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How to Do Certificate Attestation for

Fresh Passport


Index of Content:
Online checklist of docs
List of docs for fresh passport
Proofs of address
Proofs of identity with photo
Miscellaneous proofs
Docs to attest
Mandatory to remember
Various stages of attestation

Online Checklist of Documents

Go to Information Corner
Click on Instruction Booklet from the popping down list
Read the list of documents.

List of Documents for Fresh


Proof of address
Proof of identity
Miscellaneous proofs

List of Documents for Fresh

*Any of these address, identity & miscellaneous proofs will be
Proof of address
Proof of identity
Miscellaneous proofs

What Proofs of Address are


Water Bill
Telephone (landline or post-paid mobile bill)
Electricity Bill
Income Tax Assessment Order
Election Commission Photo ID Card
Proof of Gas Connection
Certificate from employer of reputed company on letter head
Spouse passport copy
Parents passport copy (for minors)
Aadhaar Card
Registered Rent Agreement
Photo passport of running bank account

What Proofs of Identity with Photograph are


Authentic birth certificate

School leaving certificate/Secondary School leaving
Notarized affidavit sworn before a magistrate


Citizenship certificate (issued by Ministry of External Affairs)

Pension payment order
Marriage certificate
Gazette fresh ID certificate (if name is changed)
Student identity card (of government institutions)
Bonafide letter from authorized signatory of college (on the official letter
head of college under UGC)
No Objection Certificate (NOC)
Copy of guarantee executive
Death certificate
College admission form, if any (of foreign college)
Court Decree
Spouse passports photocopy
Divorce certificate (if any)

What to Attest?

Photocopy of address proof

Photocopy of birth proof
Photocopy of qualification proof
Electors Photo Identity Card (must)
SC/ST/OBC certificate
Photocopy of freedom fighter identity card
Photocopy of Arms licence (if any)
Photocopy of property document (if in applicants name)
Photocopy of pension documents
Photocopy of railway identity card
Photocopy of PAN card
Photocopy of valid driving licence
Photocopy of Aadhar card
Photocopy of registered rent agreement
Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary (It must state the date and place of
birth as mentioned in Annexure A. It is a must for illiterate & qualified upto
5th class.)
Photocopy of marriage certificate
Photocopy of citizenship certificate
Gazette notification for changing name of the applicant

Mandatory to Remember

Self-attested copies of the address and

identity proofs.
Get them notarized and attested by the
gazetted officer.

What are the Stages of


After getting attested by self and by the gazetted officer,

The docs are submitted to the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra)
The officials of passport authority verify them
The home department of state attests them
The home department of central government attests them.

Then, the passport is dispatched to the applicant in a