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MIOT Internationals Gym

Can Keep Your Liver Strong

By MIOT International Multi Speciality Hospital

4/112, Mount Poonamalle Road
Chennai - 600 089
Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Website - miotinternational.com

Although a failing liver is widely attributed to alcohol abuse,

research shows that a bad lifestyle could often be the tipping factor.
Unbeknown to many, and quite unlike the diseases that afflict other
organs, liver diseases go unrecognized until 90% of the damage is done.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is now an increasingly

common illness and alarmingly enough, places excessive
consumption of fatty food as its major contributor. In light of this,
MIOT International, Chennai launched the MIOT Gold Standard
Transplant (MGST) programme on Saturday, 6 June 2015.
MIOT, which lays claim to a 90% success rate in liver transplants,
now proposed to also cut down on the number of advanced-stage
cases incurred by raising awareness on liver wellness among the
general public.

Liver Transplant is recognized worldwide as one of the most costly and

complicated of all medical procedures globally. Since the effects of an
ailing liver festers asymptomatically until advanced stages, the number
of patients at risk is indeed quite large. Almost one in every five Indians
is susceptible to the risk of a liver-related ailment. MIOT has emerged
quickly as one of the leading liver care centres in India, especially after
their enhanced transplant programme has saved several lives. In
connection with this programme, the hospital has also launched a unique
Liver Gym that looks toward more preventive therapy over surgical
There should be greater focus on reducing the need for liver transplants
rather than reducing the cost of the same. said Dr. Prithvi Mohandas,
Joint Managing Director of MIOT.

Diabetes is also a leading contributor to liver ailments with almost 56% of Indians
who are diabetic suffering from liver complications. Consumption of alcohol
and over the counter (OTC) medicines also act significantly to catalyse liver
deterioration. On the occasion of World Transplant Day, MIOTs Liver Gym
has been launched to serve as a platform as well as an interactive online helpline
to spread the word on liver awareness.

The Bile Trip:

Liver transplants from cadavers are among the most complicated surgeries to
They are also by far the most expensive and tend to take up the most OR
depending on the complexity of the case, one transplant can stretch from 10
hours to 16 hours,.
With many centres entering the fray, cadaver livers are increasingly being
upon as gold dust. People who would earlier have normally just accepted their
fate are now looking at liver transplants as a viable option in the treatment of
liver disease.