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Major Companies Based in

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Singapore , a small Southeast Asia island
with only 704 square kilometer’s area
without any natural resources, constantly
surprises the world with its excellent
performance. With numbers of Singapore
based companies ranks into the world’s top
players in their respective fields, its
ambitious merchant empire territory comes
into form.
Aetos Security Management
• AETOS is a one-stop security service provider, which
specializes in armed protection services for key installations
and strategic industries, such as the airports, ports and key
installations in the defense industry.
• A fully owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings since 1 April
2004 as a result of government’s incentive in revamping the
local armed security service sector.
Services Provided by Aetos Security Management

• Professional Armed and Unarmed Security Services

• Security management and alarm monitoring services through
the state-of-the-art 24-hour Joint Operations Centre
• Training and Consultancy Services
• Provision, Customization, Commissioning and Maintenance of
Integrated Security Systems
Aspial Corporation

• The only listed jewellery corporation specialized in

contemporary fashion jewellery.
• Owns the Aspial, Lee Hwa, Goldheart and Citigems brands
• Lee Hwa (27 retail stores), Leader in contemporary jewellery.
Specialized in Purplegold range of products as well as its
Destinee series.
• Goldheart (24 retail stores), offers a wide range of high quality
jewelry pieces for the modern discerning consumer. High
standard and forefront of fashion trend
• Citigems, cheap, targets at younger adults and at cheaper
Aurigin Technology

• Aurigin Technology is in the business of design, development

and manufacture of automation machines and manufacturing
solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Smart
Labels / RFIDs as well as for new developmental products
such as Optoelectronics, MEMS, Photonics industries etc.
Bee Cheng Hiang

• Produces Asian-style foodstuff, especially that of Singaporean

Cuisine. Started in 1933 in Singapore. Now owns 28 outlets in
Singapore and 48 outlets located in Malaysia, China, Hong
Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines.
• Famous products, Bakkwa, Smoked and roasted strips of pork.
• A listed bakery based in Singapore and was founded in April
• Selling a wide range of bread, cakes, buns and pastries.
• Currently has 24 outlets in Singapore, and more than 20
shops oversea
• Signature food items are chicken and pork floss buns.
• Distinct ‘see thru’ kitchens feature contribute to its fast growth
and success.

• Listed Southeast Asia’s largest property

• Operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan,
China, Thailand and India.
• President and CEO Liew Mun Leong
graduated from NUS civil engineering in
Group structure
• Real Estate
• CaptiaLand Commercial and Integrated Development Limited
• CapitaLand Residential
• --Australand (listed, 53.3% ownership)
• CapitaLand Retail Limited
• Raffles Holdings (listed, 58.9% ownership)
• Hospitality
• The Ascott Group (listed, 67.9% ownership)
• Financial Services
• CapitaLand Financial
• --CapitaMall Trust (listed, 33.9% ownership)
• --CapitaCommercial Trust (listed, 37.4% ownership)
Ascott Residence Trust (listed)
Changi International Airport Services
• CIAS was incorporated in December 1977 as an independent
ground handling company providing professional ground
handling services to a diverse clientele of 25 international
airlines at Singapore Changi Airport.
• In June, 2005, CIAS was bought by DNATA Group based in
Dubai with Temasek Holdings remaining shareholding.
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing

• World’s fourth largest dedicated independent semiconductor

• Listed on SGX and NASDAQ.
• Offers leading-edge technologies down to 90 nanometer (nm),
enabling today’s system-on-chip designs
• Alliance with IBM, AMD, Infeneon, Samsung, Agere
• Main operation in Woodland Industrial Park
• Chartered's customer base is primarily high-growth,
technologically advanced companies operating in the
communication, computer and consumer sectors
• Provide comprehensive wafer fabrication services and
technologies to semiconductor suppliers and system
• Chartered’s strategy is based on open and comprehensive
design enablement solutions, manufacturing enhancement
methodologies, and a commitment to flexible sourcing.
CISCO Security Private Limited

• One of the three commercial security companies authorised to

provide armed security officers
• Fully-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings
• An department of Singapore Police Force(SPF) branched out
as the commercial and Industrial Security Corporation.
City Developments Limited

• Listed international property and hotel conglomerate involved in real

estate development and investment, hotel ownership and
management, as well as the provision of hospitality solutions.
• Established in 1963, Singapore.
• global presence in over 20 countries spanning Asia, Europe, North
America and Australasia, CDL has more than 250 subsidiaries and
associated companies together with 5 listed companies on notable
stock exchanges.
• CDL is one of the biggest commercial landlords in Singapore with
almost 5 million square feet of lettable office, industrial, retail and
residential space.
• Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (M&C), the London-listed
international hotel arm of CDL, is a dynamic hotel group that owns
and operates over 110 hotels in 18 countries around the world
ComfortDelGro Corporation
• The largest transport company in Singapore, as well as the second largest
in the world
• ComfortDelGro was formed on 29 March 2003 through the merger of two
land transport giants - Comfort Group and DelGro Corporation.
• with a fleet of 39,100 buses, taxis and rental vehicles.
• Operate in Singapore, China, Malaysia,UK, Ireland, Australia, Vietnam.
• overseas ventures account for up to 40% of the company's revenue
• 75% ownership of SBS Transit with more than 2,700 buses on 204 routes
• Owns 3 taxi companies in Singapore, fully owned Confort Transportation
with 10,000 taxis. CityCab with 4,7000 cabs, Yellow-Top Taxis with 890
• In 2003 SBS transit started to run the the
North East Line (NEL) of Singapore
• Also run car rental, automotive
engineering and vehicle inspection,
outdoor advertising, car dealership.
• ComfortDelGro Engineering handles
more than 15,600 taxis, over 3,000
private passenger cars and 2,000
commercial vehicles every month. It is
currently the authorised workshop for
seventeen insurance companies in
• 500 public buses in Shanghai , 640
buses in Austrilia, 35% share of Scottish
• 7800 taxies in China, 4200 taxis in UK.
Creative Technology Limited

• Creative is the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the

personal computer (PC) and the Internet. Creative was founded in
Singapore in 1981 with the vision that multimedia would revolutionize the
way people interact with their PCs.
• Famous for its Sound Blaster sound cards ( commonly known as portable
multimedia player) and for launching the multimedia revolution in 1989.
Creative is now driving digital entertainment on the PC platform with
products like its highly acclaimed ZEN line of digital audio players.
• more than 5,000 employees worldwide.
• CEO and Chairman Sim Wong Hoo.
• The US subsidiary of the company is known as Creative Labs, Inc.; this
name is commonly (but incorrectly) used to refer to the entire company.
• Has labs in Europe and Asia as well. Creative's worldwide corporate
headquarters, Creative Resource, is based in Singapore. Located within the
International Business Park for high-tech industries in Singapore,
• Creative has also gained some attention for a legal battle with media player
rival Apple Inc in 2006.
• Produces sound cards, gaming sound system, CD-ROM, Graphics card,
web-cameras, digital audio players, optimal mice, keyboards.
DBS Bank Limited
• Set up in 1969 as development financing institution led by Singapore
• Currently the Largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets and among the
larger banks in Asia. DBS(HK) is the 5th largest in Hong Kong after
merging Kwong On Bank in 1999 and Dao Heng Bank in 2001.
• Operates in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonisia, Japan,
Malaysia, Myanmmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, US.
• Dominate consumer banking, treasury, and market, asset management,
securities brokerage, equity and debt fund raising in Singapore and Hong
• In 1998 merged POSB, giving it a dominant market share with over 4
million customers.
Flextronics International Ltd

• contract electronics maker which provides

electronics manufacturing facilities to original
equipment manufacturers (OEM) listed on
• It also provides supporting supply chain
services, including packaging and
transportation throughout the world, as well as
design and after-sales
• Flextronics have manufacturing operations in
over 30 countries, totaling approximately 15.8
million square feet
• On 4th June 2007, Flextronics offered to
purchase Solectron for US3.6b and thus
making Solectron a subsidiary of Flextronics
• 1969 - Founded in Silicon Valley as Flextronics Inc by Joe McKenzie.
• 1980 - Sold to Bob Todd, Joe Sullivan, and Jack Watts as the new owners.
Todd became CEO.
• 1981 - Becomes the first U.S. manufacturer to go offshore by setting up a
manufacturing facility in Singapore.
• 1987 - Went public.
• 1990 - Return to private in a leveraged buyout and is reorganized as
Flextronics International Ltd., with Singapore as its new base.
• 1994 - Went public for the second time. Michael Marks became CEO in
January 1994.
• 1996 - Closed its contract electronic manufacturing plant in Richardson,
Texas. Acquired two companies in Hong Kong - the Astron Group and
FICO Plastics Ltd. and the Ericsson Business Networks production facility
in Karlskrona, Sweden
• 1998 - Annual revenue surpasses $1 billion in fiscal 1998 ending March
31, 1998.
• 2000 - Ranked third on Industry Week's list of '100 Best-Managed
companies .
Fraser and Neave Limited
• Singapore based foods and beverages group listed on SGX
• Founded in 1883 as a soft drink base. F&NL ventured into the business of
brewing in 1931, dairies in 1959 and glass bottle manufacturing in 1972,
property development and management in 1990 and publishing & printing
in 2000.
• F&N has established itself as a leader in the Food & Beverage arena in
Singapore and Malaysia since the 1930s.
Remarkable Achievement

• Asia Pacific Breweries– Produces Tiger Beer as well as Heineken , Anchor

Beer, Baron's, and ABC Stout.
• F&N Foods– Manufacturer of fresh milk, pasteurize juice and tea ice
cream and other dairy products under brands like F&N Magnolia, F&N
Farmhouse, F&N Daisy, F&N Fruit Tree Fresh and F&N Nutritea.
• F&N Holdings Berhad, F&N Coca-Cola– Manufactures Coca-Cola and
F&N branded soft drinks such as F&N, 100Plus and F&N Seasons in
Malaysia. The company also manufactures, distributes and sells dairy
products under F&N's stable of brands
• Full subsidiary Frasers Centrepoint is among the top three developer in
• Fully owns Singapore’s biggest publishing and printing company—Times
Hyflux Limited

• Founded in 1989 as Hydrochem (S) Private Limited,

a trading company selling water treatment systems in Singapore, Malaysia
and Indonesia and later, China.
• Best known for being largely responsible for the technology behind
Singapore's water recycling plants, whose output has been named
• Hyflux technologies are based in the use of Semipermeable membranes
and reverse osmosis and are capable of extracting potable water from
residual, seweage and salt waters. Consumer products like water dispensers
that extract humidity from the air, tap filters and water pitchers are also
• Listed on SESDAQ January 2001 , and ungraded to SGX mainboard in
2003 as the first water treatment be first listed in SESDAQ as well as SGX
• Currently operates in Singaporem China, Indonisia, Malaysia, Dubai.
Jetstar Asia Airways Private Limited

• Asian offshoot of low cost

airlines Qantas’ Jetstar
Airways(Thailand). Main
base is Singapore Changi
• Temasek Holdings( 19%),
Qantas(49), Two
Singaporean prominent
business men Tony
Chew(22%) and FF
• Merged Valuair on 24 July
Jurong Port

• Started in 1965. Before being awarded its port

license by the Maritime and Port Authority of
Singapore in 2001, it’s a division under the
JTC Corporation.
• Currently Singapore’s second port operator.
• The Port is well-equipped with facilities and services to handle
containers and a variety of cargo including different types of bulk,
break-bulk, palletized and project cargo
Keppel Corporation Limited

• One of Singapore’s earliest company to regionalize.

• One of Singapore’s biggest multinational company
diversify it’s operations in offshore and marine,
property, infrastructure sectors, investment.
• the Group's geographical presence extends as far as
Germany, USA, the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Brazil and
• Group of commercial media specialized
in television and radio broadcasting,
periodical and newspaper pubulishing
• Runs 6 TV channels and 14 radio
• Fully owned by Temasek Holdings
• Monopoly of free to air-free radio in
MobileOne (M1)

• Founded in 1997 and now is Singapore’s

second telecommunication operator .
• with more than one million customers
• provides a full range of mobile voice and data communications
services over its 2G/3G/3.5G network.
• also provides international call services to both mobile and fixed line
customers. It has partnered operators globally to provide its customers
coverage and roaming services in over 200 countries and territories
• listed on the Singapore Exchange and its current major shareholders
are SunShare Investments Ltd(29.73%), Keppel Telecoms Pte
Ltd(17%) and SPH Multimedia Private Limited(13.94%).
Neptune Orient Lines Limited
• global transportation company, with
core businesses involved in container
transportation and supply
chain management.
• More than 110 container vessels all over the world
• annual revenues of around US$8 billion
• NOL is the largest shipping and logistics company listed on the Singapore
Stock Exchange
• two principal operating brands: APL and APL Logistics.
• APL, has been facilitating world trade since 1848 and is one of the
shipping industry’s leading and most recognized global brands.
• NOL Group also ranks among the world’s leading container terminal
operators with facilities, located in Asia and the Americas, which handled
more than 4 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) in 2006
NTUC FairPrice
• Singapore’s biggest supermarket chain with 180 supermarket and over
over 50 outlets of Cheers convenience islandwide.
• A co-operative of NTUC, Owned by about 500,000 Singaporeans
• Has partnered with Exxionmobil to run several stations with FairPrice
branding at the minimarts at their stations. Purpose to do this is control fuel
price by FairPrice’s riht to set price.
• First established in 1973 to control rising oil and daily price duo to oil
• FairPrice tied up with oil company
ExxonMobil to open FairPrice
Express and Cheers outlets at seven
Esso and Mobil stations as a pilot
project. The station will be run by
NTUC FairPrice Co-operative,
which sets the fuel prices and run the
station's minimart and ExxonMobil will supply the fuel, and will sell its oil
products inside the FairPrice run stations. This pilot project turned out to
be successful, and all the stations will be converted to either FairPrice
Express or Cheers with the co-operative taking over the management of
each station. ExxonMobil also announced that all the stations will be
renamed to Esso by year-end.
• FairPrice launched its FairPrice Plus membership programme in April
2007, offering banking solutions and promotions at all FairPrice
supermarkets islandwide for all supermarket customers.
• FairPrice has ventured into China with seven hypermarket opened in
various places
Osim International Limited
• Established in Singapore in 1980 by
Ron Sim.
• a global leader in branded healthy
lifestyle products. Listed in the
Singapore Stock Exchange
• OSIM operates a wide point-of-sales
network with more than 1,100 outlets in
more than 360 cities over 28 countries in
Asia, Australia,
Africa, the Middle East,
United Kingdom
and North America.
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
• one of Asia's leading financial services groups and one of the largest
financial institutions in the combined Singapore-Malaysia market with total
assets of S$170 billion.
• extensive network of over 420 branches and representative offices in 15
countries and territories including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,
Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Brunei, Myanmar,
Japan, Korea, Australia, UK and USA
• more than 330 branches and offices in Indonesia operated by OCBC
Bank's subsidiary, PT Bank NISP.
• Founded in 1932 by merging the Chinese Commercial Bank Limited
(1912), the Ho Hong Bank Limited (1917) and the Oversea-Chinese Bank
Limited (1919).
OCBC Subsidiaries
• one of the leading stock and futures broking firms in Singapore providing
full brokerage services for equities and derivatives trading.

• the largest asset-based life insurance company in Singapore and

Malaysia, with S$32.4 billion in assets and more than 2 million

• Singapore's first pure Internet bank with a mandate to aggressively pursue

innovative e-Commerce initiatives in the buyer-advocate space.

• the fourth oldest bank in Indonesia. With total assets of Rp 20 trillion

(S$.3.4 billion) as of December 2005. Supported by a distribution
network of over 250 branches and offices and also more than 15,000
shared ATMs nationwide.Bank NISP whose 72.29% shares are owned by
OCBC Bank’s subsidiary

• the largest asset management companies in South-east Asia with total

assets under management of more than S$34 billion
Pacific Internet

• The largest telco-independent Internet

communication Service Provider in the Asia
Pacific region with direct presence in
Singapore,Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia,
India, Malaysia.
• The group runs a round-the-clock IP network
with strong international peering
relationships. Offer integrated access, data,
and value-added services to customers with
interests in commercial centers in Asia and
• Based in Singapore but doesn’t have a big
local market share.
PSA International

• PSA operates 26 port projects in 15 countries across Asia, Europe and the
Americas, with a global capacity of 111 million TEUs over 66km of quay
• The company's flagship operations are PSA Singapore Terminals and PSA
• PSA Singapore Terminals is the world’s largest container transshipment
hub, handling about one-fifth of the world's total container transshipment
throughput, and 6% of global container throughput. It has a network of 200
shipping lines serving 600 ports in 123 countries.
• PSA HNN was formed in 2002 through the merger of two established
terminal operating companies. After the merger, PSA HNN became part of
the PSA group. PSA HNN is PSA’s largest investment in Europe and it
operates terminals in the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam,
handling containers, cars and general cargoes.
Brief history of PSA
• The Port of Singapore Authority was formed on April 1, 1964 to take over
the functions, assets and liabilities of the Singapore Harbour Board.
• On August 25, 1997, a parliamentary bill was passed to corporatise the
Port of Singapore Authority, and PSA Corporation Ltd was corporatised on
October 1, 1997.[1]
• PSA restructured in December 2003, with PSA International Pte Ltd
becoming the main holding company for the PSA Group of companies
Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited
• Singapore based telecommunication service provider owned by Richard Li,
son of Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing
It is also involved in:
• investment and development of properties
• technology-related businesses (Internet and interactive multimedia services)
• computer, engineering and other
technical services,
and hotel operations
. . Operated in China,
India, Singapore,
Hong Kong, Vietnam.
Popular Holdings
• Singapore based company that
publishes, distributes, and retails
books for the local education
market. It has subsidiaries in
countries such as Canada, PRC,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong,
and Republic of China.
• Founded in 1924 as Ching Hing
• In 2005, the company formed a
subsidiary to operate English
schools (bushiban) in Republic
of China to exploit the local
market for English education
Raffles International
• The Singapore based hotel chain in the Raffles Holdings group, which is owned by
Los-Angeles, CA, based Colony Capital, LLC.
• The group manages two brands of hotels under their arm, Raffles and Swissôtel,
with 41 hotels and resorts in 35 destinations, including the historical Raffles Hotel
as the flagship.
• Started in 1989 to oversee the restoration of Raffles Hotel and the restructuring of
raffles city.
• Reopen in 1991, purchased Swissotle chain in 2001, Took over Westin Stamford
and Plaze in2002. In 2005 Faffles Holding announced the sale of the chain to its
current onwer, Colony Capital. The sale included all its 41 hotels and resorts and
also its hotels under development. This
included Raffles Hotel, which is on a
100 year lease to Colony Capital.
• The hotel has developed around 50 food and
beverage concepts in their portfolio
• Ranks the world’s top 20 hotels.
SBS Transit

• formed in 1973 through the merger of three private bus companies and
listed on the then Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES), now known as
SGX, in 1978 as Singapore Bus Service (1978) Limited.
• In November 1997, Singapore Bus Service (1978) Limited was renamed
DelGro Corporation Limited (Now ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited)
and the subsidiary Singapore Bus Services Limited, was separately listed
on the SGX.
• Singapore Bus Services Limited changed its name to SBS Transit Ltd in
November 2001 to reflect its bi-modal status as a bus and rail operator.
• operates 234 route services with a scheduled fleet of more than 2,700
buses. The buses serve 16 interchanges and more than 3,000 bus stops.
• In 2003, SBS Transit started its light rail operations in Sengkang and also
started operating its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, the North East
Line (NEL) in the same year. In 2005, SBS Transit began operating the
Punggol LRT System.
• Their major competitor in Singapore's duopoly transport system is SMRT
Corporation, which also operates bus, rail, taxi and other transport
• SBS Transit currently operates 75% of the scheduled bus market share in
Singapore. 91% of the buses are air-conditioned.
• The North East Line (NEL) is one of the world’s first fully automatic
underground heavy rail systems. Built at a cost of $4.6 billion, the NEL has
16 stations and is 20-km long.
SembCorp Industries Limited
• a leading utilities and marine group. The Group provides centralized
utilities and energy to industrial customers in Singapore, the United
Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East.
• global leader in marine and offshore engineering and also a provider of
environmental management services in the region.
• total assets exceeding S$7 billion and employs more than 8,000 employees
• three core businesses – Utilities, Environmental Management and Marine
& Offshore Engineering.
SIA Engineering Company Limited
• a major provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
services in the Asia-Pacific and is part of the Singapore Airlines Group
• client base of more than 80 international carriers and aerospace equipment
• non-SIA customers contributed approximately 41% of SIA Engineering
Group's business.
• has approvals from 23 national aviation regulatory authorities to provide
MRO services for aircraft
registered in the United
States of America,
major European countries
and Japan among others.
SMRT Corporation
• Singapore’s premier multi-modal public transport service provider offering
integrated transport services island-wide.
• Established in 1987, SMRT has been listed on the Singapore Exchange
since July 2000.
• SMRT Trains operates the 51 stations along the North-South and East-
West lines of the Mass Rapid Transit network. It uses a third rail for power
• SMRT Light Rail operates and manages the 14 stations along the light
railBukit Panjang LRT Line.
• SMRT Buses operates a fleet of more than 800 buses, serving selected
housing estates in northern and north-western Singapore.
• SMRT Taxis manages about 2,000 taxis.
SilkAir (Singapore) Private Limited
• Wholly subsidiary and regional wing of Singapore Air Lines.
• operates scheduled passenger services from Singapore to 26 cities in Southeast
Asia, South Asia and China.
• erves 29 out of 50 short haul destinations in the Singapore Airlines group network,
and flew 1.56 million passengers in 2006. It made a profit of S$30 million, as
turnover rose 20.4% to $415 million.[
• 1
. There are only two classes of cabins available on all flights of SilkAir - Business
and Economy Class
• SilkAir uses DigEplayer, which is a handheld device, as their in-flight
Brief history
• ]
Tradewinds Pte Ltd was formed in 1975 as the tours and
travel arm of Singapore Airlines. Tasked with developing
and wholesaling holiday tours, Tradewinds exclusively
marketed SIA holiday packages in the early 1980s.
• On 21 February 1989, Tradewinds the Airline was
unveiled, catering to passengers holidaying in exotic
destinations in the region, including Pattaya, Phuket,
Hatyai, Kuantan and Tioman. As the carrier developed,
regional business destinations such as Jakarta, Phnom
Penh and Yangon were added
• On 01 April 1992,. Tradewinds was renamed SilkAir.
This change marked the carrier’s evolution from a holiday
resort airline to a full-fledged regional carrier. The
company’s Tours & Travel Division was restructured into
a wholly-owned subsidiary of SilkAir, retaining the name
Tradewinds Tours & Travels Pte Ltd
Singapore Technologies Engineering
• a global defense and engineering group of over 100 subsidiaries in 29
cities in 17 countries. Its customer base covers over 60 countries.
• The US is a key market for the Group. Its growth in this market is
spearheaded by its US headquarters, VT Systems Inc. (VTS), set up in
2001 in Virginia
• Core businesses: Aerospace, Electronics, Land Systems, Marine.
Singapore Telecommunications Limited
• the largest mobile network operator in the Asia Pacific
outside of the People's Republic of China. The Group is
the second largest satellite operator in the Asia Pacific.
• A former government monopoly privatized in 1992,
SingTel divested its postal operation SingPost in 2003 and
now concentrates on providing internet service
provider(SingNet), mobile phonen and fixed line telephony
• largest company listed on the Singapore Exchange with a
market capitalisation of about S$40 billion (US$24 billion)
as of May 2004
• SingTel has launched its pay TV service in July 2007,
named mio TV.
• majority-owned by state investment vehicle Temasek
• Chua Sock Koong serves as its current CEO, having
replaced long-serving CEO Lee Hsien Yang (brother of
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong) in April 2007.
• Serving both the corporate and consumer markets
• In Singapore, SingTel has had more than 128 years of operating experience
and has played an integral part in the development of the city as a major
communications hub in the region.
• In Australia, Optus serves more than six million customers.
• provides direct connections from Singapore to more than 100 countries.
• operates a pan-Asian chain of world-class data centres, providing a suite of
managed hosting telco solutions branded EXPAN.
• employs about 19,000 people worldwide and had a turnover of S$13.15
billion (US$8.41 billion) and net profit after tax of S$3.78 billion
(US$2.42 billion) for the year ended 31 March 2007.
Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA)

• National carrier of Singapore. The world's second largest

carrier by market capitalization. Ranks amongst the top 15
carriers worldwide in terms of revenue passenger kilometers.
The 8th largest airline in Asia and ranked 6th in the world for
international passengers carried. 17th in Fortune'sWorld’s
Most Admired Companies rankings in 2007.
• owns regional airline SilkAir, 49% of the British airline
Virgin Atlantic Airways and 49% of Tiger Airways.
• Temasek Holdings is the majority shareholder with 55%
• strong brand name as a trendsetter in the aviation industry,
particularly in terms of service excellence, innovation, and
safety,[coupled with consistent profitability
• has diversified into ground handling, aviation engineering,
air catering, and travel tour marketing.
• has over 50 subsidiaries and associates
• flies to 65 destinations in 35 countries on five continents from its primary
hub in Singapore
• operates trans-Pacific flights, including two of the world's longest non-stop
commercial flights from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey and Los
Angeles, California on the A340
• SIA's in-flight entertainment system, KrisWorld, was introduced in 1977.
Long-range aircraft using the Wiseman 3000 system offer on-demand
movies, audio and Nintendo games in all classes.
Singapore Airlines Cargo
• fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and was formed in 2001
• the world's third biggest cargo airline in terms of international freight tonne
• managing an 8 billion tonne kilometre capacity through a fleet of 14 all-cargo
aircraft and the cargo holds of 96 passenger aircraft operated by Singapore Airlines
• owns a 25% stake in Great Wall Airlines, a new cargo airline based in Shanghai
• . operates dedicated cargo flights to 36 destinations in 18 countries, of which 25 are
served by both Singapore Airlines passenger aircraft and SIA Cargo aircraft.
• alliance with Lufthansa Cargo, SAS Cargo Group to form WOW Alliance and
Japan Airlines Cargo
Singapore Petroleum Company Limited (SPC)

• Oil company. SPC is involved in the exploration and production of petroleum,

refining, trading and petroleum product distribution.
• Headquartered in Singapore, SPC’s presence in Asia-Pacific includes China, Hong
Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.
• Listed on 25 Oct 1990 on SGX Mainboard. achieved revenue of S$899.6 billion in
2006 and had a market capitalization of S$2.7 billion.
• owns half of the 285,000 barrels per day (bpd) Singapore Refining Company (SRC)
plant, a complex refinery capable of cracking crude oil. The refining of crude oil to
petroleum products remains central to the Group’s operations. Given the
complexity of its refining facilities, SPC is able to refine heavy, medium and light
crudes. SPC buys crudes from some 13 countries with the bulk of its supplies
coming from the Middle East. The API gravity of these crudes range from 18
(mostly heavy/sour crudes) to 45 (mostly light/sweet crudes). In 2006, the Group
processed more than 51 million barrels of crudes through SRC, its jointly-owned
refinery on Jurong Island.
• owns a storage terminal for petroleum products at Pulau Sebarok to support its
marine bunker operations and trading and marketing activities. The 220,000 cubic
metres terminal consisting of 13 tanks is equipped with a deepwater jetty up to
160,000 tonnes displacement.
• SPC is reputed as a reliable supplier of quality aviation fuel in the Asia-Pacific
region with more than 30 years of aviation fuel sales and marketing expertise.
• Retail Sales and Development include a network of 39 service stations in
Singapore, 28 of which were taken over from BP when BP was exiting the retail
business in Asia
Singapore Power

• provides electricity and gas transmission,

distribution services, and market support
services to more than a million customers in
• the only electricity company in
Singapore.With assets of S$18.3 billion at end
March 2007, it is one of the largest
corporations in Singapore.
• incorporated as a commercial entity in
October 1995 to take over the electricity and
gas businesses of the state provider, the Public
Utilities Board
• PowerGas - The sole licensed gas transporter and gas system operator, transporting both natural gas and
town gas. It owns and operates all the gas pipelines in Singapore and is responsible for delivering gas to
users through its gas pipe network. It operates a town gas system as well as a natural gas system which is
transmitted from Sumatra.
• SP AusNet - Singapore Power International Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Power
Limited, owns a 51% interest in SP AusNet. SP AusNet's electricity transmission and distribution
networks, along with the gas distribution assets, enable it to deliver a full range of energy-related
products and services to industrial and domestic customers in Victoria, Australia.
• SP PowerAssets - Formed in Oct 2003, it is the sole provider of electricity transmission and distribution
services in Singapore. It holds the Transmission License and owns the electricity transmission and
distribution Network of Singapore including major transmission and distribution assets like substations
and underground cables with an approximate network value of S$6.5billion (as at 31st Mar 06)
• SP PowerGrid - Formed in Oct 2003, has been appointed by SP PowerAssets to manage its business
including the management of the transmission network and the operation of the distribution network. ISP
PowerGrid has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification in network development and management. Its wide
range of expertise includes network planning, project management, network management, control and
communications and condition monitoring.
• SP Services - Provides integrated customer services for electricity, water and piped gas supplies in
Singapore. It is the Market Support Services Licenses providing meter reading services, meter data
management, facilitates customer registration and transfer between retailers, serves as a conduit to buy
electricity from the wholesale electricity market on behalf of retailers or contestable consumers, provide
electricity at published tariffs for residential and small businesses. It also provides billing and payment
collection for utility providers including for electricity transmission, water charges, sanitary appliance
fee, gas supply charges, and refuse charges.
Singapore post

• Singapore’s leading provider of domestic and international postal services

• has more than 60 post offices, about 80 authorised postal agencies, close to 200
Self-service Automated Machines (SAMs), more than 660 stamp vendors and
over 800 postboxes located throughout Singapore.
• serve as one-stop convenience centres for postal, agency and financial products
and services, and form one of the most extensive networks of any retail business
in Singapore. One of the most efficient postal operators in the world, SingPost
has received global recognition in the World Mail Awards for the Quality
category in May 2007.
• the dominant logistics provider in the domestic market, with global service
offerings to more than 220 territories/countries.
• Major businesses: Mail, Logistics, Retailing
Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH)

• a media organisation in Singapore with

businesses in print, Internet and new media,
television and radio, outdoor media, and
• employs more than 3,500 staff in its operations
spanning three locations. 1,000 journalists,
including correspondents operating in 20 cities
around the world
• Print
• SPH publishes 14 newspapers in four languages
in Singapore and more than 90 magazine titles
in Singapore and the region. Every day, 2.7
million people, or 83 percent of people above
15 years old, read one of SPH's news
publications. In addition, the company also
holds a 40 percent stake in MediaCorp Press Pte
Ltd which publishes free newspaper Today.

• SPH continues to maintain a business interest in free-to-
air television with a 20 percent shareholding in
MediaCorp TV Holdings Pte Ltd which operates
channels 5, 8, U and TV Mobile.
Under a 80 percent-owned joint venture company, SPH
UnionWorks, SPH operates two entertainment radio
stations, Radio 100.3 in Mandarin and Radio 91.3 in
Outdoor Media
SPH has ventured into outdoor advertising through its
wholly-owned subsidiary, SPH MediaBoxOffice
(SPHMBO), Singapore’s largest outdoor motion display
advertising network media company with five large LED
screens at strategic locations, 400 plasma & LCD screens
island wide, and large-format billboards at the heart of
the city. SPHMBO has a potential reach of at least 13
million viewers per month and best access to shopping
centres and national libraries. In addition, SPH holds a 35
percent stake in TOM Outdoor Media Group, a leading
outdoor advertising company in China
• SPH owns and manages Paragon, the prime retail and office complex in the heart
of Orchard Road, Singapore's main shopping belt. Paragon houses international
brands and luxury-good boutiques, restaurants serving wide-ranging cuisines, and
lifestyle facilities such as spas and a fitness club. SPH is also developing
Sky@eleven, a 43-storey up-market residential condominium on its former Times
Industrial Building site at Thomson Road
Internet and News Media
• SPH's presence on the Internet includes the online editions of its key newspapers,
which together enjoy over 110 million pageviews with 7 million unique visitors
every month, and are used by major brands to reach out to a predominantly
professional, manager, executive and businessman (PMEB) audience. In addition,
SPH's expansion of its online and new media initiatives include a revolutionary
mobile advertising and information service, ZapCode; recruitment and job search
service, ST701; and STOMP (Straits Times Online Mobile Print), a portal that
connects, engages and interacts with readers on the Web and via mobile phone
StarHub Limited
• second largest mobile operator and the sole cable television operator in Singapore
• First started in 1998. officially launched in April 2000.
• In January 1999, StarHub acquired internet service provider CyberWay and it
became a subsidiary within the StarHub group.
• In 2001, Singapore Power divested its shares in StarHub and sold its 25.5% stake to
ST Telemedia for S$400 million. BT Group subsequently divested its 18% stake as
a result of consolidation, after accumulating debt acquired during the bidding round
for 3G licenses in the United Kingdom
• In 2002, the company merged with Singapore's sole cable television operator,
Singapore Cable Vision. As a result of the merger, it acquired SCV's cable
television as well as broadband internet access operations
• StarHub was publicly listed on the Singapore Exchange in October 2004, and a
new wholly owned subsidiary known as StarHub Online was formed in 2005 to
provide broadband internet services.
• On 12 January 2007, Qatar Telecom acquired a quarter of ST Telemedia's shares in
StarHub. Starhub is currently a full-fledged telecommunications company
providing a full range of services over mobile, internet and fixed platforms
Mobile services: over a
million customers and is the
second largest mobile network
operator with 30% market
share as of June 2005.
• Internet service: Starhub
provides broadband internet
access on the same network it
uses for cable television services
using cable modems based on the
CSIS standard and it currently
Cable TV: the sole cable television has 46.2% of the residential
operator in Singapore. Its hybrid broadband market
fibrecoaxial network reaches 99% of • Fixed Network Service:
households in Singapore, with 412,000 provides a wide range of fixed
households subscribing to its cable network services, broadly
television services and a penetration rate categorized as data services and
of 37.4% in 2004 internet protocol and voice
Tiger Airways Private Limited

• A low-cost airline based in Singapore.

• Incorporated in 2003. Hub at Singapore Changji Airport.The airline flew into a
period of relative difficulty for the aviation industry with rising oil prices and
intense competition from other airlines. The airline held off imposing fuel
surcharges as its competitors have done.
• Tiger Airways now flies to more than 25 destinations across 8 countries in Asia-
Pacific on a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 aircraft.
• profitable recording a S$1 million profit for the quarter ending 30 September 2007.
• January 2007, set up its Australia subsidiary to compete with Australia domestic
low-cost carriers namely Virgin Blue and Qantas Jetstar.
• November 2007, announced that it would start a Korean based subsidiary.
• Food and beverage need to be purchased on flight. No flight entertainment.
• Planning to be listed at the end of 2007 or early 2008.
• Currently 5 jets in service. the airline confirmed the letter of intent signed in June
for the purchase of 30 aircraft with 20 more on option. The aircraft are scheduled to
be delivered between 2011 and 2014.
• Tiger Aviation Group 100% owns Tiger Airways. The Tiger Aviation Group
consists of Tiger Airways Singapore and Tiger Airways Australia, both 100%
owned by the Tiger Aviation Private Limited. The Tiger Aviation Group's
shareholders are: Singapore Airlines Limited (49%); Indigo Partners LLC, the
investment firm founded by Bill Franke (24%); Irelandia Investments Limited, the
private investment arm of Tony Ryan and family (16%); and Temasek Holdings
Pte Ltd (11%).
• business model is based on Europe's successful Ryanair, which uses its very low
cost base to offer competitively low fares on a consistent basis. It also involves
scrutinising every single aspect of the business to remove non-essential costs but
not cutting any corners in passenger safety, security and punctuality.
• 85% of flights are booked direct at www.tigerairways.com.
• Outsourcing aircraft maintenance to reputable companies such as Singapore
Airlines Engineering Company to ensure high safety standards are achieved at
competitive rates.
Valuair Limited

• A Singapore based budget airline. Lunched in 2004

with initial service to Hong Kong and Bangkok.
now mainly operates scheduled services to major
cities in Indonesia.
• differentiate from its competitors by offering free hot meals, wider legroom and
assigned seating, and marketed itself as a low fare airline.
• On the 24 July 2005, Jetstar Asia and Valuair and Qantas merged to form Orange
Star, in the first major consolidation of Southeast Asia's crowded low-cost airline
industry. Jetstar Asia and Valuair said they would continue to operate their normal
routes under their own brands in the meantime, with little or no change to the
service offered by either airline.
• airline industry veteran Lim Chin Beng, Malaysia's Star Cruises and
Asiatravel.com, have now become minority shareholders in the merged company.
• Valuair of today is operated by Jetstar Asia crews and inflight entertainment
United Overseas Bank Limited
• founded on 6 August 1935 by Kuching-born
Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang, father of the present
United Overseas Bank Group Chairman, Mr. Wee Cho Yaw, and a group of seven
Chinese businessmen.
• a leading bank in Singapore and a dominant player in Asia-Pacific.
• at 31 December 2006, the UOB Group had total assets of S$161.3 billion and
shareholders' equity of S$16.8 billion. It also achieved a record net profit after tax
of S$2.6 billion in 2006 and its ROE stood at 17.0%.
• network of over 500 offices around the world comprises 72 offices in Singapore
and over 450 offices in Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong,
Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,
United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam.
• Service:personal financial services, private banking, commercial and corporate
banking, investment banking, corporate finance, capital market activities, treasury
services, futures broking, asset management, venture capital management, general
insurance, life assurance, stockbroking services interests in travel and leasing.
Venture Corporation Limited

• a leading global electronics services provider

• Founded in 1984, the Venture group comprises about 30 companies with global
clusters of excellence in South-East Asia, North-East Asia, the Americas and
Europe, and employs more than 13,000 people worldwide.
• market capitalization of about S$3.5 billion places it among the top and finest of
companies on the exchange.
• In 2005, Venture achieved a whopping
sales figure of S$3.2 billion and has a
compounded average growth rate (CAGR)
of 33% since 1989.
Yeo Hiap Seng Limited

• an investment holding company as well as a drink manufacturer in Singapore and

• produces its own Asian drinks and has the license from Pepsico to produce Pepsi, 7
Up, Mountain Dew, Mirinda and Mug Root Beer.
• history dated back to 1900. Founded by Yeo Keng Lian in Fujian, China, it was
established in Singapore in 1935 as the Yeo Hiap Seng Sauce Factory
• was listed on 7 November 1968 and renamed to its present name
• YHS majority shareholder is Ng Teng Fong's Far East Organization, and it also
develops houses and condominiums.
Temasek Holdings

• an Asia investment house headquartered in Singapore

• a multinational staff of more than 300 people
• manage a portfolio of over S$160 billion, or more than US$100 billion, focused
primarily in Asia.
• investor in diverse industry sectors such as banking & financial services, real
estate, transportation & logistics, infrastructure, telecommunications & media,
bioscience & healthcare, education, consumer & lifestyle, engineering &
technology, as well as energy & resources.
• total shareholder return since its inception is more than 18% compounded annually
• corporate credit rating of AAA/Aaa by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s
• Ho Ching was appointed executive director of Temasek Holdings in 2002. She is
the second wife of Lee Hsien Loong
In the early 1960s, the Singapore government took stakes in a variety of local
companies, in sectors such as manufacturing and shipbuilding. Prior to the
incorporation of Temasek Holdings in 1974, these stakes were held by the Ministry of
Finance(the Ministry remains Temasek's sole shareholder)
Major Investment
Important figures in TH
Government of Singapore
Investment Corporation Private Limited (GIC)
• global investment management company established by the Government of
Singapore in 1981 to manage Singapore's foreign reserves
• network of eight overseas offices in key financial capitals around the world, GIC
invests internationally in equities, fixed income, money market instruments, real
estate and special investments.
• three subsidiaries: GIC Asset Management Pte Ltd (handles public markets), GIC
Real Estate Pte Ltd (as name implies) and GIC Special Investments Pte Ltd
(handles private equity investments).
• At staff strength of over 900, GIC manages well over US$100 billion dollars worth
of investments, making it one of the largest private fund management companies in
the world.
Jardine Cycle and Carriage Limited
• a conglomerate that is involved in auto distribution and retail accounts for 13% of
auto sales in Singapore. Its marques include Kia, Mercedes-Benz nand Mitsubishi.
• owns 200 subsidiaries. Significantly the group includes a 50% stake in Astra
International of Indonesia, a leading conglomerate in Indonesia with business
interests in automotive, agribusiness,
heavy equipment, financial services,
information technology and
With a market capitalisation of over
S$3 billion, it ranks among
Singapore's top
20 listed companies
Jardine Matheson Group

• an Asian-based conglomerate with extensive experience in the Region.

• Its business interests include Jardine Pacific, Jardine Motors Group, Hongkong
Land, Dairy Farm, Mandarin Oriental, Jardine Cycle & Carriage and Jardine Lloyd
Thompson. These companies are leaders in the fields of engineering and
construction, transport services, motor trading, property, retailing, restaurants,
hotels, financial services and insurance broking.
• Jardine Matheson Limited operates from Hong Kong and provides management
services to Group companies, making available senior management and providing
financial, legal, human resources and treasury support services throughout the

Noble Group Limited

• a global supply chain manager of agricultural, industrial and energy products

• profitability in 2005 with net profits of US$231 million representing a 36% ROE
on US$11.7 billion in revenue
• the Group operates a network of over 80 offices in 39 countries serving more than
4,000 customers.
• a diversified portfolio of raw materials and natural resources ranging from coal,
coffee and carbon credits to soybeans, sugar and steel.
Singapore Exchange Limited

• inaugurated on 1 December 1999, following the merger of two established and

well-respected financial institutions - the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and
the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX).
• first exchange in Asia-Pacific to be listed via a public offer and a private placement
• Singapore Exchange already acquired a strategic investment in Bombay Stock
Exchange (5%) for US$42.7m.
• SGX has a 50-50 joint venture with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to list
commodity futures on a Singapore-based platform called Jade, which aims to tap a
fragmented but fast-growing market for derivatives.
• On June 15, 2007, TSE announced that it had purchased a 4.99% stake in SGX for
37.4 billion yen (US$303 million).Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
• LSE( London Stock Exchange) is currently collaborating with Singapore Exchange
(SGX) - calling it a major strategic partner in Asia - and is planning to take a large
stake in SGX by the end of 2007.
• the forefront of exchanges globally in attracting international issuers and is rapidly
emerging as Asia's offshore risk management centre for international derivatives
Jurong Technologies Industrial Corporation Limited
• an electronics contract manufacturer based in Singapore
• a part of the Straits Times Index
• Service provided: manufacturing, testing, supply chain management, original
design and manufacturing, and post manufacturing service.
Allgreen Properties Limited

• develops complex residential and corporate construction projects on freehold and

leasehold land in Singapore
• the property development arm of Malaysian tycoon, Robert Kuok
Hongkong Land Company, Limit
• the property development arm of Jardines
• a leading property investment, management and development group with a major
portfolio in Hong Kong, where it owns and manages some five million sq. ft of
prime office and retail space in the heart of the Central business district.
• Once the biggest property company in the world, with a heavy exposure to the
Hong Kong real estate
• During 1980s, the company’s CEO Trevor Bedford was overoptimistic about the
Hong Kong real estate market and expanded aggressively by joint ventures. During
the property slup which started in 1982, a number of its joint ventures became
problematic. In August 1983, Bedford was removed by Chairman Simon Keswick,
who replaced him with David Davies under whom the company experienced a
painful reconstruction. during the reconstruction period it had been forced to sell
the 34% stake in Hong Kong Electric, for HK$3 billion in January 1985 to reduce
debt levels[3]. New policies were framed to not be involved in further joint ventures
and to concentrate on developing its rental property portfolio, on Hong Kong Island
• its primary share listing in London. The Company's shares are also listed in
Bermuda and Singapore
United Overseas Land Limited

• a large property conglomerate based in Singapore in Asia. The UOL Group has
over 40 subsidiaries and associates in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam and
• Besides residential, commercial and retail properties, UOL Group together with its
listed hotel subsidiary Hotel Plaza Limited owns 13 hotels in Singapore, Australia,
China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. The recent acquisition of Pan Pacific
Hotels and Resorts management rights brings a further 11 hotels in Singapore,
United States of America, Bangladesh, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Palau, the
Philippines and Thailand into UOL Group’s hotel management portfolio.
• The Group’s diversified portfolio also includes the lifestyle business with interests
in spa and restaurants.
Datacraft Asia Limited

• the leading independent IT

services and solutions provider
in Asia Pacific. Specialising in
customised business solutions,
Datacraft helps clients plan,
build, support and manage
their IT infrastructures.
• applies its expertise in
networking, security,
converged communications,
datacentre storage, Microsoft
operating environments and
contact centre technologies

Genting Group
• Malaysia’s leading multinational corporation and one of Asia’s best-managed
companies. The Group has over 40,000 employees globally, 11,000 acres of prime
resort land and more than 200,000 hectares of plantation land.
• its subsidiaries and associates that comprises five listed entities with a combined
market capitalisation of over US$22 billion (*as at 22 August 2007).
• The group's pioneer project is Genting Highlands Resort, the main attraction of the
resort is its casino and theme park. It is one of the most popular tourist destination
in Malaysia.
• Genting Group and its consortium partners won the bid in obtaining the second
casino license and building an integrated resort, named Resorts World at Sentosa,
in Singapore
• With the retirement of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong( passed away in 2007), his son, Tan
Sri Lim Kok Thay has taken over the responsibilities as Chairman, President and
Chief Executive of Genting Group.
Parkway Holdings
• a medical company based in Singapore and is Southeast Asia's largest healthcare
• operations cover 14 hospitals with about 2,800 beds in countries including Brunei,
India, Malaysia and Singapore.
• medical referral centres throughout the world including Bangladesh, Brunei,
Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan,
Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
and Vietnam.
• 1,200 accredited specialists covering over 40 areas of specialty
• owns three private hospitals in Singapore, East Shore Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital
and Mount Elizabeth Hospital
China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company
• is one of the largest liner shipping companies serving companies all over the
world. It is a government owned company of the People's Republic of China.
• ranks sixth largest in number of container ships and ninth largest in aggregate
container volume in the world
• owns over 130 vessels (320,000 TEU capacity) and calls on over 100 ports
• contains 6 listed companies and has more than 300 subsidiaries locally and abroad,
providing services in freight forwarding, ship building, ship repair, terminal
operation, container manufacturing, trade, financing, real estate, and IT. The Group
owns and operates a variety
of merchant fleet of some
600 vessels with total
carrying capacity of
up to 35 million DWT
Haw Par Corporation Limited

• listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1969

• core healthcare and leisure businesses promote healthy lifestyles through its
healthcare products, and oceanariums.
• healthcare products are manufactured and marketed under its various established
brands such as Tiger Balm and Kwan Loong. Its renowned ointment Tiger Balm
and product extensions such as Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster, Tiger Balm Joint
Rub, and Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, are used worldwide to invigorate the
body as well as to soothe away aches and pains.
• owns and operates two oceanariums, namely the Underwater World Singapore at
Sentosa and Underwater World Pattaya in Thailand.
• The Group also has interests in investment properties and manages its own
portfolio of investments in securities.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

• award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels
and resorts.
• over 10,000 rooms in 23 countries with 16 hotels in Asia, 14 in The Americas and
nine in Europe and North Africa.
• is part of Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited
• The first hotel of the Group "The Mandarin" opened in Hong Kong in September,
Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited
• a retail company in Asia, with a legal base in Bermuda.
• a leading pan-Asian retailer which processes food, wholesales food and personal
hygiene products in the Pacific Region and in China.
• It is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange, with secondary listings on
the Singapore and Bermuda stock exchanges
• Jardine Strategic, a publicly-listed holding company, has attributable 78% stake in
the firm
• By the end of December 2003, the Dairy Farm Group and its related associations
ran 2,570 outlets, Wellcome/Food World (supermarkets), 50% share of Maxim's
Catering (restaurants), Giant (hypermarkets), Mannings/Guardian (health and
beauty) stores; it also operates 7-Eleven (convenience stores) throughout the
region, and IKEA (home furnishings) stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
• Among 956 stores in South Asia operated by Dairy Farm, 433 are in Singapore,
186 are in Malayasia, 222 are in Indonesia and 115 are in India. It now employs
56,800 people in the region and has around 2,000 sales from ongoing operations
worth 4.5 billion US dollars in total.
• Dairy Farm was set up in 1886 by Sir Patrick Manson, a Scottish surgeon, and five
well known Hong Kong businessmen.
Robinson & Co. Limited
• a retail company which has department stores in
Singapore and Malaysia. The company owns the
Robinsons department store, John Little in Singapore
and has franchise outlets of Marks and Spencer in both
countries. The company has grown into one of the
country's most renowned department stores.
• manages seven retail entities that trade under the
following brands - Robinsons, John Little, Marks &
Spencer, Principles, Trucco, River Island and Fat Face.
• John Little is a chain of department stores in
Singapore. Established in 1845, John Little is the oldest
department store in Singapore. Robinsons acquired a
76% stake on John Little and the whole company in the
end of 1955
• In 2006, OCBC sold its 29.9% stake in the group to
Indonesia's Lippo Group (under Auric Pacific
Singapore) for S$203 million as they could not own
more than 5% in non-core assets
Cathay Organisation Holdings Limited

• one of Singapore's leading leisure and entertainment

groups with operation in Singapore and Malaysia.
• established on 18 July 1935 by the late Dato Loke
Wan Tho and his mother
• In 1953, Cathay-Keris Films was formed. The studio,
situated in out in East Coast Road, produced its own
films in the Malay.
• Responding to the changing economic environment
of the 1980s, Cathay Organisation rationalised its
cinema business, selling out their cinema operations
• Principal Activities:
• Film exhibition and cinema
Subsidiary Companies:
management Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd
Cathay-Keris Films Pte Ltd
• Film distribution and film library Cathay Cineleisure International Pte Ltd
• Family entertainment centre Cathay Properties Pte Ltd
management Cathay Consultancy Services Pte Ltd
• Property letting, property and Cathay Ed-Ventures Pte Ltd
project management Cathay Leisure Holdings Pte Ltd
• Computer system integration Hangout Hotels International Pte Ltd
services Cathay Ad-House Pte Ltd
• Cathay Organisation Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd
Investment holding
Cathay Cineplexes Sdn Bhd
• Hotel management Camp Out Sdn Bhd
• Advertising and event organising Cathay Ad-House Sdn Bhd
services E2Max Centre Pte Ltd

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