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BHC IT Basic Workshop

Instructor Sivasakti Marimuthu (ITSO)

Course Agenda
9am 10am -> Computer Basics
10am 11am -> Intro to FCO IT

Part 1


Course Objectives
Be more familiar with the basic components

of a computer
Start a computer and shut a computer down
Know the parts of a windows environment
Be aware of the different disk drives of a
Be less apprehensive using a computer

What is a computer?
An electronic device that manipulates

information or data.
Has ability to store, retrieve, and process data.
Can be used to
type documents
send email
play games
browse the Web
edit or create spreadsheets, presentations,
and videos.

Computers Have Two Main Parts


Computer Hardware


Computer Software

Computer Hardware
Computer Hardware is the physical part of the

computer system, the machinery and

Parts of the computer you can see

Computer Software
Computer Software are programs that tell the

computer what to do.

Microsoft Word - word processing program
Microsoft PowerPoint - presentation program
Microsoft Excel - work book program used to
track, calculate, and analyze numeric data

Main Parts of a computer

The monitor:

The mouse:

Parts of a mouse:

Main parts of a computer (cont.)


Important keys:

Main parts of a computer (cont.)

Hard Drive and RAM

The hard drive is the permanent memory for

your computer. Information is stored there

even when the computer is turned off.
RAM (random access memory) is the short

term memory for your computer. It is used to

open programs and remember things for the
session that your computer is turned on.

Other parts and accessories

USB drive

The D: drive (Or E: drive)

What are the different types of

Desktop computers
Laptop computers
Tablet computers
Mobile phones
Game consoles

Microsoft Windows

Working with applications

To open an application:

Using your mouse, click the Start button,

Select the desired application.
If you don't see the one you want, click All
Programs to see a complete list of
In our example, we'll open Internet Explorer.

The application will appear in a new window.

Shutting down your computer

When you're done using your computer, it's

important to shut it down properly.

To shut down your computer:
Click the Start button
Select Shut down

File basics
What is a file?
There are many different types of files you

can use.
Files are usually represented by an icon.

What is a Folder?
Windows uses folders to help you organize

files. You can put files inside a folder, just

like you would put documents inside a real

Windows Explorer
You can view and organize files and folders
Click the Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar, or

double-click any folder on desktop

Basic Windows Operation

Open a file

Move a file
Create a new folder
Rename a file or folder
Delete a file or folder
Selecting multiple files
Create a shortcut

Common Computer Tasks

The Menu bar
File menu commands
Cut, copy, and paste
Undoing changes