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Magic or trick !!!

Activities involving

Jerking a Card

The card is pulled away quickly.

The coin did not follow the card but dropped

into the glass.

This is because the coin has the inertia to
remain in its original state of rest.

Pulling a Book
When the book is pulled out, the books on top
will fall

What will happen to the

rest of the coins when one
of the coin is moved out

The inertia of the coins

maintains it in its original
position (at horizontal/rest)
even when one of the coin
is moved out quickly



is the property of matter

that cause it

to resist any

change in its motion or state of


How could this


If the object is moving.

INERTIA makes the moving
object continue to move at a
constant speed in the same
direction unless some external
force changes the objects

If an object is at rest

It tends to stay in that

position unless some
force puts that object
into motion

Inertia is not physical

quantity and thus it does not

have units
The property of inertia is
found from the Newtons
first law of motion

Newtons First Law of Motion

"An object at rest tends to stay at rest

and a moving object tends to
continue its uniform motion with the
same speed and in the same
direction unless being acted upon by
an external force"


Definition of Mass
The mass of an object is the

amount of matter that in the


The larger the mass, the larger the inertia

Bucket filled with sand is more difficult to be

moved. It's also more difficult to be stopped from

Bucket filled with sand has a greater inertia

Empty cart is easier to be moved

An empty cart is easier to be moved compare with a

full with load. This is because a cart with larger mass
larger inertia to resist the attempt to change the
state of

Mass determine the amount of inertia

A body of greater mass will have a
greater inertia. It has a greater
tendency to maintain its state of motion.

A bowling ball has more inertia than wooden bottles

When a heavy ball in bowling hits the wooden bottles at the end
of the track, the bottles fall down. The ball of greater mass has
a greater inertia and has a greater tendency to
maintain its original motion. The smaller bottles have a
smaller inertia because they have a smaller tendency to remain
at rest. As a result, they fall down and give way to the ball.

A fat boy has greater inertia.

If a fat boy collides with a thin boy moving with
the same speed, the thin boy will experience
greater injury because he has smaller inertia.

Applications of

Some examples of using inertia in our daily life are :


The looses head of a hammer

To tighten the loose head of a hammer,
knock one end of the handle held vertically,
on a hard surface.
The hammer head will continue on its
downward motion
When the handle has been stopped, the top
end of the handle is slotted deeper into the
hammer head.


The wet fur of cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs dry their wet fur by shaking
their body vigorously.
Water droplets on the fur tend to continue in
motion when the body has stopped shaking.
water droplets will be separated from the fur
and fall away


To dislodge sticking chili sauce

Chili sauce in a bottle is poured out by a

quick downward movement of the bottle
followed by a sudden stop.
The sauce in the bottle moves with the bottle
during the downward movement.
When bottle is stopped, the inertia of the
sauce causes it to continue on its downward
movement and thus the sauce is forced out of
the bottle.


Passengers in a bus

Passenger in a bus will lurch backward when a

stationary bus starts to move with forward
The passenger were originally stationary.
When the bus started to move forward with an
acceleration, the inertia in the passenger made
them maintain their original position.

Ways to reduce the

negative effects of inertia


Safety in a car:
(a) Safety belt secure the driver to their
seats. When the car stops suddenly, the
seat belt provides the external force that
prevents the driver from being thrown
(b) An air bag is fitted inside the steering
wheel. It provides a cushion to prevent
the driver from crashing the steering
wheel or dashboard during a collision.