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I have got a blue T-shirt.

He has got a new car.

Barry Walker is from the USA. He lives in St. Peterburg

in the state of Florida. He is a disc jockey on the radio.
He does the music program. He goes to work
At 11:30 pm. He works from midnight to seven o clock
in the morning. He gets home around 7:45 am. Then he has
a glass of fruit juice, some toasts and bacon and eggs for breakfast.
After that he goes to bed. He gets up at about 4 oclock.
First he has a shower, then he has lunch. After that he watches TV
or goes out with some friends. Twice a week he goes swimming.
At 10 p.m he has dinner .He likes to have sausages, French fries
and salad for dinner. Next he takes a rest.
Finally he goes back to work.