Masters of Business Administration



V Trimester Winter 2011



Human Resource Development






Wednesdays (7:00 AM – 10:00 AM)

Instructor :

Jayendra Rimal

Course Overview
o HRD function needs to be managed professionally. This
requires specialist expertise in developing, delivering
and evaluating strategies, policies, plans and programs
for enhancing human resource and organizational
capability. This course is designed to meet this need of
organizations by introducing comprehensive
understanding and general skill in management of the
HRD function within the organization.
o This course focuses on building the managerial capability
for the development of human resource competencies
and the creation of organizational systems and culture
to utilise those competencies.

Course Objectives
o Explain and analyse key concepts, strategies, methods
and practices involved in developing human resources
for organizational effectiveness
o Design and use effective HRD strategies, plans and
practices to ensure the continued availability and
utilisation of quality human resources in the
o Enhance the effectiveness of HRD function in the
organization and
o Demonstrate a professional orientation towards HRD

Methodology & Evaluation
Active involvement with pre-session reading including:
o Interactive lectures,
o Group discussion,
o Case studies,
o Take away assignments and
o Project work
Students will be evaluated on the basis of:
o Class participation and contribution, discussion,
attendance and presentation 5%
o Case study/Assignments 20%
o Mid-Term Exam 15%
o Project work (End of Term) 20%
o Final examination 40%

Course Structure
o Session One: (i) Introduction of participants and course facilitator;
Expectations; Familiarisation of course with brief preview. (ii)
Conceptual and Strategic Framework of Human Resource
o Session Two: Emerging Concepts of HRD
o Session Three: Influences on Employee Behaviour
o Session Four: Learning and HRD
o Session Five: HRD Program Management - Assessment of HRD Needs
o Session Six: HRD Program Management - Designing of Effective HRD
o Session Seven: HRD Program Management - Implementing HRD

Course Structure, contd…
o Session Eight: HRD Program Management - Evaluating HRD
o Session Nine: : (i) Roles of a HRD professional and (ii)
Marketing and Positioning of HRD Programmes
o Session Ten: (i) Employee Orientation and (ii) Career Planning
and Development
o Session Eleven: Performance Management and Coaching
o Session Twelve: End of Term Presentations

Suggested Readings
o Desimone, Randy L; Werner, Jon M; Harris, David M
(2002) Human Resource Development (Third edition).
Ohio, South Western (USA)
o Walton, John (1999) Strategic Human Resource
Development. Financial Times Prentice Hall (UK)
o Pareek, Udai; Rao, T. V. (2004) Designing and Managing
Human Resource Systems (Third Edition). New Delhi
Oxford and IBM Publishing (India)

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