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• GETTING STARTED. gas and telephone bills • Owned by One97 Communications .. • Stands for Pay Through Mobile INTRODUCTI ON • One of the Largest & Fastest growing e-Commerce Websites • Initially focussed on Mobile & DTH Recharging but now ventures into electricity.

secure transactions across various nodes ( Buyers. where the transactions are processed that were held on WWW by the customer. .TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE OF PayTM The Three levels of Architecture: INTERNET: The interface rendering a network for commerce – PLATFORM! FIREWALL: Reasonable protection that enables safe. Sellers etc) ORGANIZATION: The system.

REVENUE MODEL OF PayTM INTRODUCTION Earns Revenue through Market Model Gives opportunities to vendors to list their products on the PayTM website. a commission is charged which generates a portion of their revenue. Other Sources – • Advertisements • Transactions • Advance Payment Models . When the buyer buys the product.


Jabong.CIRCULAR SUBSCRIPTION MODEL SUBSCRIPTION MODEL From Businesses for their Business to create Business The Subscription charges are divided into 4 categories: • Big e-commerce business make huge transactions everyday • Platinum (Maximum benefits) • Avail the facility of Paytm Wallets • Gold • Eg: BookMyShow. e-bay.Uber. Haldiram& Domino’s • Silver – • Budget (Zero Setup Plan) Annual Subscription of Rs 2500 COMMISSION MODEL •This based on sale to sale •Seller is charged for every sale of the product listed •Further variation of the Subscription Model .

which is also a main source of revenue for the organisation. they charge the businesses for the advertisements.ADVERTISEMENT MODEL PayTm allows other business to advertise on their portal. which could be a boosting factor to the sales. As a result. .

TRANSACTION MODEL Charging Buyers and Sellers on Transactions that they make! If you load money on the wallet. NO TRANSACTIONAL COST! If you purchase at the Merchant side. NO TRANSACTION COST! If you transfer wallet to wallet. again NO COST But if transfer from wallet to Bank. it costs about 4% of TRANSACTIONAL AMOUNT .

ADVANCE PAYMENT MODEL Interest on the Seller’s Money • When PayTM receives money from the buyer to be transferred to the seller. • It is held for a period on which the interest is earned by the organisation. • This is extremely beneficial and called the Escrow Account Process. the transfer doesn’t happen immediately. .


SAFETY MEASURES FOR TRANSACTIONS • Banking through the official websites of Banks. Registered User ID and Password that require an OTP • Uses 256 bit Encryption Technology to secure card information • E-gift Vouchers and Coupons can only be redeemed if Sellers are and have listed the product on PayTm .


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