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By: Group 1
MLS 2- A

What is Unemployment?
Unemployment occurs when people are without jobs and
they have actually looked for work within the past four
International Labor Organization
Unemployment is defined as a situation where someone of
working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in
full time employment.
Teiyan Pettinger

Types of Unemployment:

Demand Deficient Unemployment

Structural Unemployment
Real Wage Unemployment
Frictional unemployment
Voluntary Unemployment

Causes of Unemployment:

High population growth

Absence of employment opportunities
Seasonal employment
Slow developing of economic industries
Insufficient rate of economic progress

Positive Effects of
It can give workers the time and incentive to pursue new
career avenues and education.
Workers who are laid off may have the access to benefits
that make up for a part or all of the income they lost for a
certain amount of time.

Negative Effects of

Mental health
Health diseases
Tension at home
Political issues
Tension over taxes rise
Insecurity amongst employees
Crime and violence

Negative Effects of

Suicide cases
Social outing
Standard of leaving
Employment gaps
Loss of skills usage

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Updates: Asia

Statistical Updates: Philippines