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“Qualit y H ealt h Care For All”

MGH designed hospital complex

The H isto ry

2 • New state of art operation theatre


2 •Addition of new 33 beds & Laboratory in

006 Lalita Girdhar Building

1 • A new plot, adjacent to East Block, was purchased to

991 provide accommodation to doctors & nurses.

1 • The new 300 beds Tertiary Care Hospital complex

986 was commissioned.

Hospital is managed by “National Health & Education Society”

The H isto ry

1 • Establishment of Lalita Girdhar Hinduja College of Nursing

1 • National Hospital was renamed as "P.D. Hinduja National
976 Hospital and Medical Research Centre"

1 • National Hospital shifted to a new two storey building

959 with 100 beds.

1 • National Hospital came into being with 30 beds; the bed

953 strength gradually went Upto 70.

1 • Founded by Mr. P.D. Hinduja as an Out-patient

951 Clinic

Our I nf ra str uc tur e

Lalita G. Hinduja
College of In Patient Building
Nursing, Andheri

Hinduja Hospital

Lalita G. Hinduja Hinduja Clinic,

Support Services, Mumbai

Our I nf ra str uc tur e

An O ver view

 341 beds, including 43 ICU beds; 9 Daycare and 5 EICU beds,

 116 Consultants; 510 nurses and other support staff

 Exclusive area for Preventive Health Checks

 State of the art lab services, with CAP accreditation.

 First to have been ISO 9002 certified

 Well stocked library with over 200 latest online and

offline journals.

Scope of S er vi ces

Medical Services Surgical Services Other Services

• Cardiothoracic Surgery •Anaesthesiology

• Cardiology • Imaging
• Dentistry
• Dermatology • MRI
• Endocrinology • Lab Medicine
• General Surgery
• Gastroenterology
• Gynaecology • Radiation Oncology
• General Medicine
• Neurosurgery • Nuclear Medicine
• Nephrology
• Onco Surgery • RIA
• Neurology
• Ophthalmology • Accident &Emergency
• Oncology
• Orthopedics •Integrated Intensive Care, PICU,
• Pediatrics
• Pediatric Surgery NICU.
• Psychiatry
• Plastic Surgery Infectious Diseases Centre
• Pulmonary Medicine
• Urology Dharam Hinduja Endocrine Centre
• Rheumatology
• Minimal Access Surgery Hospital Infection Control
Contract with Sidhi Hospital, B’lore

Our Inspi rati on

Shri. Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja

believed that Good
Health & Education were the fundamental rights
of every
human being and dedicated himself to this belief.

Smt. Jamuna Parmanand Hinduja shared her

interests and infused a spirit of compassion.

Smt. Lalita Girdhar Hinduja is remembered

for her dedicated service to this Hospital 9
spanning over two decades.
Key P eop le

Mr. S.P.Hinduja - President of Governing Council

Mr. A.P.Hinduja - Chairman of the Executive


Ms. Vinoo Hinduja - Director & Founder Member

Ms.Usha Raheja - Trustee & Founder Member

Organi zati on S tr uc ture

Board of Management

Chief Executive

Senior Management

Manag eme nt’ s S tr ate gi c Vi ew
• Work to give
• Word is bond
• Think Global; act local
• Partnership for growth
• Advance fearlessly

• Excellence in performance standards
• Professionalism
• Research
• Retain Talent
• Self Sufficiency
• Social Obligation

Bui ldi ng B locks o f O ur Insti tuti on

Education of
Senior, Junior Doctors Research
Healthcare Services
& Nurses

• Hospital undertakes Diplomate of the National Board
(DNB) courses in 23 disciplines having 32 students each

• Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad: Educates

student for Hospital administration.

• Hinduja College of Nursing: Dedicated college

graduating 32 students
every year.

• CME: For practicing consultants regular CMEs and

education workshops
are organised on a regular basis besides weekly clinical 14
meetings for each speciality.
• P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre is
recognised by
department of science & technology & the related Ministry
of Government of India.

• Undertakes MSc & PhD courses recognised by University of


• Over the years 428 projects have been sanctioned for

research at the Hospital. Research underway in areas of
Clinical Trials, Basic Sciences, Drug Trials.

• It is associated with Oxford University, Japanes Cardiology

Association, Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association, FIND
diagnostics internationally.
• National associations include Lady Tata Memorial Trust,
Inter nati ona l C ol labor ati ons

 Collaboration with Nebraska Medical Centre

 CME Programme with Stanford University

through Teleconferencing

 NHS Trust Hospital - Leicester, London, for

complex for complex congenital cardiothoracic

 Infectious Diseases Certificate Course with

Henry Ford Health Systems.

Pionee rs i n Te chnol ogy A ppl icati on

 New Operation Theatre Complex: State

of the art, digitalized operation theatre
complex to provide highest level of patient

 VCT- 64 Slice CT : CT Scan

 Twin Speed MRI : Revolutionary

technology in Neurovascular & Cardiac

 Gamma Camera : Redefining the

treatment in Cancer, Orthopedics,
Neurology & Cardiology
Pionee rs i n Te chnol ogy A ppl icati on

 PET Scan: Molecular imaging scans to detect

cancerous lesions as small as 4mm

 Gamma Knife : A gold standard in Non-

Invasive Neurosurgery
(First in South Asia)

 Digital Linear Accelerator : For high

precision Radiation Therapy in Cancer

 Digital Subtraction Angiography : For

Whole Body Angiographies & Peripheral
The F irst’s To O ur Cr edi t

 1st Hospital to get IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj

National Quality Award
in Healthcare

 1st Hospital Laboratory to get College of

American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation

 ISO 9002 Certification.

 1st hospital to perform Awake Craniotomy

for Epilepsy

 1st to perform Laparoscopic Gall Bladder


 1st to start Pain Management Clinic 19

The F irst’s To O ur Cr edi t

 1st to offer Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for the highest

number of drugs

 One of the 1st hospitals to perform Cochlear Implant.

 1st in Mumbai to start Screening Centre for Breast


 1st in Mumbai to perform Cadaver Kidney Transplant

among private Hospitals

 1st in Mumbai to introduce High Resolution Scanning of


 1st in Mumbai to introduce MR Angiography

Our S er vi ce In iti ati ves
 Emergency Medical Services (EMS):
Integrated emergency response system, using
GPS tracking, Single number, Multiple hospital

 The Hinduja Hospital Poison and Drug

Information Centre: provides accessible
poison and medication related emergency

 Call Centre: 1st centralized hospital call centre for

scheduling appointments.

Our S er vi ce In iti ati ves
 Augmentation of Beds: Additional 36 beds
have been added on 1st and 2nd floor of Lalitha
Girdhar Hinduja Building (S1).

 Promote Organ Transplant:

 Homecare Services: Include home collection of lab

samples, nursing assistance & physiotherapy.

 “Live to Give” fund: To save lives has been

created this year to complement the existing
efforts to support the poor patients.

Quality I ni ti ati ves

Six Sigma Initiatives

Training & Education
under the guidance of CAP, ISO, NABH
In Quality Healthcare
experts from GE

• Pre- operative Care

• Operation Theatre
• 1st Hospital Laboratory
Supply & Sr. Availability • 1st Hospital Accreditation
• Average Length of Stay with CAP accreditation.
• Hospital will be NABH conference in partnership
• Discharge Time with QCI and participation
• Imaging Reports accredited shortly.
from JCI, Industry and
Turn Around Time Trade.
• OPD Patient Satisfaction

DMAIC Approach is being followed to bring continuous improvement in

Human C ap ita l
 Consultants – 116; JMS – 137
(Over 70 Hospital based consultants);

 Over 70 hospital based consultants.

 Nursing – 510; Support Staff – 1121

 Management – 87

 Total no of manpower accounts to 1971; Employee Per

Bed: 5.78

 Qualified and well trained staff at all service levels.

Awa rds were
 Four of Our Consultants & A ccolade s
bestowed with
prestigious “B.C Roy Award”

 Some of our doctors have received “Best Doctor


One of our doctors was awarded “Order of the British

Empire” in 2007.

 1st Hospital to get IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National

Quality Award in Healthcare.

 One of our doctors was awarded the “Karmyogi

Award” & “Best Teacher Award”

 Besides this a number of our doctors have been

recognised for their service and commendable work by
regional, national and speciality associations and
groups. 25
Journe y O ver 20 Yea rs
 Over 1.5 million out patients treated

 175,000 In-patients treated for high-end tertiary care

 100,000 executives have undergone preventive health


 Over a 1.0 million surgeries and scopies performed

 Over 1.0 million radiological investigations performed

 Over 7.5 million laboratory investigations done

Our Futu re P lans
 Increasing existing facility to 600 beds with Towers

 Hospital Accreditation / PACS /Robotic Surgery

 Hinduja Group’s foray into “For-Profit” segment of


 More Implication on Research & Development

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