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User needed a system that could weighs the weight of the
carton if the carton is off the standard weight the reject the
CBC by using pneumatic pusher.

A system that checks the temperature and humidity in which

CBC is packed.

A system that could sort the type of product which is it and

made the count of it that how many of the product 1 has
been through the Line and like wise others.

A system that could print the information on the CBC of

product count, weight, date of manufacturing and
computerized readable QR code that could store all the
information about it while on the run.

And an inspection system that checks if the printer had

printed the info correctly. If not then it will reject the CBC
from the production line.

A portable Bluetooth printer that could print the print of the

day when the print is required for the cencienment.

A portable Bluetooth printer is needed for the supply line

supervisor to cross reference his shipments data.

An inspection system that checks if the printer has printed

the data correctly or not.

A rejection system that wont allow any bad CBC or unprinted

CBC to Pass through the supply line.

We had designed a conveyor belt to resolve all the problem
issues of the client. It hah 4 load cells of Futek at the lower
bottom for weighing purpose and a controller which controls
and decodes the values and gives the date to the PC for
further process.

For measuring the environmental temperature and humidity

we had used HTM2500HF. Due to its accuracy of Humidity
calibrated within 2% @55%RH. Its data sheet is given here
for further knowledge.

For sorting purpose of different brands of CBCs we had used

National Instrument smart camera NI 177xsmart
camerasemploy a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom processor and are
IP67-rated for industrial inspection applications. It is
configured and controlled by NI controller to PC via Ethernet
communication for the process.

For the processing of the image to the pc we had used Vision

2 GB RAM, Camera Link | NI EVS-1463.

For further knoledge specs are here.

http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/208391# RT

For the control process of the image process we had

deployed the software of NI Vision Builder is deployed to the
system that addresses vision applications from pattern
matching to code reading and presence detection to
precision alignment and classification.

For printing the information of the object (CBC) while on the

run we had used inkjet printer of Domino's C-Series lowresolution printers due to its features of Cost Efficient, High
Reliability and Ease of Use.
for further information

For the portable printing purpose we had deployed DPHT201 58mm Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer. Its
specifications are as:

For checking if the Printer has printed correctly on the CBC

we check it through Banner iVu TG Gen2 Remote. It could
sense the pattern on the CBC and gives the result if the in the
form of pass or fail to the PLC in the Control Panel.

For rejection of Bad CBC or unprinted CBCs we had installed

a Pneumatic Solenoid Pusher that rejects the desired carton
out of the line. It is controlled through the PLC from where the
pass or fail decision data is stored.

A computer is needed to process the sorting data line on the

Nation Instrument Vision Builder. But it has to be as ease for
the non-technical person to operate the system. So we had
made an HMI with the back ground support of NI-Vision
Builder in Visual Basic.

It could support up to 30 products profile at the supply line. It

means 30 products profiles are onlined and it will senses the
CBCs profile and mark and make it in record of the system.


In the Pakistan Tobacco company-Akora Khatak there is one

supply line from where all the products are shipped. We had
installed that in lined at the end of the supply line from where
these are stored in Godown and shipped.