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Effects of Online Social

Media on Youth

Dr. Alok Bansal

Presented by:
Lavakush Dwivedi
Anshuli Jain
Manoj Pandey

What is social media?

Social media refers to interaction among people in

which they create, share, and/or exchange information

and ideas in virtual communities and networks.
Social refers to instinctual needs humans have to

connect with other humans

Media what we use to make connections with

other humans
Social Media Media used for social interaction

Types of online social Media

Social Networking sites, like Facebook
Microbloging, like Twitter
Joint projects, like Wikipedia
Media sharing, like Youtube
Social news, like Reddit
Virtual social worlds, like second life

Purpose of using Social media

Checking facebook/twitter
Finding information relevant to research
Sending and receiving e-mail
Downloading music and other things
Listening to music
Shopping (E-commerce)

Present Statistics
Users of a particular

Positive impact of online social media on Youth

Rapid communication
Be in touch with the world
Building relationship and finding a common ground

in an open society
Writing Blogs
Social movements
Social media and the Arab Spring

Negative impact of online social media on

Cyber bulling
Time waste
Information provided may be not be trusted always
Health issues:
Stress/hyper tension
Behavioural changes
Aggression and violence
Tendency to be alone
Anxiety problems

Impact of high exposure on

behaviour and mental health
Middle schoolers use more media than any other age
group (8 hrs., 40 min per day)
Lower academic achievement, grades
Lower attachment to school/college
Shorter attention spans

Risks associated with Social Media

Risk in making new friends,fraud
Health issues
E books Vs paper books
Wrong image

Recommendations for better use of

Social Media among youth
For parents and caretakers
For community
Technological solutions
Health providers
Research Evaluation

Ways to Combat Negative Media Effects Without Overt


Educating Youth in Media Literacy

Parent-Child Interaction
Moderation of media consumption
Spending offline time more than online time
Spending more time with family
Choosing to meet people in person rather than online
Keeping a check on internet activity and avoiding

excessive usage

No doubt, Social Networking Sites are of great help in the

youths daily life; however, it has positive and negative

effects which depend on how a person will utilize it.
Social Networking Sites can benefit us in numerous ways
and that it can make life easier for us; however, we should
keep in mind that everything in life should be taken in
moderation in this case, done in moderation. We should
always set our priorities straight and remember that
despite being given all that we need, a little extra work
wouldnt do us harm.