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RIN Detergent To Position or


Group 7: Palak Tuli, ,Shweta Sharma, Chirag Mahajan, Supreet Srinivas, Aditya Thangeda,
Monish Banerjee

Summary Case Scenario

LBPL a subsidiary of Lever Brothers International produced and marketed a variety of consumerproducts
in Pakistan.
Launched by LBPL as a solid, blue bar in 1984, RIN was the only NSD available in the market.
Suffered from low market demand unsuccessful promotional strategies till 1987
Increase in 1988 market share compared to 1987 New Media Campaign employed with Movie Star
Survey commissioned to study consumer perception and usage of RIN
Survey Result: Used more as Dishwasher than as Laundry bar

Promotion Strategies Used by LBPL

Ad Campaign Thunder Ad. A little amount of RIN washes large lot of clothes
1984: Price Off Campaign Reduced prices by 0.50
1985: Price Off Campaign Newspaper coupon scheme
Promotional shows and demonstrations
2 new sizes introduced to cater to wider customer base
Media campaign with Well known Movie Start attack on rivals
Increased Sales significantly

Trade promotions lasting 2-3 weeks , 2-3 times a year

Example: One Free soap for every 12 soaps bought
100% coverage in retail outlets selling detergents

Major Issues
There was a mismatch between the companys product offering and the Customer
Perception of the brand.
Consumer associated RINs blue colour with dish washer bar rather than a laundry bar
Promotional Strategy went wrong Thunder Ad message misinterpreted as laundry in rainy
Wrong Retail position Shelved with wrapped personal soaps rather than with Laundry soaps
Survey showed RIN used more as Dish washer

Replicated Indian RIN marketing strategy Did not work for Pakistan

RIN as a Fabric washer
RIN as a Dish washer
RIN as a Fabric + Dish washer
Separate RIN bars to cater to both Dishwashing and

RIN as Fabric Washer

Change to a Non-Blue colour to move out of the perception of Dish washing bar
Try to penetrate the market as it is the only NSD bar
New improved packaging to distinguish it from personal soaps
Strategic shelving of RIN in Laundry Segment in Retail stores
Focus on a new marketing campaign to showcase the relaunch
No new R&D cost, so can easily relaunch

RIN as Dish Washer

Target on the major consumer of the product

33% reduction of variable costs
Consumer already identifies with brand
Media campaign to concentrate on dish washing now

RIN as Fabric + Dish Washer

Single product 2 uses

New promotional strategy to focus on both uses
Leverage Movie Star brand value
Also target Dish washer consumers as primary customers
No additional development costs

2 RIN bars for both segments

Launch of a new non-Blue RIN for Laundry

Change to Existing RIN to remove fabric wash ingredients and relaunching as Dish
washing bar
New Development costs
New individual campaigns for each of the segment
Huge growth potential as Full Spectrum of Customers now covered


Repositioning RIN as a fabric + dish washer would be the best strategy

Increase in sales is almost certain
The two-in-one concept will definitely appeal to the middle, lower middle and lower-income
class population of Pakistan

Increasing sales by targeting all customer segments reduces the per unit
production costs as RIN production plant remains highly underutilized