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Human Resource

Functions of a HRM

Recap of last class

Define HRM
Functions of a HRM
Manpower planning characteristics

Recruitment and selection of

Involves employing people who have both
the ability and skills to carry out the tasks
as outlined in the job specification.

Firms should consider:

Whether there is a definite need for a new employee.
Skills and experience required of new employee e.g.
computer skills, drivers licence.
Vacancy to be filled on a permanent or temporary basis.
Whether an exact job description is available for use in
the interview.
How the vacancy will be advertised. E.g. Newspaper,
radio, jobs.ie, social media.

Job descriptions
A job description should include:
Job title
Duties of the successful candidate
The department where the employee will work
Details of specific qualifications required, such as

Job descriptions

The person who the employee will report to

Working conditions
Performance standard required
Salary and bonus.

Benefits of a job description

The employer benefits as the HRM has to
attract the most suitable applicants for the
Suitability of applicants can be assessed
more easily because of the existence of the
standard job specification.
Each applicant knows what the job entails.

Benefits of internal recruitment

Staf morale is good- employees are motivated
to work hard
Top employees will remain with the firm as
they know that prospects for career
development and promotion are good.
Quicker, cheaper and easier to fill a vacancy.

Benefit of external recruitment

A suitable person with appropriate skills can be employed.
Appointing the best candidate for the job is better for the
Easier for an outsider to introduce changes in the running
of the business.

After advertising, the HRM will draw up a shortlist of
the most promising applicants to call for interview.
A covering letter- a short letter highlighting why you
think you are a suitable candidate for the job.
A CV (curriculum vitae) is a short document
summarising your education, qualifications, training
and experience.

A CV should be neatly laid out with correct spelling and
Larger firms may ask job applicants to fill in an
application form. E.g Bus ireann.
An application form is a form that may need to be
completed when applying for a job. Includes: applicants
name, address, education, work experience and interests
relevant to the job.

Purpose: to determine whether the
applicant is suited for the job.
Often done by an interview panel.
An interview panel involves a
number of people interviewing a
single job applicant.

Questions prepared in advance based around:
Performance of the job.
Fit in, get along with existing staf and work well as part
of a team.
Developing their potential and contribute to the business.

After completing interviews, the
references of the most suitable
applicant should be checked for
accuracy and honesty.
A job reference is a written or verbal
recommendation from a former
employer or some other person
familiar with the applicant.

Make ofer to successful

Job is ofered to successful candidate.
Once accepted, a legal contract of
employment exists and the employee is
entitled to a written copy of the basic
terms and conditions of their
Unsuccessful applicants should be
contacted after the position has been

Training and development of

Define Induction- Think Pair Share exercise
Induction refers to the general introduction of
new staf into a job and an organisation.

Efective induction should
familiarise new staf with issues
such as:
The organisations policies and
Layout of buildings
Staf that they will be working

Staf training
Ensures that employees have the upto-date skills and knowledge needed
to do their present work.
Staf training: can be on-the-job
training or of-the-job training

Staf Training
On-the-job training teaches skills and
knowledge through practical work
Off-the-job training refers to all types of
training and education apart from that
occurring in the immediate workplace.

Staf development
Staff development teaches an employee multiple skills
that they can use in many diferent jobs.
Staf become more flexible
Staf become more suitable for promotion

What is performance appraisal?

Performance appraisal is the process of setting
performance standards for each employee and then
assessing their performance regularly over a period of time.