most.

What events would you put on as part of the promotion of this band and album?
As they wouldnt be very well known, playing small gigs would help to raise their profile. Playing at gigs of around 100
people would be good as this will also get the band used to playing in those situations.

Would they play small secret gigs?

Small gigs would be ideal because they could play to smaller crowds as they might not be used to performing in large areas
and it will give them chance to practise with all of the professional equipment.

Would they appear for a signing in a flagship record store?

Eventually they would appear in record shops and signings but whilst they are unknown, not many people are likely to turn
up at the beginning, although once they are well known, they would certainly make appearances. The signing would also be
personal to the fans so it would make them feel a stronger connection with the band.

Would they play on TV chat shows?

Chat shows like Alan Carr and Sunday Brunch would be ideal for them to feature on as theses shows are very popular and
are watched by a variety of age groups. Alan Carr tends to feature celebrities that are very well known, so they would
probably only feature when they were very successful. Shows like Sunday Brunch would be ideal to start as they have a
band performing at the end of the show so this slot would be good for the band.

Would they go on a huge arena tour?

In the future, I would like to see them go on arena tours as this will show how successful they are, although I think that to
start off, smaller gigs are better because it helps the band to get a feel of what it would be like in a larger arena, and with the
professional equipment and setup.

What other events and happenings could you create to raise the public profile of the band?
Holding charity events might be a good way of raising the bands profile, by holding a small gig where people
can buy tickets for a small some, then donating that money to charity. It will get the band known as well as
showing the public that they also look out for other people.


Internal motivation
What is the motivation behind this project?
The motivation for this project would be to become more successful and well known through other
businesses. If they are successful, other businesses may become interested in my business so might be
able to do another project together which means there would be twice as much experience being brought
to the project. Money would also be another motivation because the amount of success the band bring
means more money for the business which would help to get them more known and then get some profit
from other projects.

What is it an important project for you?

This is an important project because I see it as something that will become successful, which is very
important because it will get the name out there and be known by the public. This will then generate a
highly successful career which is what I want to gain from this project. Once this project has finished, it will
give me a chance to do something completely different which shows that I am able to focus on different

Why is it an important project for the band?

It is an important project for the band because it will give them the career that they have been striving for.
It will get them known by the public and other music businesses, which will have a positive effect on them
as they might be able to work with other artists, boosting their career further.


Motivation of media
Why would the media be interested in this project?
I think the media would be interested in this project because as they are a new and upcoming band, the
media would want to find information about them, so they would possibly interview them or research them
to find this information. The public will then read about them and maybe become fans. I think that anything
new that appears, the media want to know about it as they like to have the first word on the subject and
then they will get recognised for introducing them into the public eye.

Which parts of the media or media products (be specific) would be interested in the project?
Magazines and online blogs would be particularly interested as they are a young band, so their audience
are more likely to be online or reading magazines. Magazines such as Kerrang might feature a small
article about them and their upcoming fame, whereas online sites such as Twitter and Facebook might
promote them by making fan pages or accounts which will help their fame.


Promotional Materials
Now you have the plans in place, choose some of the following items to produce for your

Album packaging

T-shirt design

Tour poster

Web site mock up

Social Media Mock up