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Furniture Design by

Calvin Lew
Martin Low
Kai Ren Chum
Wei Hong Ee

Sinopsis about Art Nouveau

A movement that beginning in the late

19th and early 20th centuries
Mostly appear in Europe, the movement
issued in a wide variety of style
Art Nouveau was aimed at modernizing
design, seeking to escape the eclectic
historical styles
The style went out of fashion after it gave
way toArt Decoin the 1920s, but it
experienced a popular revival in the 1960s

Art Nouveau Furniture


in many different European styles

The diversity found in Art Nouveau is
particularly evident in furniture.
In essence, three developments can be made
1) natural forms designs in France and Belgium
2) geometric shape and pattern in Austria
3) the formal art nouveau, which developed in

Characteristic of Art Nouveau


Decorations related to nature: flowers, trees,
leaves, vines, plants, and females with long
Curved & wide lines
Ornamental motifs (pattern)
Lines without sharp angles
The use of everyday objects

Henry van de Velde

Famous Belgian Art
Nouveau furniture designer
Apply English principles in
Employing dynamic and
curvy lines to functionality.
He believed in working with
the lines dictated by an
object, rather than
imposing artificial
ornamentation onto
existing features.

-The design of this chair is closely

linked with one of Henry van de
Veldes most spectacular creations.
-The earliest version, which was more
playfully organic in style, was created
for the artists friends.Not long
afterwards a more austere version of
this piece was made, which took up a
great deal of space - it was nearly
three metres wide - with a matching
chair. Forming a suite with matching
print cabinets and bookcases, these
pieces were exhibited to great
acclaim and often published.

Graf Kessler Diplomat's Chair

Chair Design by Henry Van De Velde

mile Gall (Nancy, 8 May 1846

Nancy, 23 September 1904) was a
French artist who worked in glass, and
is considered to be one of the major
forces in the French Art Nouveau
-Gall had reached international fame
and his style, with its emphasis on
naturalism and floral motifs.


Dawn and Dusk bed (Aube et Crpuscule) by

mile Gall, 1904.
The Dawn and Dusk bed (Aube et Crpuscule) is a piece by Emile Gall made
in 1904. Dawn is mentioned at the foot of the bed by two winged pearly
mayflies. Dusk is at the headboard with a landscape at night.

Vase with lilies and daisies

- A vase commissioned by Countess Henri Greffulhe as a wedding gift for

Princess Marguerite de Chartres
-Multi-layered blown crystal with inclusions of glass and gold dust, cabochons
and handles added on and fused, 1896.

Louis Majorelle

Louis Majorelle was a French decorator and furniture designer who

manufactured his own designs, in the French tradition of the bniste. He
was one of the outstanding designers of furniture in the Art Nouveau style,
and after 1901 formally served as one of the vice-presidents of the cole
de Nancy (art school in French).

Louis Majorelle, wall cabinet

This cabinet is thought to have been
designed by Louis Majorelle, who
along with Emile Gall, was a leading
exponent of the Art Nouveau
movement in the town of Nancy in
northwestern France. Art Nouveau
varied from country to country and city
to city. As practiced in Nancy, it was a
Symmetrical with decorative details,
frequently inspired by Japanese

Why Art Nouveau so popular?

Simple design

Beautiful, luxurious, durable,

comfortable, colorful, unique and

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