Nando’s is a themed casual South African dining restaurant with a profound Portuguese/Mozambican look. . feel and taste.

South African Founded in 1987 Originating from a Mozambican-Portuguese community Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin purchased Chickenland and renamed it to Nando’s .Nando’s History Rosttenville.

The Nando’s logo is derived from the Barcelo rooster. .

” .“My father taught me that nothing is more important than keeping your promise. The Nando’s Escudo is a symbol of my promise to give you the excellent quality and flavour you have come to expect from Nando’s.


Despite the fact that your favourite periperi flame grilled chicken can be ordered in Nando’s restaurants worldwide. the lighthearted. What’s more.” Thulani Mahlangu. irreverent way it addresses these issues has endeared it to the public. they always remain true to their heritage. Brand Manager . enabling it to forge a rare and special connection with consumers. Daring comments on social issues are a part of Nando’s heritage “Because we’re willing to comment on all aspects of life – from politics to celebrities – we’ve been able to enter arenas usually closed to other brands.

” .“It’s not something we often crow about. but here at Nando’s we get fired up with the same pride and passion for doing the right thing as we do for making great chicken.

together with other corporations and organisations.Malaria kills a child in Africa every thirty seconds and close onto one million people each year. developed a bracelet aimed at raising awareness and money for the fight against Malaria . Nando’s has enthusiastically supported the United Against Malaria campaign for the past few years. Nando’s.

With every 10 bracelets sold. The bracelets are made by a group of ladies in Khayelitsha. . a child is gifted with a net. employment opportunities are created as well as skills training. in this way.

As an ongoing practice of CSR engagement activities during the month of Ramadan – they have launched a very appropriate Ramadan Platter.Nando’s Bangladesh organized an initiative titled ‘Giving Back to the Society’. .

Nando’s is passionate about their local communities. where Nando’s collaborate with local artists in order to create Nando’s inspired art for display inside the restaurants . on-going local support and providing people with the opportunity to realize their full potential The Nando’s Worldwide Art Initiative is run all over the world.

Nando’s South Africa partnered with Relate in order to help raise funds and awareness through the sale of beaded bracelets These beaded bracelets support the Amy Biehl Foundation and proceeds go towards helping the youth in challenged environments. .

. Nando’s UK supports various fuel and energy efficiency projects.In terms of the reduction of electricity and fuel consumption. Waste cooking oil is processed into bio-fuel that is used to power the restaurants generator – fulfilling all the power needs within the restaurant.

Nando’s was able to successfully launch this campaign aimed at educating the public on reusable bags and its usage during shopping.Together with the Malaysian Nature Society and Melinda Looi. .

the porcelain is 100% lead free – with minimal wastage. .Nando’s Bangladesh launched their environmentally friendly crockery line earlier this year in an effort to ‘heal the world we live in’ The crockery. is produced with 79% less carbon emissions. sourced from a UK company.

In a generation dominated by fast foods of unhealthy and often questionable quality. . They pride themselves on not only their delicious peri-peri chicken but also their respectable and reputable social and environmental status. Nando’s dominates by offering its authentic taste experience.

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